03/06/09                    Coronation Pairs Competition 2nd round

The remaining two pairs from the Wanderers skittle team were in action in the second round of the Coronation Pairs at the hastily re-arranged venue of the Knowle Inn, due to the closure of the Harvest Moon at North Newton.

Mark "Frosty" Frost & Phil "Food Chain" Owen were first up on the night, and it has to be said were very well supported by three other members from the Wanderers team. The opponents were a pair from the 37 Club who play in the first division. It was nip & tuck for the first three hands with the 37 Club pair opening up a very slim 4 pin lead. An unfortunate 5 from Phil on the fourth hand enabled the opposition to double their lead. The Wanderers pair then pegged two pins back on the fifth hand to be only six pins down. Then the team member who lives closest to the Knowle Inn walked in carrying his pear cider to lend his support. Better late than never I suppose. Unfortunately though this sealed Mark & Phil's fate as the fightback came to a halt and the 37 Club pair ran out winners by nine pins.

After a short break it was the turn of "Pistol" Pete Hallet & Mike "Holidaying in Walton" Stabbins who were also playing a pair from the first division 37 club. After two hands each there was nothing to choose between them as all 9's had been chalked on the board, despite Stabbins dropping the ball mid run-up! Then it was the turn of the "pistol" to start firing as he banged in a 15 spare. The Wanderers pair increased their lead on the next hand with Mike then getting a good spare and Pete's turn in getting his feet tangled up on the pitchboard and nearly coming a cropper. Their opponents had no answer especially when Mike stuck in a 16 spare on the sixth hand which helped them to win the match very comfortably with a final total of 136, which is very good going on a notorious uphill, out of town alley.

Next round we think is on June 17th, venue to be advised.

20/05/09                    Coronation Pairs Competition 1st round

Three pairs from the Wanderers made the trip out to the Lamb Inn at North Petherton for the 1st round of the Coronation Pairs. We even managed to bring a supporter out with us although the old bugger kept moaning he was going to miss the 10 o'clock news!!!

First pair up were Mark "Frosty" Frost &  Phil "Food Chain" Owen, who were playing against a team from the London Inn. With Frosty skittling stone cold sober due to being the nominated driver, this was going to be an interesting game as it just doesn't happen for Mark until he's hit that third pint of Butcombe!! It was a very close match going into the last hand with the Wanderers pair only four behind. A nine from Frosty (including a single pin) and an eight from Phil, left their opponents with 14 to get for victory. However a very shaky looking seven from their first bloke and a worse six from their second took the match into a play-off. The London Inn pair went first and made another 13 between them. Up stepped the sober Frosty and made a very classy looking nine. With Phil only needing a five for victory, he banged his first ball in right hand side of the front and made a flopper. Their opponents immediately put the white flag up and had to concede.

Second match up of the Wanderers V London Inn saw "Pistol" Pete Hallet and Mike "Pear Cider" Stabbins in action. Our beloved landscape gardener was sporting a very nice facial wound due to having a beauty spot removed. This obviously had an influence on his skittling as he was about as accurate as a broken watch. Maybe he was saving himself for the next round? It was down to his partner "The Pistol" to carry him through with two spares (But has to be said, two 5's as well!!!) included in his total of 65. Their opponents didn't give too much resistance and the Wanderers pair ran out comfortable winners by 21.

So to the third match. Newly appointed captain Tony "skipper" Hake and Chris "Already had six pints" Bennett took to the alley. All seemed to be heading toward the direction of the Wanderers pair as the matchplay format seemed to suit Tony after hitting a good 15 spare on the second hand. At six up with a hand to go Tony & Chris made 14 between them to leave their opponents requiring at least one spare. Their first guy on made a 15 spare thanks to obtaining a pressure single pin. Still needing a 7 for victory, after two balls the second bloke still had 3 pins left up.  He duly got the required pin with his third ball to knock out the disheartned Wanderers duo.

Still, with two pairs left in the competition the next round for the Wanderers will be at the Harvest Moon at North Newton on the 3rd June.

Are we getting a case of "deja-vous?" I'm pretty sure I've seen a similar picture somewhere else.....now where could that be?

 02/05/09         Puddletown Wanderers 450-ish    Wanderers  400-ish

The Wanderers made the historic trip across the Somerset border to play the Puddletown Wanderers of Briantspuddle, Dorset in the return leg of the Wanderers Challenge Cup. Knowing that we were 23 pins down from the first leg, we had to make sure of an aggregate win to bring back the coveted trophy.

It was decided that we would start the day with a decent breakfast at Weatherspoons, Bridgwater at around 11.30am to discuss team tactics and a possible batting order. This all went out of the window at about 11.45am when we realised that we more up for a good day on the piss than to chat about skittles that early in the day. Thinking that we had only eight players to take with us, we were boosted by the late & unexpected arrival of Paul Wilson our landlord who had left his beloved pub for the day.

The mini-bus collected the team at just gone 2pm with Mike well on his way (after 2 pints) to being trollied up. A mini agenda with strategic pub stops was hastily arranged while in motion on the bus. We stopped at the Old Pound Inn at Aller (Cheap beer and a warm welcome), The Pickety Witch at Yeovil (Oo-err, but nice pasties & sausage rolls), Weatherspoons at Dorchester (Served quicker & more staff than the Bridgwater one, but needed Chris Bonnington & a few Sherpa's with you for the long trek to the bogs!) and the Blue Raddle in Dorchester (Food Chain Phil). Following these stops we then made our way to the Bladen Social Club in Briantspuddle for the big game.

After a minor detour, we arrived at the club and were greeted by Matty Barrett and his girlfriend Bekah of the Puddletown team. A quick look at the extremely short alley made us realise our fears that our normal skittling styles would have to be adjusted as there wasn't any room for run-ups. As is traditional in Dorset, it was a toss up to see which team would go first. Puddletown won the toss and elected to go first. The two handed style of the Dorset team worked well on the very short alley and despite a couple of eights from the Wanderers, Puddletown took an early lead. Thanks to a 14 spare from Chris on the 2nd hand and a 13 spare from Tony on the 3rd, amazingly the Wanderers clawed their way back into the match. However, the copious amounts of alcohol drank during the day, took it's toll on the Bridgwater team and things started to go down hill rapidly from there on in. Due to some excellent skittling from Pudd Wanderers Ian with three back to back spares (or stick-ups I think they're called in Dorset, correct me if I'm wrong) the Dorset team comfortably increased their lead and eventually took the win by at least 50 pins. After the game a wonderful spread of food was laid on which would have been enough to feed four skittle teams!

So the first ever Wanderers Challenge Cup competition was won by the Puddletown Wanderers. Our extended thanks go to Matt & Bekah for organising the food and to everyone at the club for making us feel welcome. We all hope that we can do it all again next season!!!

15/04/09                                             We're Safe!!!! 

Following the Easter break we have finally received the news we were hoping for. Thanks to our victory in our last match (and defeat for the two other relegation candidates) we climbed to fourth from bottom to acheive safety. Final league table as follows:

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points
Wembdon Crickets 28 24 0 4 48
Lynchers 28 19 0 9 38
Dambusters 28 17 0 11 34
Malt Shovel 28 17 0 11 34
Morehens 28 17 0 11 34
Jack's Boys 27 15 0 12 30
Athelney 28 14 0 14 28
Shy-Teds 27 13 0 14 26
Hardy Sports 28 13 0 15 26
Grim Reapers 28 12 0 16 24
Non Starters 28 12 0 16 24
Wanderers 28 10 0 18 20
Pretenders *
28 9 0 19 18
Rebels *
28 9 0 19 18
Crown Floppers 28 8 0 20 16

* Relegation playoff will be played on Wednesday 22nd April 2009
7.30pm prompt start Pretenders v Rebels

Well done again team! Here's to a good day out on May 2nd when we go to see our mates down in Dorset and hopefully bring back the challenge cup.

08/04/09           Wanderers 492    Crown Floppers  410

Definately a "do or die" effort was required from a Wanderers team that were teetering on the brink of relegation to Division 4. A win would more or less guarantee survival against a team that were rock bottom of the league and barring a miracle were already relegated.

It was good to see that Merv had made a brave effort to pop down and see his old mates fight for that precious win, or maybe was it to win some coins at dommies off of that wily old Chris Hake who had donned the Daz sponsored skittling shoes for this evening.

Following the revelation last week of a Stockland Club player using a Somerset County Council lawn mower to cut the grass on a tarmac car park, it's my sad duty to report that Phil "Generator" Owen has now forfeited his free cups of tea for the next five years as this was supposed to have been kept a secret. Mr Adlam, if you're reading this what can I say, my spies are everywhere?

 Following his top score from last week "Reel em in" Shapter wanted to protect his average and gallantly stepped down to allow Mr Hake senior into the squad at number six. The rest of the team took their usual slots. A Wanderers spareless first hand of 64 was equalled by the Crown Floppers, so it was all square going into the second. Thanks to a 'magnificent' 10 spare from Pete "C'mon Dave" Hallet and nines from Phil, Mike & Tony, the Wanderers went into a nine pin lead. Back up on the third "Dave" then hit a 14 spare in a hand of 70 that pulled 10 more pins to leave us 19 up.

A cracking fourth hand effort of 81 which included spares from Rob, Mike & Mr Hake Snr pulled a whopping 29 pins which increased our lead to 48. A 17 spare from Chris and a 5 from Frosty in a fifth hand of 71 was good enough to pull another 23 pins to leave the Wanderers in an astounding position of being 71 pins in the lead after 5 hands. The opposition knew they were beaten at this point as an ok hand of 68 on the sixth hand from the Wanderers pulled another 18 pins to strech the lead to an amazing 89 pins.

So to the last hand of a very frustrating season. A six from spares champion Pete followed by an eight from Tony led to Mr Hake snr coming to the pitchboard. As he chucked his third ball to make an 8 he resoundedly announced his retirement from the beautiful game and declared that he meant it this time. We'll see Mr Hake......We'll see. A 14 spare from Phil and a 13 spare from Chris in a total of 73 were the highlights of the hand. For some bizaare reason our opponents decided to start skittling on their last hand to hit three spares in a total of 80. It was too little too late as the Wanderers ran out very comfortable winners by 82 pins, our best win of the season.

For the 2nd week running we had 7 players hitting 60 and over with Chris hitting the top spot with 69. A magnificent team performance that should see us stay up although we are dependant on one out of two other teams losing. The Rebels from the Sedgemoor Inn were at home to our opponents from last week, the Morehens and the Pretenders were away at the Mansion House to the already crowned champions, Wembdon Crickets. Worst case scenario would see the Wanderers in a three way play off with the losing team going down. Watch this space for updates.

Post season dates to note, 24th April for the end of season meal at the Admirals Landing and the 2nd of May for the return leg of the Wanderers Challenge Cup to visit the Puddletown Wanderers down in deepest Dorset.

06/04/09   *****STOP PRESS........STOP PRESS......*******

News has filtered through tonight (Monday) that all the teams around us lost as well last week. This means we can still salvage Division 3 survival if we win on Wednesday. GOOD LUCK TEAM!!!

01/04/09         Morehens 529    Wanderers  521

"We need to win this tonight" was the clear and consise instructions from Acting Captain Hake we heard on arrival at the Squib for our final away match of the season. He was right. Despite last week's welcome win we were still in trouble at the foot of the table and needed points desperately.

The home side were late turning up due to a puncture or something, so they started with only three players. One change to the Wanderers line-up was the welcome return of "Reel 'em in" Shapter following his sabbatical to the West Indies.  Sporting his typically English lobster-red tan he seemed raring to go and marked his return with a 17 spare in a Wanderers first hand of 76.  We backed this up with a spare-less 2nd hand of 66 but included three 9's and four 8's, to show that we were skittling well. The home side then kicked off with hands of 88 and 68 to be 14 up after two hands. Their third hand of 80 looked ominous, but we were up for the battle. A 16 spare from Mark and a 15 from Phil had us at 46 for 4. Another great spare from "Reel 'em in" was not rewarded as a "Guts or Glory" third ball went sailing through a full pack for a tadpole. Tony backed this up with another spare only for his third ball hooking to the left to take straight two for an 11, and with Pete making a 7 we made 80 to tie the hand. Thanks to a 14 from the much improving Rob we managed to pull back 4 on the fourth hand to reduce the deficit to 10.

The home side hit another 88 on the 5th hand. Despite another spare from Rob (13) and a 17 from Chris a hand total of 76 lost 12 to go 22 down. The writing looked on the wall for the Wanderers as we went back up on the sixth and struggling at 59 for 7. Then up stepped Rob "Team Bonder" Tonks and banged in one of the most precious spares we've seen all season to make a 15. The hand total of 74 was good enough to pull a pin back. We then wondered what our target would be.....

A 66 from the home side left us to get 88 to win. Not impossible on a high scoring alley. At 40 for 5 the Wanderers were in need of a spare. It was then that Ian decided he wanted to take the cue on his return and smashed in a 14 spare. Tony then cleared the diamond for a 9 to leave Pete "The Pin" needing a double flopper 25 to win the game. A fantastic first ball cleared the diamond in one foul swoop for the first flopper - What a cheer for that one!!! The second ball could only clear seven pins but a great 16 flopper none the less.

After that performance it was gutting that we had lost this game by only eight pins. A terrific team effort that saw seven out of eight players record totals of 60 and over. If points were awarded for team spirit and effort we would be top of the league no question. As this report is being written there is still a mathmatical chance that we can avoid the drop if we win at home next week and others lose. Fingers crossed boys.

 25/03/09           Wanderers 486    Shy-Teds  455

The Wanderers were in desperate need of some points going into this match against the mid-table Shy-Teds from the Legion. A run of seven succesive defeats had left the Wanderers in a three way tie for last place in the league. Not an ideal situation, so three wins from our last three games then..........

Mr Hake senior made sure he had a quiet word with the webmaster following the comments made regarding his "Nobby Stiles" being splashed all over the internet last week. Apparantly they are now more famous around Cannington Golf Club than he is! He then whipped out the dreaded coin pouch and vowed to win some money at dommies!

One change to the squad from last week's narrow defeat was Mike coming back at number 5 to replace Les. Rob moved back to the number 1 spot with the rest of the team making up the usual and familiar formation. A great start of 73 which included a 16 flopper from Phil was good enough for an early 11 pin lead. A 15 spare from Mike in a second hand 66 increased our lead to 16 pins. Then the "Wanderers Wobbly" happened on the third hand as we could only manage a 58 hand which saw Pete chuck one wide of a full pack.  Our opponents struck back with a 65 hand to pull 7 back and then go back up with a 73 hand to pile on the pressure. Our fourth hand started brilliantly with Rob hitting his first flopper of the season to make a 17. Unfortunately the rest of us couldn't capitalise on this great start and we could only make a 65 hand which cut our lead to just one pin.

The Wanderers were in need of inspiration going back up on the fifth. It started well with a 15 spare from Pete. At 38 for 4 we were looking in good shape, then up stepped Phil "The Generator" Owen (who was looking sharp in his pyjama top) and dicked in a massive double flopper to eventually make a 24. A hand total of 82 was the highest of the night and was good enough to pull 18 pins back and increase our lead to 19. Thanks to a pep-talk from Sticker Nick and good spares from Tony, Paul and Chris on our last two hands the Wanderers pulled another 12 pins to run out comfortable winners by 31. Phil Owen taking the honours with 77.

This was a much needed win that has boosted our survival chances, however the test will come next week at the Squib to see if we can grab a rare but precious away win.

18/03/09         Pretenders 522    Wanderers  519

This match was a potential four pointer as our opponents were two points below us in last place. The news wasn't good to start off with for the Wanderers as Mike was unavailable and Mr Hake senior was suffering very badly with a case of the old "Farmer Giles" and couldn't move from his extremely large inflatable doughnut. Luckily Mrs Hake was on hand with the industrial strength "Preparation H" just in case of an emergency! Sticker Nick was in his element as we were in his Carnival Club's pub, and tried his hardest to book his ticket to Dorset for April. We'll see me ol' son!!!

Les was given his first away start of the season at the notorious number 1 slot with Rob having to fill the void left by Mike at number 5. A cagy start from the home side of 67 should have been swiftly dealt with by the Wanderers on a high scoring alley, but with too many 6's & 7's and two low scoring spares, we could only manage a hand total of 66 to be one down. A better second hand up of 70 lost us only another pin against the home side's 71 so we were only 2 pins down after two hands. Then the fireworks started.......

A third hand 86 from the home side was enough to pull out a big lead of 21 pins against a Wanderers third hand of 67 which included a 16 flopper from Frosty. However a magnificent fourth hand of 89 (which included four spares from Pete, Tony, Phil & Les) pulled 28 pins and wrenched the lead into our favour to go 7 up. A fifth hand 98 from the home side pulled them back in front by 22 pins, but still the Wanderers refused to lie down. A sixth hand 74 was good enough to pull 10 back and set up a nail biting finish.

Wanting 88 to win, we set about getting it. Thanks to a 17 from Chris and a 12 from Phil, the Wanderers were looking good at 40 for 4. With an eight each from Rob and Paul, it was still possible to win with two spares at 56 for 6. Tony was next up and duly got a required spare (single pin too - no pressure!!) but his third ball skew-wiffed off and took a straight two for an eleven. Pete duly took his spare and made a seventeen out of it, but it was all academic as the Wanderers lost again for the seventh league game in a row to leave us joint bottom of the league.

Some great scores on the night with Pete hitting the teams highest individual away score of 80 and deservedly walked away with the golden nuggets.

The Bridgwater Town and District League has a new website and can be accessed via the links section of our site.    


14/03/09           Wanderers 369    Puddletown Wanderers 392

Skittles on a Saturday? Whatever next! The Wanderers were entertaining the Puddletown Wanderers from Dorset in the first leg of the newly formed Wanderers Challenge Cup. News spread quickly that the Puddletown team were making a day of it and had been in the pub since half twelve in the afternoon. Would the Wanderers be in with a chance of a first win in seven weeks?

Puddletown arrived on schedule and once everyone had got their drinks, we went out into the alley. The Dorset team were amazed at the length of the alley and even more surprised when they learnt that there were much longer alleys around than this one! We settled on a different format of nine players doing five hands each. The sixth hand would be a just for fun beer leg with each team trying out their different skittling styles.

An average start of 71 from the Wanderers wasn't enough and Puddletown immediately took advantage and "belly-flopped" their way to an 85 hand to pull 14 pins. A better second hand of 81 from the Wanderers including a fine 15 from Rob and an excellent 17 from Tony was good enough to claw 6 pins back and cut Puddletown's lead to 9.  A spare-less third hand of 74 which included six 9's seemed to be a good holding hand, but another good 85 hand from the visitors increased their lead to 20. The "fatal fourth" hand of 69 for the Wanderers which included a zero from Cliff sealed our fate with Puddletown hitting three spares in their reply of 81 to pull another 12 pins and increase their lead to 32. A Wanderers rallying last hand of 74 (which included another zero from Cliff) was enough to pull 9 pins back and give Puddletown Wanderers a 23 pin lead going into the second leg which will be hopefully played sometime in April.

The beer leg was great fun adopting the different styles of play and everyone had a good laugh having a go.

It was an excellent night and I hope our visitors felt welcome. Please check out the memories of the night in the photo gallery section of the website. We are all looking forward to the return fixture that I hope we can organise very soon. A big thank you goes to landlord Paul for providing an excellent supper for everyone and for providing a red bucket of hot soapy water when it mattered!!!!!!!

11/03/09           Wanderers 478    Malt Shovel 517

A tough match up awaited the Wanderers tonight. The Malt Shovel team are riding high in the league and would have expected some easy points.

The Wanderers welcomed back Rob "The Morroccan Kid" Tonks who was feeling great following his week long holiday, and was immediately given the notorious No.1 spot on the board. A position that has filled grown men with dread all season. The rest of the line up had a very familiar look about it.

A great start of 77 including a 15 spare from Chris and a 15 flopper from Tony was enough to pull 17 pins. Were the lowly Wanderers going to pull off a major surprise win? A 76 second hand from the visitors was only good enough to pull nine pins back against a 67 hand which included a 16 from Golden Gob. A 12 spare from Chris and another 15 from Tony helped towards a third hand 68, but then the Malt Shovel team kicked into gear and stuck in an 80 hand to claw the lead into their favour and go 4 up.

A 17 spare from Pete gave the Wanderers a great start to the fourth hand, but with a 3 from Mr Hake senior and a very bizarre 9 spare from Phil (1st ball through, 2nd ball flopper, 3rd ball through) the Wanderers could only manage 64 to lose another eight pins. A fifth hand 75 from the Wanderers including a 13 from Pete and a 15 flopper from Mike, was enough to pull two pins back to cut the lead back to 10 and still be in with a shout. Unfortunately an 81 and a 77 finish from the Malt Shovel ensured victory for the visitors by 39 pins.

A great effort on the night with four players hitting over 60 and Pete Hallet taking the cue money with a total of 73. Nice food and some great jokes from Mr Hake snr eased the pain slightly.

Saturday night is the next big game for the Wanderers as we entertain the Puddletown Wanderers from Dorset in the first leg of "The Wanderers Challenge Cup." Hopefully we can keep Somerset's reputation intact by being the best Wanderers team in the South & West!!

04/03/09      Dambusters 441    Wanderers  433

A chilly night in the middle of nowhere was the setting for this match. An uphill alley with a grim reputation was not an exciting prospect for the Wanderers team who had lost the last four games on the trot and were very low on confidence. The team basically picked itself as only eight players travelled out. This meant the first start of 2009 for Clifford "the ice man" Frost, and he was duly given the honour of being our opener.

A first hand of 64 was good enough to pull 3 pins and a stunning second hand of 73 (including a 15 from Mike and a 13 from Phil) pulled 8 more pins to go 11 up. The next three hands were very tight with both teams trading single figure gains, but still after five hands the Wanderers were 5 pins up. However a sixth hand 70 from the Dambusters was the turning point as the Wanderers could only answer with a 58 hand to lose 12 pins on the hand and go 7 down.

A last hand 57 from our hosts gave the Wanderers a real shot at only our third away win of the season with only a 65 hand required. A good start of 9 from Cliff and an 8 each from Chris and Mark laid the foundations but then disaster struck with a 5 from Phil and another 5 from Mike. At 35 for 5 things were not looking good at all. On a notoriously difficult alley a spare would have made it a very interesting finish but with Father and son hitting 13 between them Pete had to hit a 16 spare just to tie the match. Unfortunately he only managed 8 for the Wanderers to lose again for the fifth time in a row and sees us slip into the bottom two of the league. Mike taking the cue on the night with 61.

The spares competition section has now been updated so click on and see how bad we're all doing!!!!!

25/02/09       Bye - Friendly arranged at Commercial

Another bye this week led to a much needed practice night for the Wanderers at the Commercial. While waiting for everyone to turn up Mike & Chris decided to have a game of pool. Mike made a great start in potting four yellows, but Chris made it even better by potting all seven reds one after the other and then knocked the black in for a very sweet victory!

 The teams for the skittles were drawn with red & black cards, with the old duffers, Oh sorry I meant the more "experienced" members of the team drawing black cards. A few quid went into the pot for highest score to make it a bit more interesting. Pre-match favourite "Magic" Hake seemed to be brimming with confidence swinging the money pouch around hoping to fill it up at the end of the night. However too many lows (a 4 and two 6's) outweighed the highs (2 x 15 spares) on his score of 61. Les played well on his return to the pitchboard with 62 to tie with Phil. A good knock of 65 from Frosty which included a 13 and a 15 asks the question, why can't he do it in a league match? The gurt bloke.

Landlord Paul started and finished with a 15 spare to end up with 68. Our acting captain Tony managed to get the runner up spot with 69, however this included four spares (11,12, a 14 flopper and another 12) so really should have had a load more. The cash pot went to Mike who hit a good score of 71 including a 15 and a 16 spare.

I have to mention Nick "the sticker" who hit the highest spare of the night (17 flopper) but then followed it up with a 2 but still managed to beat his dad on the night by three pins. I bet that was an interesting journey home!!

An away match to the Greyhound Inn beckons this Wednesday. Hopefully we can gain a win to ease the relegation fears!!

16/02/09       Hardy Sports 461    Wanderers  447

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this weeks match at the Sydenham Centre had to take place on a Monday night. The Wanderers have trouble skittling mid-week let alone at the start of the week so who would know how the game was going to go?
Mr Hake senior came well equipped again tonight with skittling boots on and a bucketful of mild to wild jokes. (Just don't tell Mrs Hake!!) I think he's going to need his old shirt back before too long!!
It was nearly a full squad that turned out so that eased "A.C"s selection dilemma. Basically an unchanged team from last week but with Rob coming in at number six for Paul. A 56 start from our opponents gave the Wanderers hope of an opportunity to pull a load of pins straight away. But at 34 for five (including a 3 from the webmaster) it didn't look very good at all. Rob stepped up and banged in a 12 spare to make things look a bit better. With Tony hitting an 8 and Pete only managing a 3 (I know how that felt!!) we still managed to pull a pin but knew it should have been more.
By the end of the fourth hand it was still a tight game as we were only seven pins down. Rob was playing like a hero and had finally found an alley to his liking as he had cleared the diamond on every hand so far. He added to this by hitting a 15 spare on the 5th and with Magic Hake also hitting a spare the Wanderers highest hand of the night of 72 was enough to pull 4 pins back. (Mr Hake senior obviously warming up for the "Winner take all" pot at the Commercial next Wednesday). Our sixth hand of 65 saw spares from Pete and Mark but we knew this would not be enough.
Our hosts finished with two 70 plus hand to leave the Wanderers with a high but achievable target of exactly 80 to win. It was not to be though as there were too many 7's and 8's and with Rob hitting the only spare of the hand, we eventually lost by 14. Rob "Team Bonder" Tonks deservedly taking the gold nugget award this week with 69, our only player hitting 60 or over on the night.

11/02/09       Athelney 500    Wanderers  451

The trip to the 37 Club started well with a drag race along the approach road starring two of our elder members at the wheel of their cars. Cliff and Chris Hake must have reached all of eleven or twelve miles an hour in a neck and neck battle before Cliff eventually won with a cheeky move on the inside to claim his usual parking space.

Tony was forced to make a change to the batting order due to last minute cry-offs and so Mr Hake senior (who was armed with some good jokes this week!) was chosen as opening bat to get the team going.  A 67 start from Altheney with a player to go set the tone for the evenings skittles and with a 5 from Chris and a 4 from Phil we set a paltry 57 hand and eventually lose 18 pins on the first hand. Thanks to a spectacular twelve from Frosty, the Wanderers improved with a 63 second hand. This was not good enough though as Althelney pulled pins on that hand and the third to go 27 pins up.

Some much needed light relief was required so we headed for the pool room. It was good to get out of the furnace-like heat from the bar area and to knock a few balls around. It was also really good to see Phil get some dirty looks from some of the old dears for not closing the door. We didn't find it funny - honest!!

Back in the alley, the Wanderers found some form to pull pins back on the fourth and fifth hands and with a sixth hand 70, we thought we were back in with a shout. However a monster 88 from Althelney to pull 18 more pins killed the game from there. On the last hand we were just going through the motions to finish the game and we eventually lost by 49 pins. The dismal away form continues! After losing three games on the trot we are now in danger of relegation. I think it's time we started skittling!!

Three players hitting exactly 60 to share the gold nuggets between them. Well done to Pete, Mark & Chris. Due to a fixture clash, we have to play next weeks match at the Sydenham Centre on Monday 16th Feb instead of next Wednesday. Hopefully see you all there. 

04/02/09          Wanderers 477    Grim Reapers  481 

This week your webmaster had hardly enough time to order his pint and take his coat off before being dragged into a game of pool. Apparantly Mr Stabbins had been having some practice last week (probably why his bathroom still isn't finished) and wanted to show off his new skills. However there were no new skills on display as he very much played like the old Mike Stabbins by snookering his opponents at every opportunity. The old Stabbins luck prevailed though and it's my sad duty to report that he was on the winning side in every game that he played.

Tony seems to be getting the hang of this batting order thing as there was only one change with Chris coming in for Stuart. The rest of the order was unchanged from last week. A first hand of 66, which included a 15 flopper from Mark, started us off. Grim's managed to tie that and followed it up with a 68. Wanderers hit back with an 80 hand thanks to a 16 flopper from Tony, a 16 spare from Pete and a 12 from Phil which gave us a twelve pin lead. We pulled another two pins on the third hand so we were looking good for a much needed win.

Grim's then hit the highest hand of the night by hitting an 85. We could only muster a paltry 59 thanks to three missed spares and two balls through the pack from Tony "We're Doomed" Hake. In one foul swoop we went from being 14 pins up to being 12 pins down. Grim's increased their lead by another three pins on the fifth hand. Wanderers hit back though on the sixth with another hand of 80 to pull 13 pins back and set up a grandstand finish. A Wanderers last hand (our lowest of the night) of 58 wasn't good enough and despite one of their blokes hitting a last hand 4 and ending up with a personal score of 39, Grims hit a 60 hand and wobbled to victory by only 4 pins.

Five blokes in the 60's this week with Mark Flopper Frost taking the glory and the pound coins with 67.  I won't mention that he tried to sell your beloved webmaster back to his old team when he popped into Kellands last Wednesday. You know who your mates are.

Trip out to 37 Club next Wednesday where Mike Stabbins will be on Stella Shandies and Stuart will be celebrating his birthday. If we win he'll buy us all a beer!

28/01/09           Wembdon Crickets 474    Wanderers 451

Big news this week!! The Wanderers are now officially linked to the Puddletown Wanderers skittle team website and also the Dorchester and District League website. Our fame is finally spreading!! Please check out the links to their websites via our links section at the bottom of our site menu on the left hand side.

It was nearly a full squad that turned up at the Mansion House for this tough fixture against the league leaders. "V.C" (Vice Captain) Hake has decided to change his nickname to "A.C" (Acting Captain) Hake for the forseeable. Due to the squad rotation system that's currently in place he decided that "The Baye" & "Magic"  had to make way for the incoming "Team Bonder" at number one and "Young Ted" at number two. "Frosty" was placed at number three with the rest of the team having a familiar edge to it.

Three spares in a first hand of 71 (Mark 12, Tony 15 and Pete a 9 tadpole!!) was enough to give the Wanderers a slender one pin lead. A second start of 56 for 6 including an 18 from the alley hating Phil, another 70 hand looked on the cards, but with two 5's from Stuart and Rob a holding hand of 66 was the net result. The home team kicked into gear and quickly went 12 pins up. The Wanderers fought back with a 69 to pull back 3 pins thanks to a 14 from Paul and 11 from Pete. Unfortunately a lot of spare strikes went begging on the fourth hand but we still acheived a 67 without a spare to pull back another 5 pins. This was getting to be a tight game. The home side then pulled out another gap to go back to 13 up.

More spares were missed and those taken were not maximised but we pulled back another pin on the sixth hand. Thanks to a last hand 65 from the home team, we were more than in with a shout on the last hand, requiring 78 to win. However a last hand capitulation, reminiscent of an England batting collapse occured and with too many walking sticks scored our lowest hand of the night of 54 was recorded, to lose the game by 23. A few of the players (and non-players) felt that this was a game that we could have won if we had taken our opportunities. Never mind, there's always next week. Anyway for the 2nd time this season (1st time was on the 26/11/2008 at home to Rebels) Tony "A.C" Hake came away with the gold nugget award with 64.

Hopefully by next week's report we should have an update on how the spares competion is going this season. The trophy has been found and restored (Thanks Pete & Nick) so we all need to start getting more spares to be in with a shout of winning it.

21/01/09          Wanderers 476   Jack's Boys 444

On arrival at the Commercial, your webmaster was subjected to a vicious and nasty verbal attack from a fellow player. Apparantly they don't like to be reffered to as "Golden Gob" as due to his timid & sensitive disposition, this really upsets him. Never mind eh?? I'm sure we can think of more names!!

One of the headlines of the night is the decision of our Captain "Moggie" Moore to take a back seat for a few weeks and become our "Director of Skittles." Andy will still be supporting the team every week and will still be heavily involved with the team selection and squad rotation. So for this interim period the captain's armband is passed to Tony Hake.

Tony's first actions as captain was to completely f*ck up the batting order from 1 to 6. As Rob and Stuart had to withdraw due to work commitments, it was good to see Mr Hake Senior back in the team although we did miss his joke of the night. Maybe he's finally run out of Christmas crackers to get them!!

The game started well for the Wanderers with a 71 hand which included a 14 spare from landlord Paul. The visitors could only manage low 60's for their first two hands, and thanks to a 13 from Mark and a 12 from Tony, we were nine pins up. Frosty's 13 spare set the tone for the majority of our spares as we had another five of them as the night wore on!!

Hands of 72, 67 & 68 saw us go 29 pins up with two hands to go. The visitors then stuck in a 77 hand to put the pressure on, but thanks to a 17 flopper from Phil, we replied with 70 to lose only 7 pins. Our last hand of 61 was our lowest of the night but left Jack's Boys with a high total of 84 to win. Their first guy effectively ended any real hope for them by recording a 1 and their eventual total of 48 for the hand was the lowest we've seen for some time. Wanderers record another home win by 32 pins. A great team effort again with five players hitting 60 and above. Pete Hallet taking the tenner (along with all the coins he won at dommies) with 68.

14/01/09           Rebels 457     Wanderers 444

The first away game of 2009 took us to the Sedgemoor Inn at Westonzoyland. Most of the squad made the journey out despite a few of them knowing that they wouldn't be playing!! Bennett was made chief chalker for the night with Frosty backing him up by making "helpful" comments all night. Captain "Moggie" Moore had declared himself fit to play so was rightly put on the top of the board, with "Team Bonder" Tonks slotting in at number two. The rest of the batting order had a familiar shape to it with "Young Ted" Turner filling the Frosty void at number six.  Sticker Nick came well equipped tonight, packing shin pads under his jeans just in case of a wayward ball from Phil!! At least Nick was wearing the best football top in the world so he can be forgiven anything this week!!

So to the game. Our hosts kicked off with a 63 hand which seemed modest at first glance. A 61 without a spare was a decent reply, but a second hand 57 left the Wanderers 11 down after 2 hands but then our hosts then dicked in an 80 hand. Our beloved captain, still yet to hit 60-plus, stepped up and smashed a spectacular 17-spare (which resulted in a group hug with Rob very much in attendance!) to give us a great start. However with two fives and a nine-tadpole in the hand the end result was that we were 25 down after 3 hands. Our fourth hand of 68 included a 13 spare from Stuart and a fantastic 2 ball spare from "V.C" who skillfully managed to recreate the "Bennett Hook" with his third ball to take just the left corner pin and record a 10.

The rot then set in with the home team who were hitting scores in the low fifties. On the sixth hand, the Wanderers hit a 72 hand, thanks to a 15 spare from Stuart and a 12 from Paul, which left us only 8 down with a hand to go. A last hand of 62 from our hosts left the Wanderers with a small sniff of victory to get a 71. Unfortunately the gods weren't with us and a start of 6, 6, 6 wasn't what was needed and we eventually lost the game by 13.

The low point of the night was to witness that Nick hasn't kicked his "Nobby's Nuts" addiction, so we will have to have words next week. The high point was to see Stuart get top score for the first time this season with 66. Unfortunately he didn't put his pound into the pot, so the gold nugget award went to Mr Andrew Moore, our Captain Fantastic with his first sixty plus score of the season with 62.

07/01/09      Wanderers 476    Non Starters 461

Wanderers were starting the new year with another home game. On arrival at the Commercial it became apparant that a few squad members had over-indulged over the festive period and were carrying a few extra pounds. This was duly noted by the Captain and he is reported to be considering a new fitness regime to be put in place by next week!
So to the skittles. A holding hand of 67 got the Wanderers off to a good start, only for the away team to pull four pins on it to take an early lead. The first three hands were very close for both teams until the Wanderers went down with a fourth hand 79 and went back up with a 70. This put us 15 pins ahead and it never really looked like being beaten. Despite two nine "tadpoles" from the away team on the last hand, their efforts were in vain and the Wanderers ran out victorious by 15 pins. Phil Owen took the honours with a sparkling 80, ably supported by "V.C" Hake with 70 and "Golden Gob" Stabbins with 66.
It's at this point that it must be mentioned that your beloved webmaster played like a man with no arms to reach an all time, 21 year low score of 42. I have grave concerns now for my position in the squad after this performance as I have had no contact with our captain since last night. As I am still on an unofficial trial and with the January transfer window still being open he might be looking to offload me to another team! My only saving grace is that he can't afford to pay another team to take me!! Watch this space...!!!!!!

17/12/08      Wanderers 511    Lynchers 422

Following the drubbing at the Ring O'Bells last week, the Wanderers were keen to avoid another thrashing at the hands of the Lynchers. "V.C" didn't have any problems picking the squad as it seemed to pick itself. Mr Hake senior was told to put his boots on as he was going to be leading the team out. Mike was on the Stella Shandies for the second week in a row so was this going to be a lucky omen? No, the lucky omen was the welcome site of Merv the Swerve, his "YAAAAHS" have been sorely missed. A 2 quid each pot was also an incentive to do well.

A fantastic start of 76, including a 15 from landlord Paul and a 13 from "Magic" Hake, was the beginning of a great night for the Wanderers. Two lowly hands from the opposition saw us 26 pins up after two hands and 47 up after three hands, thanks to a third hand 79 which included a 17 from Phil and a 16 from "V.C". The visitors rallied in the fourth hand to pull 12 pins back, but this was swiftly dealt with by the Wanderers highest hand of the season so far of 89, which included four spares in a row from Pete, Tony, Mark and Paul. This beat the opposition into submission and with sixth & seventh hands of 73 and 75 respectively, we ran out deserved winners by 89 and hitting our highest total of the season. Even Nick broke into a sweat due to all the pins he had to stick up!!!!

This was a great team effort which saw six players hitting totals of 60 plus.  Your webmaster finishing a deserved bottom with 54 following two easy spares missed and a "Bennett Hook" to the left which saw a ball go wide of a full pack. Which to be fair was thrown under duress due to a Cajun blowback fart from "V.C" which nearly caused full scale vomiting on the alley. It was also good to see our landlords extra skittling practice finally paying off by taking the Christmas bonus pot with 72.

A two week break now for the Christmas holidays, so we would like to wish all our visitors a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!!!

10/12/08       Lynchers 504     Wanderers 432

The Wanderers headed way out of town for this match at the Ring O'Bells Moorlinch. It was a night not for the faint hearted as sub-zero temperatures gripped the area. Mr Stabbins was collected from outside of his house just so he could enjoy a few stella shandies, although this didn't do the rear suspension on Andy's car any favours. The team arrived at the pub relatively early which gave Captain Moore an opportunity to pick a winning team. Captain & Vice Captain had to make way for Rob and Stuart to come in at No.1 & No.6 respectively. Frosty's unbelievable run at No.7 continued with the other usual heavyweights in support. The alley appeared to be good but the balls were a bit smaller than the ones we were used to playing with (oo-er missus!!).

We were hopeful of a good performance, but to be honest I don't think you could get a bunch of eight players to be more out of form than we were on the night. It wasn't pretty to watch. The only two spares on the night was a 14 flopper from Stuart and a shocking 12 from Mike. After four hands the Wanderers were 34 pins down and not looking likely to improve.

The highlight of the evening was the start of the sixth hand. After just scoring a good 9 up stepped Pete "the pin" looking for an inspirational score. Some very dodgy sticking up caused a bigger than normal gap on the right hand side of the front, with Pete managing to find the gap with his first two balls. Up stepped Pete and chucked his third ball straight through the same gap to record a zero. I don't know who was more shocked, Pete or the rest of the team. Pete stated that he'd never done that before in all his years skittling, but the rest of the team had never known Pete to skittle with such accuracy before!! After that, everything went to pot and the Wanderers eventually lost by 72 pins, a very heavy defeat. Mike taking the pot with 62. A nice sit down supper of sausage & chips eased the pain, especially when "V.C" and "The Baye" started tucking into what they thought was a spare plate of food only for one of their blokes to walk in and complain as to why he only had one sausage on his plate. Oops, we'll get our coats now then!!!

03/12/08      Non Starters 451   Wanderers 444

Our second trip to the Legion this season didn't start very well for the Wanderers as Frosty saw that his beloved Watford were live on the TV, so we realised that his concentration would not be on the skittles. Things took a turn for the better when Phil walked in looking like he was prepared for jungle warfare judging by the outfit he was wearing. Surprisingly, nobody took the piss at all......

Captain Moggie Moore was back leading the squad this week. Sadly Rob & Stuart had to make way for Andy & Pete, "V.C" Hake uprooted to number six with Frosty hanging on to the number seven spot for the third week in a row. A very modest 55 start was backed up by a 74 second hand thanks to a 13 from Pete & 15 from Mark to give the Wanderers a slim 4 pin lead. A 14 spare from "Lofty" Owen was the highlight of an unspectacular third hand which saw Wanderers hand the lead back to the home side.

Our sticker Nick was being unusually quiet which was a bit concerning, until we realised he was sticking up with...A GIRL!! Obviously he was spending too much time looking at things he shouldn't, but we weren't complaining as we were enjoying the peace!

The Christmas trimmings running up the side of the alley did put Mike off at one stage as he swore blind that he saw Phil in amongst it practising his camouflage technique!! This led to Mike only making 11 when he had his spare, and as you can imagine there were many heartfelt commiserations and supportive comments directed at him as a result. "V.C" was having a bad night and not enjoying batting at number 6. He seemed to be suffering from "Bennett Hook" syndrome as he was trying to go for the corner with his first ball on several hands.

There were many missed spare opportunities on the night so we really did not deserve to be in with a shout on the last hand. Our target was a very reachable 66, but when you need it, you very rarely get it and I think everyone tried a bit too hard and we fell short by 7 pins. Phil "Lovely Boy" Owen taking the cue & side bet with 60. The pasties that were served for supper could only be eaten if you had an asbestos gob!!!  

26/11/08      Wanderers 475      Rebels 513

Our visitors tonight were the Rebels from the Sedgemoor Inn, Westonzoyland.  Vice captain Hake led the squad again, with Pete having to stand down due to not doing very well the week before. Frosty was batting again at number seven to see if he could match the heroics of last week. Mr Hake senior was "volunteered" to do the card in the absence of Les who was away Ferry spotting in Folkestone.
A modest 61 start by Wanderers was enough to be only 3 down after the first hand. Our second hand of 80 was only enough to pull 6 pins. This was going to be a close game. "V.C" Tony had a great start of 9, 15, 9 but this had already cost him 40p in fines due to single pins missed. Frosty was playing well again, relishing this number 7 spot. We wonder if the experiment is going to continue?? A cause for concern was the amount of texts that Rob received throughout the night. We think they were coming from the house of ill-repute near to Rob's house, and they were missing their favourite customer!!
Both teams were trading single pin figures until the sixth hand when Rebels stuck in an almighty 83 hand to gain a 20 pin lead. Wanderers had to produce an almighty last hand to win the game, but unfortunately due to Mike and Rob sulking after being completely thrashed 3-1 on the night at pool, it reflected on the last hand performance of a paltry 58. This gave the away team an easy target and they ran out winners by 38 pins, one of their players coming away with 88. It wasn't all bad for us though, as we had four players hitting over 60 and following his rest last week, V.C Hake came away with the glory and the gold nuggets with 68.

 19/11/08      Jack's Boys 411     Wanderers 450

We had another local derby this week, a short hop over the railway bridge to the New Foresters which has one of the shortest alleys in town. Our captain was unavailable tonight due to personal circumstances, so our vice captain Tony was in charge of picking the squad. Due to finishing bottom last week, Tony rested himself and Pete and Stuart were drafted in.
The home side were riding high in the league and kicked off the night with a 60 hand. When chalking the team onto the board a small mistake by the chalker led to Mark batting at number 7. This was to prove an inspirational move later on in the evening. Wanderers started brilliantly with a 9 from Chris, a 15 from Rob (still on a high after using his Platinum card prior to the game!!) a 12 from Phil and a 9 from Mike.  Stuart and Paul both made 8's to give the Wanderers 61 already with two players to go. A big lead looked on the cards until Mark and Pete weighed in with 5 each. This put us 11 up after the first hand.
Our Mr Stabbins was still reeling from the big bear hug he was given by Rob when he got his spare. Mike said he enjoyed it as it all helped with team bonding, but was a bit worried he crushed Rob's Mars bar that he felt in his front pocket of his jeans. At least that what he thought it was!!
Wanderers pulled ahead on every hand, obviously the home team had no answer to this fine display of skittling. Even at number 7, an out of position Frosty had a flash of inspiration, by hitting an 18 spare on the third hand, and while the iron was hot, on the fourth hand he cleared the diamond again in two balls for a spare. The excitement got far too much for him though as we saw his third ball fly off to the left and go straight through the hole between left corner and quarter for a 9 tadpole. Kind words and commiserations rang through the alley from his fellow team mates as you would expect. On the last hand, Wanderers very generously allowed the home team to pull two pins back which avoided the whitewash. A very good and deserved win by 39 pins. Mark Frost taking the honours and the money for the first time this season with 63.

 12/11/08      Wanderers 452   Wembdon Crickets 502

Our anchor man was missing tonight citing an excuse to pick his son up from Shepton Mallet carnival. Other team members reckoned that due to appearances on the local news channels he had been mobbed by autograph hunters and couldn't get out of his house! Frosty ended up driving again this week and arrived at the Commercial in a very grumpy mood due to having to miss out on a few pints!! Rob Tonks has finally moved into his new bachelor pad which is only a 56 second walk to Weatherspoons. However a certain house of ill-repute is much closer than that and it turns out that Rob has been given Platinum membership already!! So to the skittles. Our visitors were riding high in the league so we were hoping to put in a decent performance. Unfortunately our captain set the tone for the entire night by starting with a 4 and it was all an uphill struggle from there on in. The fifth hand started very well for the Wanderers with four spares from four blokes. However an 11 from Andy, a 13 flopper from Chris Bennett, a 9 tadpole from Phil and a 15 from Mike was not really what was needed! The whitewash was avoided when we pulled a pin back though. It wasn't that we played badly on the night, just that the visitors played a lot better!! Mike & Phil shared the top spot and the money with 65.

 05/11/08    Grim Reapers 444    Wanderers 484

Bonfire night would see us take our first out of town trip of the season. It would be at the Puriton Inn. Would there be any "fireworks" on the alley? Following comments over previous weeks from our resident landscape gardener regarding wanting a few beers, our captain made the long trip out to Bawdrip to pick him up. The resulting two Stella shandy's and a bacardi and coke will live long in the memory of his fellow team mates and I hope that we can all remind him of this every week! He did have the last laugh on us as he topped the alley with 75, ably supported by Tony with 71 and Mark and Paul with 63. Wanderers running out comfortable winners by 40 pins. Braised steak with roasties and veg for supper was absolutely delicious!

 29/10/08     Wanderers 463   Athelney 461

Our fourth visit to the Commercial in as many weeks seemed to take it's toll on some squad members. Due to work commitments, Landlords camping trip to Devon and our captain taking himself away on an all-inclusive trip to Tunisia, our vice captain had no choice but to field the "Wanderers Athletic" for this fixture. Chris Hake & Les played a great supporting role in this very close game. A very poor last hand from the Wanderers could have let our visitors in for the win, but thankfully they fell two pins short of our total. With Phil top scoring with 69 and three other of our players hitting 60-plus scores it was a deserved win.

 22/10/08      Wanderers 457    Hardy Sports 480

A local derby this week! Our visitors were from the Pig & Whistle pub (Cliff's favourite!) from just down the road. We had high hopes as we were in the same half of the league as our opponents. However a 99 second hand from the visitors had the Wanderers on the back foot for the rest of the night. Senior members were struggling to remember a higher hand at the Commercial. We did pull a few pins back by the end of the night but it was all too late. Mike got his revenge on Pete by hitting 77. Pete and Mark were the only other players to get into the sixties.

 15/10/08       Bye - Friendly arranged at Commercial

Due to Rhodians from the Hope Inn pulling out of the league, Wanderers had a bye this week. Our captain decided that we needed a practice night. He also used this opportunity to take some mug shots of squad members in action to be posted on this website. It was very encouraging to see that everyone turned up and played. Even more encouraging to see was that Mr Hake senior had lost none of the old magic and won the "Winner Take All" pot for the highest score on the night. He even had the brass neck to fleece the domino players as well of all their coinage so we had to arrange for securicor to take him home!

 08/10/08     Wanderers 502    Dambusters 479

The boys from Stogursey were our visitors for this match. They were hoping that their long trip into town was not going to be in vain against a Wanderers team with just two points to show from five games. However, this was going to be a night for the home team as we saw a great display of skittling, especially from Mike & Pete. The two friends traded spare after spare and were giving each other loads of encouragement and giving out pats on the back when it was their turn to throw (YEAH - RIGHT!!!). This battle was eventually won by Pete who took the cue and side-bet money with 78. A great team effort with six players hitting scores of 60-plus ensured a much needed win and a rare total of over 500.

 01/10/08     Malt Shovel 494    Wanderers 472

It was great to see all of the squad turn up for this match at the Malt Shovel. This left our captain with a huge selection dilemma knowing that a few players would be reduced to giving support and helpful comments on the sidelines. Even Mr Hake senior arrived with his skittling shoes on! Wanderers gave a great performance and the game was very close at one stage. Unfortunately the home team pulled away on the sixth hand by hitting an 80 hand and eventually winning the game. Our team played well to hit a high score on the longest alley in the town, a score that would normally have won the match according to one of the Malt Shovel players. We had five players in the 60's on the night. However, our landlord Paul deserves a mention as his contribution of 42 currently holds the wooden spoon for the lowest score of the season!!!

 24/09/08       Wanderers 469    Pretenders 428

With no points to show from three games, it was a team that was very low on confidence that went into this game. Senior team members were struggling to remember a worse start to a season. Thoughts of losing four in a row were soon banished as the night wore on and our lead steadily increased, despite the "Bennett Hook" rearing it's ugly head after throwing his spare ball wide of the full pack. With four players hitting scores of 60-plus it was a comfortable win.

 17/09/08         Shy-Teds 476    Wanderers 425

A cheap night out at the Legion was the only consolation from this game. With Pete concentrating on the Man Utd game on the TV and Bennett & Frosty getting pissed on cheap beer, it was evident we were chasing a lost cause from a very early stage in the game. At least Mike didn't take the money this week!!

 10/09/08         Wanderers 450    Morehens 480

Our first home game would see us play title favourites Morehens from The Squib. Due to emitigating circumstances on the night in raising a team, The Wanderers gave Cliff Frost his season debut. Cliff played well until the clock struck 10pm and then he realised that he was late for his TV date with Sian Lloyd the weathergirl and he went all to pot. It seemed that our visitors liked our alley more than we did on the night and they ran out winners by 30 pins. Mike did hit an incredible 82 which was 23 pins better than the next highest Wanderers player, although there were mutterings of "Lucky B*stard" and "Money goes to Money" from a person who will remain nameless.


03/09/08        Crown Floppers 434   Wanderers 408

First game of the season on the notorius River Parrett alley. Not an ideal situation for the new team members to make their debut, but the club captain insisted that they started. Nervous starts by all team members on a difficult alley resulted in a 26 pin defeat for the Wanderers.  Mike Stabbins ensured that normal service was resumed by taking the money!



Looking foward to a new season which begins on Sept 3rd

with an away game at the River Parrett versus Crown Floppers

A big welcome to our new members Paul Wilson(Commercial Inn pub landlord)  Chris Bennett and Stuart Turner.

After over 50 years of playing Skittles Merv Ingram has decided that his playing days are over.

We would like to thank Merv for his contribution to the team over the years including the fun element that he brought with him ! (we wont mention Broken Ashtrays)                  

Started the season with a friendly against the Commercial Thursday Team , 7 players per side.

Wanderers 424            Commercial Thursday   369

Wanderers win by 55

Mike Stabbins hitting a 7 hand 92 clearing the diamond every hand. 15,9,9,14,15,15,15

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