Wanderers     454       Lynchers   468

The Wanderers had heard that prior to tonights game they had already been relegated due to the Pigeon Shooters winning their game in hand on Monday night, so our last game had nothing riding on it at all.

Despite a brief period after 5 hands when the Wanderers went 4 ahead, it never looked like being a vintage performance despite Food Chain's heroics of 3 spares. F K Frosty made sure of the spares trophy for the first time by adding two more to his total, and Reel Em In found the pressure of hitting 60-plus too much to claim the top spot in the averages by faultering to 49. Lynchers won the game by 14 pins.

Another season comes to a close. Let's hope for a decent run of form next year to bounce back to Division 2!!

                                   Morehens       443      Wanderers   451

A magnificent result for the Wanderers  as they beat 5th placed Morehens on their own alley!

A great start of 71 which included spares from F.K Frosty (15) and Rookie 2 Ford (15) gave us an early lead of 8 pins. Despite another spare of 13 from Rookie 2 on the 2nd hand of 62, our lead got wiped by a 72 hand from the Morehens for them to go ahead by 2. The home side gained a further 4 pins on the 3rd hand, but their 4th hand effort of 58 against a Wanderers 62 meant their lead was cut to 2 pins again. The Morehens came back with a 63 hand but the Wanderers came back with an almighty 77 with a 13 spare from Reel 'em In and floppers from Rookie 1 Hallett (12) and Boom-Boom (16), to wrestle back the lead and go ahead by 12. Our next hand of 56 surprisingly only lost 4 pins, and the Morehens last hand of 64 meant that with an 8 pin lead we only required 57 for victory. Thanks to an 18 flopper from Reel 'em In we made 64 to win the game by 8 pins.

Kev Ford top this week with 67 so he went home happy with the pound coins. Last game of the season next week at the Commercial to play Lynchers.

                                    Wanderers     480       Teadrinkers   452

The Wanderers recorded back to back victories for the 3rd time this season with a fantastic win in the local derby against the Commercial's other team the Teadrinkers.

After average starts by both teams, the fireworks didnt start until the Wanderers 2nd hand as the Team Bonder fired in a 17 spare in a hand total of 71 to pull 13 pins and go 12 ahead. A third hand 70 which included an 11 spare from F.K Frosty and a 14 flopper from Reel 'em In surprisingly lost 6 pins as the away team found some form. Our lead disappeared on the fourth hand as the Teadrinkers 65 hand pulled 8 pins to lead by 2. It looked like curtains for the mighty Wanderers as a 64 fifth hand, including a single pin 11 spare from Boom-Boom, lost 13 pins to a Teadrinkers 77 hand for them to lead by 15 with two hands to go. We went into the sixth hand still in positive mood and finally the Skittle Gods seemed to be smiling on us as a 13 spare from Food Chain and a 17 flopper from Boom-Boom helped haul back five pins to reduce the deficit to 10 pins with a hand each to go.

The last hand for the Wanderers was a monster! Echoing efforts from the "glory years" we smashed an 86 hand which included spares from Reel 'em In (14), Boom-Boom's 3rd in a row (14), Food Chain (16) and an unlucky 10 spare from Rookie 1 Hallet. The Teadrinkers had no answer and collapsed to the lowest hand of the night of 48 which pulled and amazing 38 pins in our favour to win the match by 28. Boom-Boom taking the cue with his highest home score for ages with 71.

News filtered through late last night that the Stockland Club lost at home to the Lambs which means for the first time this season we are off the bottom spot in the League!! Tough match next week at the Bunch to play Morehens.

                                   Shackattack     414      Wanderers   417

The Wanderers still showed that they have a little bit of fight left as they came out on top at the Shack.

The night didn't start very well as it seemed that we had marbles for skittle balls and it seemed easier to put balls through the pack rather than to actually knock the pins over. Team Bonder Tonks proved the point by managing to put four of his first six balls through to score 9 for two hands!!! The resulting 49 first hand was very disappointing but we only lost 5 pins. The Wanderers gained control of the game with a great second hand of 70 which included a 15 spare from Rookie 2 Ford to pull 12 pins and go ahead by 7. The third and fourth hands saw back to back scores of 14 from newly named "Super Shapter" who was relishing playing with small but perfectly round balls - (I'm sure there is a dirty joke in there somewhere!!!) and the good fortunes continued on the fourth hand as a nine tadpole from F.K and a 13 spare from Rookie 2 helped to a total of 69 to pull more pins and go 17 ahead.

The home side then made some small and steady gains over the remaining three hands, but the Wanderers had enough in the bag to hold on and win the game by 3. Super Shapter was the only player in the 60-plus club this week and deservedly took the cue with 67.

Local derby at home next week as we host the other Commercial side, the Teadrinkers.

                                   Magpies        491      Wanderers   478

Our last out of town game of the season would be at the Puriton Inn to play the Magpies. Not a happy hunting ground for the Wanderers in recent years and so it would prove to be in this game!!

After 4 hands we found ourselves 25 pins down but we were playing well as we had two seventy hands and one in the high 60's. A fifth hand of 59 brought us to realise that this game was never going to go in our favour as it proved with a Magpies 6th hand of 85 for the home side to lead by 44. Their last hand of 61 gave us a target to avoid the whitewash . Despite Rookie 1's sulking after hitting a 5 (and continued sulking back in the bar over supper) we had three spares from Team Bonder (13) F K Frosty (13) and Food Chain (14) plus two 8's and two 9's for a tidy hand of 79 and to gain some respectability back by pulling 18 pins.

For the first time in a long while we had five players hitting 60-plus on the night with Skipper Hake coming out on top with 64.

With only four games to go, minds need to be thinking about individual honours. It's very tight in the spares competition with three players in the hunt and it's looking increasingly likely that there will be a new name on the trophy this year. The averages are even tighter - although piss poor compared to other years - there are at least five players in with a chance of coming out on top.

                                    Wanderers     462       Wembdon Crickets   480

The Wanderers were out performed yet again on their home alley, this time by a team that they had beaten earlier in the season. The Crickets started the game well with hands of 64 & 72 to lead by 7, but a second hand of 77 by the Wanderers which included an 18 spare from the Team Bonder and a 15 flopper from Food Chain brought us right back in the game. The deciding factor was our mediocre 4th hand of 56 against a Crickets hand of 78 which pulled 22 pins and basically sealed the game. A late rally from the Wanderers on the 6th and last hands of 78 and 73 respectively just wasn't enough and the Crickets ran out winners by 18.

Food Chain got hold of the nuggets with one of the top home scores this season of 73.

                                    Wanderers     443       Lambs   481

Not a great deal to say about the Wanderers latest performance at the former fortress Commercial. Just to say that the team who produced winning form from the last two weeks didn't show up and deservedly got beaten by a Lambs team that are contenders for promotion. The whitewash was avoided on the last two hands as we managed to tie them both but as we were 38 pins down after 5 hands, it was always going to be a struggle.

Congratulations to Rob "Team Bonder" Tonks who took the cue for the first time this season with 66.

                                   Shy-Teds     491      Wanderers   495

What a difference a couple of weeks make!! A fortnight ago we were licking our wounds wondering if our luck would ever change and considered life in Division Three wouldn't be all that bad, and here we are now with a real shot of making Operation Stay-Up work! A fantastic performance last night with some season-firsts to report resulting in the best two points earnt all season. FIRST No.1 - Our first 90 hand of the season came on the 3rd hand of the night which included spares from Rookie 2 Ford (14), DFS Hallett (13), Lasagne Shoes Hake (16) and a proper 18 flopper from Reel 'em In, that pulled 23 pins back after being 18 down. We then promptly lost the lead on the 4th hand as our silly 59 hand lost 16 pins to let the Shy-Teds back in the lead by 11. However we finished with hands of 75, 75 & 65 to win the game by what we thought was 10 pins. Countback revealed that the home team had mis-counted their 6th hand by 6 pins less than what it should have been so the winning margin was only 4 pins (Good job for Pistol's last gasp spare!). FIRST No.2 - Our total spare count for the game was in double figures for the first time this season (11).

Well done to Reel 'em In Shapter who took the nuggets with the highest away score so far this season with 76.

                                    Wanderers     440       Pigeon Shooters   426

The Wanderers came out on top in this low scoring encounter at the Commercial. It seemed to be a game that neither side wanted to win as low hand totals were definately the order of the day. The deciding factor in the game was a disastrous 5th hand 47 for the Pigeon Shooters which lost them 15 pins from an all square position. The Wanderers then tried to lose the game by hitting a dismal 6th hand 54, but last hand spares from Lasagne Shoes Hake (16) and F.K Frosty (15) steadied the nerves to help towards a 72 total and leaving our opponents 79 to win. They could only manage 64 to leave the Wanderers victorious by 14 and therefore completing a rare double as we beat this team at their place earlier in the season. The cue pot was shared this week by Lasagne Shoes Hake and the returning fresh from Dubai "Reel 'em In " Shapter with 62 each.

A trip to the Castle Club next week for us as we play the Shy-Teds.

                                   Knowle Inn     458      Wanderers   422

It's another defeat to report for the once-mighty Wanderers. Totally outplayed by the home team and only managed a small pull of 3 pins on the third hand to avoid the whitewash. Once again there were some very wayward balls thrown, some so wide that the in-alley pin TV couldn't even get on screen! Kev Ford again showed his liking for the out-of-town games as he finished top with 64 that included two 14 spares. Nick "after the Lord Mayor's show" Hallett may have tried to break the speed barrier with a few of his balls, but his 4 scores of 6 & under cost him dearly and as a result has lost the coveted top spot in the combined averages.

An extremely rare chance of a double next week as we play hosts to Pigeon Shooters.

                                    Wanderers     455       Halfway Boys    476

Well I suppose it 'ain't over until the fat lady has sung, but with only ten games left The Wanderers are leaving it very late to keep their division 2 status after another defeat this time at the hands of the Halfway Boys. It was very close after three hands as we were only 2 pins behind, but a spare-less total of 57 on our fourth hand was not good enough against a reply of 73 which gave the Halfway Boys an 18 pin lead. We battled away, but some wayward balls were costly missing spares at vital times. Only a further three pins were pulled over last three hands which showed that it really was only the one bad hand that was the difference between the two teams. "Rookie 1" Nick Hallett and "Food Chain" Phil Owen battled for the cue all night both hitting two spares each, with Nick's last hand 5 just being enough to pip Phil to the nuggets with 69.

Uphill at the Knowle Inn next week!!!

                                   Lamb Inn 'A'     461      Wanderers   447

Operation Stay-Up had a bit of a blip as the Wanderers went down by 14 pins away at the Lamb Spaxton. It was a hard fought game that saw the Wanderers leading by 6 pins after two hands which saw 3 spares in an 82 hand thanks to spares from FK Frosty (15) Rookie 1 Hallet (14) and the Pistol (13). It was all a bit of a struggle after that as some unusual strikes and missed spares took it's toll but a hard fought battle for the cue between Rookie 1, The Pistol and Boom-Boom kept us entertained, with Boom-Boom unusually finishing victorious for the nuggets with 62. Our unbeaten home record in 2012 will have to be defended next week as we take on the Halfway Boys from The Cellophane Club. 

                                   Stockland Club     443      Wanderers   451

The Wanderers are definately on a roll now as they secured their unbeaten in 2012 record with an 8 pin victory away at the Stockland Club. The decisive moments of the match came on Stockland's 4th hand after being 4 pins down they smashed a 90 hand against a Wanderers 73 to go 13 in front. It was a case of "After the Lord Mayors Show" for them as they backed it up with a 5th hand 57 that the Wanderers beat with a stunning 79 hand which included spares from "Rookie 2" Ford (16), Skipper Hake (15) and The Pistol (12) to pull 22 and go back in front by 9.  It was a lead that we never looked like losing and a small loss of 1 pin on the 6th hand was minor details to win the match by 8.

Kev Ford showing his liking of the country alleys to be top again this week with 69.

                                    Wanderers     471       Hazelnuts    436

The Wanderers finally broke their home voodoo by beating Hazelnuts by 35 pins. The main difference to the other home games this season is that we took more spare chances in this game and it showed with four hands of over 70. We pulled pins on every hand bar the last one but as we were leading by 38 pins, a 3 pin loss was not the end of the world.

Great team performance with the highlights of a shared cue pot between Frosty & Fordy who both hit 74.

We look forward to a good night out at the Stockland Club next week.

                                    Wanderers     436       Breakaways    437


                                    Breakaways     488       Wanderers    447


                                    Hazelnuts     480       Wanderers    456


                                    Wanderers     439       Stockland Club    487


                                    Wanderers     458       Lamb Inn A    471

The Wanderers were looking for their 1st home win of the season as they played hosts to the boys from the Lamb Inn at Spaxton.

A solid spare-less 64 from the home team only lost a pin, but thanks to a 69 second hand, which included a 16 spare from the Team Bonder, we pulled 10 to lead by 9 after two hands. The third hand started well at 32 for 3 thanks to a 15 spare from "Rookie 2" Ford, but the hand stuttered as we got into the top half as only a further 31 pins between 5 were added for a total of 63 which lost 8 but we still lead by a pin. The fourth hand should have been a monster but easy missed spares by F-K, Boom-Boom & Reel 'em In took its toll to only total 69 to lose 2 against a 71 hand from the Lamb Inn and we surrendered the lead. A poor effort of 60 on the fifth hand lost a further 18 pins and with only 2 hands to pull them back it was going to be a tough ask. Our final two hands of 67 and 66 respectively gained 6 pins but the Lamb held firm to win the game by 13. Tony Hake deservedly taking the cue with 69 that included 3 spares.

A home match against the Stockland Club next week, so the piss taking will definately be going up a couple of notches!!

                                   Halfway Boys     448      Wanderers   416

The report this week is going to be very short as it should read "ditto" from last week. The only highlight of a very frustrating evening was Nick "DFS" Hallet's sparkling 65 which deservedly took the cue.

                                    Wanderers     433       Knowle Inn    484

After their success last week, the Wanderers had high hopes of a first home victory against the Knowle Inn.

These hopes were soon screwed up and thrown away after a very dismal 1st hand of just 48 which included five 5's and a 6. The Knowle Inn took full advantage with a hand of 83 to take a very early lead of a whopping 35 pins. The next two hands were very poor from the once mighty Wanderers and despite an 11 spare from the Pistol, after just 3 hands we found ourselves 50 pins down. The fourth and fifth hands were much better for the home side as a 15 flopper from Food Chain, a 12 spare from Skipper Hake and a 14 spare from Rookie Kev saw back to back 73 hands to pull our first pins of the night and avoid the whitewash. but hands of 82, 53 and 70 from the away team sealed victory for them by a huge margin of 51. One of their team hitting 6 spares and a six for an individual total of 91.

Pete Hallett taking the cue with 64. Next week sees the Wanderers on another tough alley as we are away at the Cellophane Club to play the Halfway Boys.

                              Pigeon Shooters     447      Wanderers   491

The Wanderers were out of town for this away game at the Swan Inn, North Petherton for possibly one of the last games that the pub will see before it becomes another victim of the current climate and closes.

We saw a classic Wanderers of old performance as we made major gains on the 2nd & 4th hands to lead by 30. Reel 'em In was having a superb night with two spares and two 9's and Rookie Nick "D.F.S" Hallett was also performing well. A 75 fifth hand pulled 7 more pins which included spares (yet again!) from Reel 'em In (13) and D.F.S (15). Our worst hand of the night of 58 on the 6th hand lost 19 pins as the Pigeon Shooters rallied with a 77 hand, but their poor last hand 57 was met with an almighty 83 effort from the Wanderers thanks to spares from Boom-Boom (14), Riverboat Ford (12) and Lasagne Shoes Hake (16) to run out comfortable winners by 44. The golden nuggets were deservedly taken by a back on form Reel em In with 74.

Back to the Commercial next week to play the Knowle Inn team.

                                    Wanderers     421       Shy-Teds    468

After their 2 away games on the bounce the Wanderers were back at home this week to play the Shy-Teds.

Due to work commitments Reel 'em In was absent so it was a repreive for Boom Boom Bennett to sneak into the squad following a poor display last week. We also welcomed back the Pistol to the number eight slot.

Two first hand spares from Food Chain & Skipper Hake got the night off to a good start to lead by a pin. The 2nd & 3rd hands saw some cruel luck dished out to several Wanderers players and the resulting 62 & 58 hands were quickly pounced upon by the Shy-Teds who hit 65 & 70 respectively to lead by 14. A fourth hand 59 from the away team looked to give us a glimmer of a chance but the resulting 60 hand which included a 14 spare from Skipper Hake only pulled a pin back to still be 13 behind. A very poor and forgettable 5th hand of just 52 which included three 5's and three 7's basically sealed our fate as the Shy teds 69 hand pulled 17 pins to lead by 30. A 15 spare from Team Bonder Tonks got the 6th hand off to a fantastic start, but yet again there was no back up for him and we could only tie the hand. A last hand repeat of the 5th hand of 52 saw some very dejected faces wondering what the hell has gone wrong with the mighty Wanderers. The Shy-Teds wrapped things up with a 69 to win the match by 47.

We have broken our record from under a month ago for hitting another lowest home total. The team spirit is definately there we just wonder when we can start to match it with the skittling!!

                                       Lambs     466      Wanderers   437

The Wanderers were away again this week to play 2nd place Lambs on the notorious Duke alley.

With the Pistol unusually relegated to the bench, rookie Nick Hallett came back into the squad looking for a hat-trick of cue pots. The game started well for us as we took a 5 pin lead after 2 hands which saw a 1st hand 15 spare from Kev. The 3rd hand got off to a stunning start with a 14 from the "Horny" Team Bonder but the momentum could not be maintained as we fell away to lose 4 pins but kept the lead. A 4th hand of 64 saw the home team get their noses in front by 3, but 5th & 6th hands of 77 & 72 saw the home team extend their lead to 32 as the Wanderers could not respond. A last hand of 67 from the Lambs meant that the Wanderers needed a miracle hand of exactly 100 to win. A tidy and best hand of our night of 70 pulled 3 back to lose the game by 29. However the night really belonged to Nick as his last hand 16 spare sealed top score and the honour of pulling off the hat trick of cue pots, a really excellent acheivement considering this is his first season. Well done Nick!!

                                Wembdon Crickets     457      Wanderers   464

This weeks game would be on the tough and short Mansion House alley against the Wembdon Crickets.

The Team Bonder was back in the squad after a long absence. Could this be the catalyst that sprung the Wanderers back into life? It seemed to definately work as the Wanderers took an early lead of 8 pins after two hands which included rare back-to-back spares from Boom Boom Bennett (15 & 16). This put the home team under pressure as they lost a further 3 pins over the third & fourth hands thanks to spares from No Nickname Yet Kev (15) and Food Chain (13). The fifth hand was tied, and so a relaxed and totally focused Wanderers team smashed their best hand of the night on the 6th hand of 74 which included a super 16 spare from F-K and a 12 spare from the Team Bonder. The Crickets fought back to tie that hand and their last hand of 66 meant that the Wanderers needed 55 to secure their first win of the season. A start of 19 for 3 started the wobbles going but three 9's and two 8's from the remaining 5 players secured our first victory of the season by 7.
Boom Boom taking the cue with 71.

We seemed to regain the old Wanderers atmosphere at last that has been missing slightly over the last few weeks. Long may the crap 8's and the brilliant 8's be commented on!!

Could be another tough night next week as we are away at the Duke on an even shorter alley. But the main thing is we are up and running at last.

                                    Wanderers     474       Magpies 504

The Wanderers were home again this week to play the Magpies from the Puriton Inn.

The good news was that the hole at the end of the pitchboard had been filled in, but the tar was still slightly tacky so we had to be careful in case we stuck to the alley!! This didn't seem to help us as the Magpies went daft on their first two hands with a 75 & 86 respectively making the Wanderers 44 down going into the third!! Unlike Greece there was no chance of a bail out, so we had to dig deep and with spares from F-K (15), Kev (13) and Skipper Hake (12) we rallied to a hand of 80 which pulled back 23, over half the deficit!! Despite the marked improvement in form from the home side, the Magpies were in no mood to be more generous as back to back 71 hands improved their lead to 34 after 5 hands. Wanderers hit back with a 78 on the 6th which included a 15 spare from Nick and a 17 flopper from Food Chain, but Magpies responded with an 81 hand to pull a further 3 in front. A last hand 70 effort from the Wanderers pulled back 7 but the game was lost by 30 pins. Nick Hallett making it two in a row cue pots with 64.


                                    Wanderers     423        Shackattack   441

The home guard were given the night off for this match as for the first time this season the Wanderers were able to field a squad of 1st team regulars.

The increasingly gaping casm of a hole at the end of the pitchboard was getting harder and harder to avoid, and it showed as a paltry 1st hand total of 51 had the team staring at the scoreboard in disbelief. The shock of only being 4 down seemed to sting us into life and thanks to a 17 flopper from Food Chain we stormed into the lead by a pin!! An 18 spare on the 3rd hand by rookie Nick more than made up for his earlier 2 and the resulting 70 hand pulled a couple more and increased our lead to 3. A tied fourth hand meant that we still lead going into the 5th but again the Wanderers capitulated with very mediocre 5th & 6th hands of 56 & 55 respectively. The Shack team took advantage and pulled out a lead of 30 pins going into the last hand. A fantastic 14 flopper from Nick to win the cue pot and the glory of whooping his old man for the first time was not enough to save the hand as F-K Frosty's hard working 2 basically sealed our fate to leave our opponents only 34 to win. The Shack made very hard work of the required target so their 51 hand meant the Wanderers had pulled 12 back but lost the match by 18.

The stats aren't very pretty as only 3 spares all night tells its own story. 423 is our lowest home total to date and is 53 pins down on our total home average from last season.

Another home game next week against Magpies.


                                    Teadrinkers     463        Wanderers   440

This game would be a hard match on the tough Volunteer alley. None of the Wanderers team were looking forward to this one!

The first two hands were spare-less for the Wanderers but we were only 12 pins down. The third hand was an improvement as spares from Kev (13) and the Pistol (11) helped us to a total of 71 which pulled back 5 pins. A 63 fourth hand lost a pin so with three hands to go we were only 8 down. Another spare from Kev (14) on the 5th could not avoid a 5 pin loss and despite a spectacular 11 flopper from the Pistol (YES, I SAID AN 11 FLOPPER!!!!) at the start of the 6th we lost another pin to be 14 down going into the last hand and wanting 83 to win. We won't mention F-K's 4 - oops sorry, just did - but we never looked like getting close to what we needed and the resulting 59 hand meant that we had lost the game by 23.

Although again it was a story of missed spares for the Wanderers there were still some good points including the debut of Chris Hallett who hit 52, and Kev Ford getting top score and taking home the golden nuggets with 62.

Back to the Commercial next week......did we call it a fortress once???????

                                    Wanderers     457        Morehens   468

The first home game of the season for the Wanderers would be against the Morehens from the Bunch of Grapes.

With our skipper and the Team Bonder away in the States, it was a bare 8 Wanderers who took to the alley. It was a tough start for the home team as despite one spare in each of our first three hands we found ourselves 21 pins down. We rallied on the fourth and fifth hands to pull back 11 pins thanks to spares from The Pistol and new signing Kev Ford. The sixth hand started superbly with F-K taking a 17 flopper, but with no spares coming from his team mates we could only make 70 and tie the hand.

Our last hand wasnt looking great at 56 for 7 but then F-K steps up again and bangs in a 17 spare to make the hand more respectable and to give the Morehens a difficult target of 64 to win. But two spares in their final hand of 74 eased them to victory by 11.

A tough alley next week as we are away at the Volunteer.

                                    Lynchers     547        Wanderers   487

The new-look Wanderers started the new season with an out of town match against the Lynchers. The Wanderers had lost two key squad members over the summer but had made a new signing thanks to their improved youth policy so would this be a development year for the former third division champs?

A 76 first hand from the home team looked to pull a bucketful as our response at 42 for 6 looked dire. But thanks to a 15 spare from Tony and a jammy 17 from the Pistol we made 74 to only lose 2. Our second hand looked OK as all 8's & 9's saw us at 59 for 7. Up steps F-K Frosty to make a spectacular 3 to make a 62 total, but this only lost a further two pins as the Lynchers couldnt take advantage. However an 85 third hand from the home team pulled 25 pins and we were always chasing the game from there on in.

The whitewash was avoided on the sixth hand as a Wanderers 84 hand pulled four pins but the game was a lost cause by then. Although this was a heavy defeat there were quite a few plus points and highlights to mention:

1) Rookie Nick Hallet's 1st competitive game scored 56 and no fines. 2) F-K's three spares. 3) Tony's spare ball 6 foot wide of the full pack could trigger a new addition to the fines list!!! 4) The Pistol looks in good form again.

Back to the Commercial next week for our first home game and the possibility of another new signing for the Wanderers.

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