Puddletown Wanderers 392   Wanderers 395

The Wanderers were ending their season by making their 2nd trip to Dorset to defend the Challenge trophy that they had won at the Commercial at the beginning of March. It was decided that this would be a proper end of season thrash so we would all meet up early and make a day of it. Mike 'The man at C & A' Stabbins took this early start quite literally, and was in Wetherspoons at least an hour before anyone else! After a good session on the Thatchers Gold the night before Boom-Boom Bennett just made it before noon to order a large breakfast, soon to be joined by Food Chain, Kev and the Team Bonder who was having a crisis as to which real ale to choose first as there were so many on display. Skipper Hake and Billy Whizz were next up followed by Landlord Paul 'Willow' Wilson who was determined to enjoy a rare day out. Unfortunately we knew of two cry-offs in the shape of The Pistol & Reel 'em In, but there was one team member still missing with 15 minutes to go before the bus would pull up. Who would that be?

Then, in it walked.  F.K Frosty looking pastier than the thickest wallpaper paste and nursing a hangover the size of a small country, arrived in the nick of time. He tried to revive himself by attempting a quick beer but two smallish gulps proved that this wasn't the answer and had to admit defeat. Maybe the short trip to the Pound Inn at Aller would help?

Thanks to some expert road map guidance from the Team Bonder to the bus driver we arrived at The Pound for a couple of relaxing pints and a few games of pool. F.K struggled to nearly three quarters of a pint in an hour and a half despite words of encouragement from his pool playing partner. Things were getting a bit too chilled out for a Wanderers day out so then things livened up when 'Food Chain' fancied some free advertising with his new found chalk to entice a few more members of the public into the pub (see photo on home page).

The Halfway House Inn at Chilthorne Dormer near Yeovil was the next stop. Probably selected because Skipper Hake's bladder could not stand more than three miles between pee stops! The promise of a pasty to curb his hunger pangs were thwarted as it only came with chips and would require to eat in the posh bit of the pub. F.K was still struggling and a tiny mouthful of 'Star Gazer' was enough to tip him over the edge and cause him to sink into a comfy leather sofa until it was time to move on.

We arrived at Wetherspoons in Dorchester around 6ish for a much needed pit stop. Rob 'Team Bonder' Tonks was given the task of finding a table for us to order our food while the majority of us donned oxygen masks and crampons to scale the dizzy heights of the staircase to find the toilets. By the time we got back to find Rob, we think the whole pub, the pub next door, the smokers outside, the people in the few shops in the high street and the old man walking his dog all knew that we were sat on Table 28! You had to be there when the waitress called out "Table 28!!"

Next stop was a route march to a pub called 'The Station'. This place had been googled and researched
on the internet
by Mr Phillip 'Food Chain' Owen  for the main reason that "It says it had a range of pool tables." Much to Phil's disappointment the range of pool tables turned out to be only two, and were occupied by student types. Everyone in the pub was then subjected to the phrase "It says - a range of pool tables!" as he vented his opinion on some biggish bloke in the smokers section. Laugh or what? To top that seeing the normally mild mannered Team Bonder getting a bit lary with the barman about why Marston's Pedigree should not be put in the fridge, we then knew we were in for a good night! A very brief stop in the George Hotel was just enough time for Billy to nip over the road for some hair gel, to prepare the team for their entrance at Bladen.

Mark "Pee Wee Herman" Frost, Mike "Englebert Humperdink" Stabbins, Tony "Spikey" Hake and Phil "The Mad Professor" Owen were just some of the elegant styles on display as we greeted our opponents for the evening. The rules were quickly amended to allow everyone to play and we decided on a six hands per team with the sixth hand played man for man for beer. Puddletown took an early lead on the first hand but were pegged back on the second to be only 6 pins ahead. The third hand would see something special from the Wanderers.  Just as Skipper Hake hit the first team spare outside of Somerset last year, Food Chain Phil hit the first flopper outside of Somerset, to rapturous cheers & applause and man hugs from the usual suspects. We were still in the hunt after four hands. F.K Frosty had come back to life following something to eat in Wetherspoons and was now catching up at a great pace drinking "Old Speckled Hen" as opposed to Rob's "Bishops Finger" and both were playing well. Man In Beige Stabbins was also doing well, despite insisting on his run up. At least the doors stayed shut this year! The threat of any player (home or away) hitting six and under would be "gelled" seemed to affect the home team more as they struggled to find any sort of score. Skipper Hake came good on the fifth hand with a spare, although how he did it nobody knew as he seemed to be on auto-pilot! At least the home spectators at the back were treated to Tony's arse cleavage show!! After the beer hands it became apparant that the Wanderers despite being worse for wear after a day on the drink and playing on a very short and unfamiliar alley, had amazingly run out winners by 3 pins.

Following a brief handover of the trophy, supper of chicken curry, chile and bread was fantastic and our extended thanks go to Matt & Bekah for organising the night and cooking the food. It was a great end to what had been a awesome day for the Wanderers and we are already looking forward to next years event!



                   Young Lambs 461   Wanderers 451

The Wanderers were facing a tough game in the final playing a Young Lambs team that not only had won the Cider cup knockout tournament earlier in the season, they had also won the Division Two Title in a play-off and had annihilated Division One opposition in the semi-final as well. We were under no illusions, this lot were good.

The team was unchanged to the one that had played in the semi-final so we all knew our board positions. The supporters were in excellent voice as well so the omens were looking good! Mr Hake snr was retelling the woeful tale of how his trainers had been consigned to the charity bag, but there was hope on the horizon as we told him that Stabbins might have a pair he might like to get rid of!!

President of the League, Mike Carver, was there to oversee matters and to fill in the scorecard, while Vice Chairman, Garth Hill, was there to chalk the board. Garth is reknowned around the skittling community for his below than average timekeeping although to be fair he was there before 9pm. Skipper Hake had lost the toss so we were elected to go 2nd. Young Lambs made a good start of 69, but thanks to steady 8's & 9's and a 13 spare from Reel 'em In we made 71 to go 2 up. Our second hand was even better as Billy (17) and Food Chain (14) were the stars in a 78 hand which pulled 13. Young Lambs third hand stuttered to 61, while the Wanderers pulled 7 more on the hand thanks to a 14 spare from The Pistol to put us in a very strong position of being 22 ahead. 

Slowly but surely, things started to unwravel for the Wanderers. A fourth hand 58 lost 3 pins, A 62 fifth hand lost 5 pins and a disaster of a sixth hand 56 which included five scores of 6 and under lost 11 pins. Despite these losses after six hands we were still in the lead by 3 pins. We were still in the hunt. Young Lambs then decided to hit their highest score of the night of 71 to leave the Wanderers an acheivable 69 to win the trophy. When you're chasing a total, it's vital that you get a good start but unfortunately F.K and Boom-Boom could not deliver. Despite our best efforts it always looked like a score too far and by the time last man Pistol Pete went on we were requiring a double flopper for a chance of winning. Pete made an admirable 9 for a hand total of 58 and lose the match by 10 pins.

Although some of us were disappointed that we lost we have to look at the bigger picture to see what we have achieved. Twelve months ago the team were one game away from relegation to Division 4. This year we have restructured, made a good new signing (and re-signed some old 'uns too!) and have made this season one of the best in the team's history. We won Division 3 with games to spare and got to the final of the Champion of Champions competition. A fantastic turn around in a short space of time.



                   Naps 'B' 402    Wanderers  418

The Wanderers had found themselves in unknown territory, contesting the Champion of Champions trophy! Their semi final was drawn to be played at the short and unpredictable Duke alley against division 5 winners, Naps B from the Globe Inn, North Petherton.

Naps won the toss and elected to start. A 51 start was not what they wanted, but the Wanderers could not capitalise as their first hand of 58 could only pull 7. Our second hand though put us in a very strong position as we reached 70 including a 16 spare from Boom-Boom Bennett. This managed to pull 13 pins. With our third hand of 56 we pulled another pin to lead by 21.

The Wanderers "Wobbly" struck big time on the fourth as balls going through rather than bad skittling was the cause of us reaching a low total 51 to lose 7 pins.  This was quickly put right on the fifth hand as 9's each from Billy & Food Chain and a 13 spare from Skipper Hake helped to a 65 hand and regain 8 pins back to now lead by 22.  A sixth hand 60 seemed to be a holding hand, but Naps then found some form and hit their highest hand of the night of 70 to pull ten pins and cut our lead to 12. Their last hand of 54 did not put any pressure on, so the Wanderers headed for the alley wanting only 43 to win.

A great start of a spare from the long suffering through ball expert F.K Frosty (11) and a nine from Boom-Boom, relieved any worries to eventually reach a hand total of 58 to pull four pins back and win the match by 16 pins.

So the Wanderers are in the final of the Champion of Champions and will play Young Lambs who are the division 2 winners. Who would have thought that 12 months ago?



                         Bridgwater Town & District Skittles League Division 3

                                                                                                                              Final Tables

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points
Wanderers 28 22 1 5 45
Shy-Teds 27 19 0 8 38
APS 28 16 0 12 32
Rebels 27 16 0 11 32
Jacks Boys 26 15 0 11 30
Non Starters 27 14 1 12 29
Boldys Army 28 14 0 14 28
Hardy Sports 27 13 1 13 27
Dambusters 27 12 2 13 26
Athelney 28 12 0 16 24
Morehens 27 11 1 15 23
Villistines 28 9 1 18 19
Malt Shovel * 28 10 3 15 18
Grim Reapers 28 9 0 19 18
Wills 28 9 0 19 18
*Points deducted due to alley change


07/04/10               Boldy's Army  410   Wanderers  449

The last game of a very successful season would see the Wanderers play an away match at the Commercial! Unfortunately due to the Old Market pub closing, Boldy's Army were without a home and had asked to play this final game at Wanderers HQ as the alley was available. We were only too happy to help!

With the Team Bonder resting at home after a minor op to remove a tenner from his wallet, it was a very familiar Wanderers line up that took to the alley. A 51 start from Boldy's was quickly dealt with by a 71 hand (including a 15 spare from Skipper Hake) to go 20 up. A second hand 63, with a spare from OJ Stabbins (14) and a 4 from an under pressure F.K Frosty, was tied to still lead by 20. A 16 spare from Mike 'Pot Hunter' Stabbins on the third hand and a 16 spare from Skipper Hake on the fourth helped to increase our lead to 38.

The guys who were used to the high scoring upstairs alley of the Old Market were finding things a bit more difficult on the Commercial alley and lost a further 10 pins on the fifth hand thanks to some steady Wanderers skittling and a 16 flopper from a back on form OJ Stabbins. The Wanderers then took the foot off the gas as the last two hands of 58 and 57 respectively, let the "home" team pull 9 pins back to avoid the whitewash, but then cruised to victory by 39 pins. Mike "I'll start skittling now that the season's finished" Stabbins finished top with 74, with Skipper Hake backing him up by hitting 67. No-one else managing to hit over 60 on the night.

The Wanderers have finished the season as they started, with a long run of games unbeaten, which has been the key to our success. We now look forward to a new challenge in the form of Division 2 next season. Before that though, there will be the small matter of the Champion of Champions games which will be coming up within the next couple of weeks, the eagerly anticipated trip to Puddletown and the Coronation Pairs competition, which sees three pairs from the Wanderers, that will start in the summer.

Keep an eye out for extra updates over the next few weeks and months as the final league tables will be published and there will be a few items to report upon. Thanks for reading all.

Chris B


31/03/10              Wanderers 481    Hardy Sports  445

The Wanderers were fielding their most experienced side for a long time in this match up against the Hardy Sports. The boys from the old brigade were taken out of mothballs, dusted down and wheeled out for the last home game of a very memorable Wanderers season.

At one stage it looked like we were going to have to ask Cliff to stick up as there was no sign of Pistol Pete or Statto Les, but eventually they turned up, so we headed to the alley. With the old timers in the squad, the new-look Wanderers made a steady start of 61 which included a 16 spare from an out of position Pistol Pete. The visitors could only make 58 with their first hand effort to go 3 down but then hit back with a 71 hand. A 4 from Statto Les was not the start we wanted but some steady skittling followed (including a 9 each from Magic Hake and Anchor man Merv Ingram) made the hand total respectable to lose only 9 pins and be 6 down.

The biggest cheer of the night was heard as we started to go up on the third hand. Merv "78 years young" Ingram showing that he's lost none of his skills after 60-plus years of skittling, took a beautiful spare to rapturous noise and man-hugs!! Merv was left reeling after this show of affection and wondered what had happened to the team that he had left in 2008! All this spurred him on though as a near-perfect third ball took eight pins to notch up a magnificent 17 spare. A hand total of 71 brought us back into the game as the visitors hit 67 to now only lead by 2 pins. A fourth hand 65 from the Wanderers including a 14 spare from the already 80p down Reel 'em In pulled three pins to go back into the lead by a pin.  The champions then kicked into gear as spares from OJ Stabbins (14) and the Pistol (15) in a much better 76 hand pulled a further nine pins to lead by 10 with two hands to go.

More spares were hit in the sixth hand as Reel 'em In came good with another 14 and "man on fire" Pistol Pete Hallett also had a 14, to notch his third spare of the night. A nett result of 74 pulled another eight to go 18 ahead. A last hand effort of 72 which included another spare from the Pistol (14) proved to be the killer blow as Hardy Sports could only manage  a 54 hand to lose another 18 pins to leave the Wanderers victorious by 36. 

Pistol Pete was top again and matched the highest home total of the season (again!) with 81. Second highest score Merv Ingram was rolling back the years by hitting 65, proving that even with the elder statesmen in the squad, the Wanderers are still a very powerful force!

News came through last night of the Old Market pub closing which leaves our last fixture of the season up in the air. Hopefully it's only a temporary measure but we await news as the fixture may have to be re-arranged at another pub. 


24/03/10               Dambusters  456   Wanderers  463

The Wanderers headed way out of town to the wilds of Stogursey for their match against Dambusters at the Greyhound Inn. A notorious long uphill alley that has undone many a good skittler over the years.

Due to prior commitments with two regular players not making the trip out, the Division 3 champions were handing a long overdue start to first reserve and taxi driver Chris 'Magic' Hake. Following a 54th wedding anniversary lunch of scampi & chips at Morrisons, Mr Hake snr was raring to go as he wanted a practice before the much anticipated "Return Of The Old Timers" home game next week.

The home side started with a 62 hand which pulled 2 pins against a Wanderers start of 60 (which included a second ball from the Pistol that pinged off the pitchboard so wide that it hit the sticker-ups hideout. Known henceforth as the Hallett Hopper!!). Thanks to a 13 spare from F.K Frosty, the Wanderers came back with a 67 second hand which pulled four pins to give us the lead by 2. The Dambusters third hand of 60 seemed solid enough but nobody was prepared for what happened next.........BANG!!! 1st man on F.K Frosty smashes a flopper and takes eight and a rocker with his second ball for a 17...............FART!! 2nd man on Boom-Boom Bennett fires three very average balls to make a 7.............CRASH!! A beautiful spare from 3rd man on Magic Hake brought him hugs and handshakes like he'd never seen before. He said it was worth coming out on his anniversary just for that! His third ball took eight pins for a 17................OH BUGGER!! 4th man on Food Chain Phil, skittling with all the accuracy of a sun dial at night, makes a very wayward 5. Mentions of sight tests and borrowing David Blunkett's binoculars brought out a very obvious reaction from our resident Mr Magoo!!!....................NICE!!! A classy, well-clapped 9 from 5th man on OJ Stabbins made it 55 for 5...................WALLOP!!! A terrific spare from a now fully fit number 6 Billy Whizz Billing was rewarded with another eight with his third ball for the third 17 of the hand................B*LL*CKS!!! A six from an out of form Skipper Hake brought the usual grumblings of how he doesn't get any luck. He gets loads of luck but it all tends to be bad!!...................SMASH!!! Anchor man Pistol Pete dicks in a 13 spare for a massive season best hand total of 91 to pull 31 pins and go 33 ahead.  Our fourth hand total of 66 which included a 16 spare from OJ Stabbins was good enough to pull a pin and lead by 34 pins.

The wheels then gradually started to slide off for the Wanderers as spareless 5th and 6th hands of 59 & 61 respectively, lost ten pins to lead by 24 with a hand to go. The home side then hit their highest hand total of the night of 76 to set the Wanderers a target of 53 to win. Whether the beer & cider had taken it's toll on a few of the players, at 43 for 6 we were still wanting ten between our last two blokes. Skipper Hake then went into full on concentration mode to produce his first 9 of the night to tie the game. Pistol Pete hit the winning pins to leave us victorious by 7 pins. This was our ninth win from our last ten games. The form of champions!!

Three players hitting over 60 this week with form man Mark 'F.K Frosty' Frost getting top score with 68. Next week is our last home match of the season where we shall be fielding our most experienced side ever. Look out for the report next week!!!!


17/03/10              Wanderers 474    Jacks Boys  436

Following their fantastic win at the Legion last week to secure promotion, the Wanderers had to gain two points from their remaining four matches to secure the division 3 title. Their opponents for the next game would be Jacks Boys from the New Foresters who were in the top half of the table and could still mathmatically win promotion.

The news wasn't good from Wanderers HQ as star man and birthday boy 'Billy Whizz' Billing had injured his back in a diving off the wardrobe and swinging on the bedroom light fitting incident at home and had declared himself unfit to play. So a quick shuffle of the batting order meant that the returning Team Bonder Tonks would slot in at number 3 and utility player Reel 'em In Shapter would go in at number 6.

A solid start of 66 with spares from The Pistol (11), a first spare since November from Team Bonder (14) and a spectacular 3 from Reel 'em In managed to pull 4 pins. A better second hand of 71 including a 16 from the Pistol (with Rob keeping everyone back from mobbing him) gained another 5 for us to be 9 up. Jacks Boys fought back on the third with a 71 hand but a 13 spare from Reel 'em In and a 16 flopper from an in-form Pistol Pete helped toward a 77 hand to pull 6 and go 15 up. Could this be the game that clinches the title?

Yet another spare to make it four in a row from The Pistol (15) and a cracking 17 from Food Chain Phil in a hand of 74 seemed to put the match beyond doubt against a 62 hand from the visitors to put the Wanderers 27 up with 3 hands to go. The fifth and sixth hands were spareless and saw Skipper Hake drop into the 80p fine zone again, but we still pulled a pin on each hand to be 29 up. Our last hand effort of 67 including a last gasp 13 spare for F.K Frosty left Jack's Boys a total of 97 to win. They could only get to a total of 58 for the Wanderers to pull another nine pins, acheive the whitewash and win the match by 38 pins. This victory also meant that the Wanderers were crowned Division 3 Champions. Not bad for a team that narrowly avoided relegation last year!

Another great team performance with contributions from every player again. This has really been our strength this season. Cracking score from Pistol Pete Hallet of 81 on the night that equals the highest home score of the season. With four spares he's also back in the hunt for the hotly contested Wanderers spares trophy.

It's our last out of town away match of the season next week as we travel to the Greyhound Inn at Stogursey to play Dambusters with only averages and spares trophies to play for. We can all relax now boys. Job done.


10/03/10               Shy-Teds  462   Wanderers  538

The Wanderers were in action at the Legion to play the 2nd place Shy-Teds in what was going to be a four pointer match. We were unbeaten now in seven league games and knew that we had to play well to keep the run going on an alley that has not been too kind to us over the years.

Skipper Hake was like a cat on hot bricks, making sure that his team were up for the fight in what he described as "The most important game of the Wanderers season". He was right. He knew that victory over the Shy-Teds would put us in a very strong position in the league with only four weeks of the season left. He considered a New Zealand rugby style 'Haka' to get the mood going but settled on a legendary team talk to psych his players up. With Rob gallantly stepping down for this game and choosing to support from the sidelines, the Wanderers were unchanged from the team that won by 116 pins at home last week.

The Shy-Teds started well with a 65 hand, however the Wanderers were in no mood to mess around and started where they left off from last week and smashed an 81 hand with spares from 'F.K Frosty' (13), 'Webmaster' (15 flopper) and 'The Pistol' (13) to take an early lead of 16. The second hand was even better. After hitting their highest home hand total last week, the Wanderers reached their highest away hand total of the season of 88 thanks to floppers from F.K (17) and Food Chain Phil (16) and a 16 spare from OJ Stabbins to pull 13 pins against a home team effort of 75 and extend the lead to 29.

A third hand effort of 62 from the home side was met with another mighty hand from the Wanderers, this time of 84 with spares from Three in a row Frost (14), Webmaster Bennett (16) and a fantastic 18 flopper from Billy Whizz Billing (who had eight and a rocker with his second ball). Unfortunately Skipper Hake's mental exertions in getting the team psyched up for this match were beginning to take their toll and his resulting 5 was the first fine of the night and would set a presedence for him for the rest of the evening! A fourth hand Wanderers effort of 71 with a 13 each from Food Chain and the Webmaster and another 5 for Tone (now up to 80p in fines) pulled 6 more to lead by 57. We were now cruising and a spareless 62 hand was still good enough to pull 6 more to keep a possible whitewash going and lead by 63. Another spare from F.K Frosty (12) on the sixth hand and a 16 from Reel 'em In helped toward a 78 hand to pull another 11 and go 74 pins up.

The home side's last hand effort of 72 meant that we could declare and win by two pins, but decided to go for it as there are spares trophies & averages to think about. A "glory ball" 10 spare from Reel 'em In nearly brought the house down with hilarity, then 16's from Billy and Food Chain and a 4 from Skipper Hake helped toward a 74 hand total to complete the white wash and win by 76 pins.

A great night's skittles from a team that are bang on form. Six players hitting over 60 again, and a tied cue between F.K Frosty and Food Chain Phil who both hit 79. At the other end of the scale I've never seen Skipper Hake look so happy after hitting 45 and paying fines of £1.20!! I think he was just happy with the performance and the points! Next Wednesday the Wanderers are home against Jack's boys.



                   Wanderers 452    Puddletown Wanderers  443

The Wanderers were again hosting their mates from Dorset in the 1st leg of the Wanderers Challenge Trophy. News had filtered through that the majority of the Puddletown team were in fancy dress and had headed into Bridgwater earlier in the afternoon to fuel up for the big night ahead. 

We were very impressed as Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman, 2 Batgirls, Dick Turpin and Alice In Wonderland (or was it Snow White Jake?) turned up at the Commercial ready for action. After getting some drinks in we then headed to the alley to start the match.

Wanderers started well and went 30 pins up after two hands including spares from F.K Frosty (15), Reel 'em In (14) and Skipper Hake (16). The Dorset team hit back on the third with a 69 hand - Matt 'Mr Grumpy' Barret hitting a 16 spare and Sam 'no bucket required' Napper getting a 12 to reduce the deficit to 22. Wanderers fourth hand was just good enough to pull three pins back thanks to a 15 spare from Pete 'Dave' Hallet to go 25 pins up. Then the Wanderers went into sleep mode and allowed the Dorset team back into the match as hands of 57 & 62 were met with hands of 71 & 63 for Puddletown to pull back another 15 pins. A last hand 'man against man' beer leg was very entertaining and we had some real laughs doing this and it looked as if the Bridgwater team were going to pull a few pins until Puddletown's last man on Tony 'the driver' Belt smashed a 16 spare to win the hand by a pin and break the Pistol's heart as he would have to buy him a drink!! Many men have tried and failed at getting a drink out of Hallet!! However the Wanderers were victorious by eight pins and win the Challenge Trophy for the first time.

An excellent supper was provided by Paul the Landlord and was enjoyed by all. Another great night at the Commercial. It was good to see the guys from Dorset again and we look forward to the return leg on Saturday May 8th at the Bladen Social Club.

03/03/10              Wanderers 525    Grim Reapers  409

The Grim Reapers from Puriton would be the Wanderers opponents for this game at the Commercial. Grims are lying second from bottom in the division but were hoping for a repeat of last season's fixture when they beat their hosts quite convincingly.

The returning 'Pistol' Pete Hallet to the starting line up meant that once again Team Bonder Tonks had to make his way to the bench. Since his fabulous 81 all those weeks ago, his form has gone downhill quicker than Amy Williams on a greased sled with her arse on fire. I think the rough end of a pineapple treatment will have to be applied to him before next week! Good to see Hake snr back tonight following a bout of the dreaded lurgy. Shame the jokes are still suffering though!!

The visitors night didn't get off to a good start as their bus wouldn't start and hasty alternative transport had to be arranged. The late start didn't put the Wanderers off though as a spareless 65 seemed to be a good holding hand. Grims had other ideas though and despite one of their players hitting a 1, their hand total of 69 was good enough for a four pin lead. Their second hand 57 could only be tied by the Wanderers so Grims still led going into the third.  As commented on last week's report the "We're better going up" battle cry seemed to work for a change as spares from OJ Stabbins (15), Food Chain Phil (16) and Reel 'em In (12) with the rest of the team hitting all 8's a fantastic 83 hand pulled 34 pins on a poor Grims effort of 49 for the Wanderers to lead by 30. The spares were flying in on the fourth hand as efforts from Reel 'em In (12), Food Chain (14 flopper), Billy (17) and the Pistol (18) helped toward a season high home hand total of 88 to pull a further 28 pins and go 58 in front. Another spare from a back on form OJ Stabbins (14) and a 12 spare from Billy in a fifth hand of 71 had Grims running up the white flag as our lead increased to 77.

Another terrific hand, this time of 86 from the Wanderers with spares from Billy (14), OJ (15) and the Webmaster (17 flopper) pulled 28 more to incredibly lead by 105 after 6 hands. Our last hand of 75 included a 14 spare from Skipper Hake and 15 from Billy (his fourth spare in a row) and was good enough to pull a further 11 pins to win the match by a huge margin of 116, and consolidate our position as Division 3 leaders.  Seven players hitting over 60 on the night with Mark 'Billy' Billing deservedly taking the gold nuggets with a fine score of 80.

Some light relief this Saturday as the Wanderers host the Puddletown Wanderers from Dorset in the first leg of the Wanderers challenge trophy. Then it's back to league action next Wednesday as the Wanderers head to the Legion to play 2nd place Shy-Teds in a potential four pointer.


24/02/10               Villistines  462   Wanderers  462

The Wanderers headed for the Volunteer for their next league match to play Villistines. Wanderers were showing signs of their early season form and were unbeaten in their last five games. However with being rested last week due to the enforced 'bye' would the team go off the boil?

With the 'Pistol' dropping to the bench due to being lowest score at the White Hart, Skipper Hake went to anchor man  with Team Bonder back to lead off spot. The game started well for the Wanderers with a 72 first hand including spares from Food Chain Phil (11) and the Webmaster (16), to pull 9 pins. Some very tidy skittling on the second hand with mainly 8's & 9's and a 15 spare from Reel 'em in gave a hand total of 71 to pull a further 3 and go 12 in front.

The home side then started to skittle as their third hand of 70 pulled 5 pins back against a Wanderers effort of 65 which included a 12 spare from OJ Stabbins. The "Wanderers Wobbly" struck big time (probably because Cliff had come out to watch!) on the fourth hand as a paltry 54 lost our advantage and more against a Villistines 69 hand for the home team to lead by 8. Worse was to come on the 5th hand. Reel 'em in cleared the diamond with two balls to rapturous cheers and man hugs. But rather than chuck a team ball at the guts with his third he went for a glory ball strike and we saw the ball sail clean as a whistle through the pack to score a tadpole. The hand total got to 60 so the Wanderers lost another 3 pins to go 11 down.

Apparantly, according to some team members we are better going up. This was not the case on the 6th hand as at 45 for 6 we were in dire need of a spare to keep us in the game. Up steps Mr Secretary to bang in a 14 spare to ease the tension. With an off-form Team Bonder hitting an eight (probably due to no real ale!), the hand total of 67 was enough to pull 7 back. This was going to be a photo finish. The home side rallied to a last hand of 69 to leave the Wanderers a total of 74 to win. Team Bonder Tonks and Webmaster Bennett both hit 7's, which wasn't the start we wanted. F.K Frosty then hit a great spare but cocked his third ball up for a 12 (26 for 3). Reel 'em in and Food Chain each had an 8 (42 for 5) to put the pressure on our last three players to get 32 between them. OJ Stabbins finally got himself sorted out and smacked in a 13 spare to more cheers and homo-erotic behaviour (55 for 6). Up steps our secret weapon 'Billy Whizz' Billing who was performing well at number 7. A first ball guts didn't do the business and the resulting 6 left our stand-in anchor man, Skipper Hake the unenviable task of wanting 13 to win. His first ball took the front & back right quarters and the back. The second ball went left of the front pin to take all the pins bar the right corner, but the resulting pins rolling on the diamond took the solitary pin for a fantastic spare. The roof of the alley was nearly lifted by the noise as Tony was mobbed by his team mates realising he only needed four more pins for the win. It's a tough call when you need them though. His third ball unfortunately took the same route as his first for a 12 spare and to tie the match.

Three players in the 60's with Chris 'Webmaster' Bennett taking the cue with 68. Two games for the Wanderers next week, Home against the Grim Reapers on Wednesday the 3rd March and on Saturday 6th March our mates from Puddletown will be coming up to create havoc at the Commercial in the first leg of the Wanderers challenge trophy - red bucket will be at the ready Mr Napper!!!!

10/02/10               Malt Shovel  412    Wanderers  414

As the Malt Shovel team had unexpectedly moved to new base, we found ourselves at the White Hart. A pub that held lots of fond memories for most of the team back in the day. This was the Malt Shovel's 1st game at their new home, so it was going to be new for both teams on the night!!

With Rob still heading down the M5, the Wanderers fielded an unchanged side from last week, ably supported by Hake snr, Statto Male and Ice man Frost. Mike "Where's my fags?" Stabbins was declared fit to play despite revelations that he was full of aches & pains from being on his knees all day (Yeah, reckon!). More injury concerns followed as new lead off man F.K Frosty declared that he could only see properly out of one eye. We told him to get on with it as with only one good eye his skittling would only appear to be half as bad to him. Seriously though there will be no further piss taking about Mark's condition in this report.

A 57 start from the home side seemed like a modest target. Thanks to a start of eight from Mark 'Cyclops' Frost and an eight from the webmaster it was 16 for 2 and looking good. Things went horribly wrong after that as we hit five scores under 6 (including a spectacular 3 from Skipper Hake) in a hand total of just 49 to lose 8 pins on the hand. We went back up with a 56 hand which was a slight improvement but we lost two more pins to be 10 down.

Spares were very hard to come by as it seemed that the pins were too light for the balls. Both teams were struggling but the home team were faring better and after four hands they were 23 up. The Wanderers started to claw pins back on the 5th hand as a 57 was good enough to pull 3 pins. A 64 sixth hand pulled 8 more back thanks to 9's from The Pistol, Food Chain and Mark 'Arrrrr, Jim lad' Frost. So to the last hand. The home side produced their lowest hand of the night of 53 to give the Wanderers a total of 66 to win.

At 23 for 3 we were looking for some inspiration, and found it in the form of Food Chain, who converted his 3rd spare chance of the night (and was mobbed in the process) to make a 13. Eight's each from Achey Breaky Stabbins, Billy & Skipper Hake left Pete in the unbelievable position of wanting just 6 to win. He smashed this with his first ball to eventually make 7 for the Wanderers to snatch victory by just 2 pins. Phil 'Food Chain' Owen coming away with the cue with 63 - the only player on our side who hit over 60.

No league game next week as it's our enforced 'bye'. Please note the new dates in the social and charity events section for the Wanderers end of season meal and the day out to Puddletown for the return leg of the Wanderers Challenge Trophy.


03/02/10              Wanderers 505    A P S  464

The visitors to the Commercial for this game would be A.P.S from the Blake Arms. A team that were promoted from division 4 last year and were proving to be a good side this year as they were lying in fourth place, only four points off our lead, so we knew we had to play well to win.

Mr Hake snr was again in fine form with the jokes although one definately scored NIL with his audience. It was noted that Cliff "Ice Man" Frost had turned up without his team jumper citing that "It's in the wash." Bloody pensioners - he's had all blinkin'week to wash it. Bribing the secretary with a pint of Thatchers Gold may not be good enough to escape a fine. We will have to see.

We welcomed back Mike "I've gone back to my Lonsdale's" Stabbins into the starting line up following his bout of the dreaded lurgy, which meant Rob was again on the bench blowing his horn (make of that what you will folks!)

A poor 58 start from the Wanderers let APS in to pull 11 pins with a 69 hand. Their 65 second hand would normally be a good holding hand, but spares from F.K Frosty (16), O.J Stabbins (15) and The Pistol (12) in a cracking 81 hand pulled 16 to lead by 5 pins. A third hand 70 with a 16 spare from Reel 'em In increased our lead to 10. A fourth hand of 53 from the visitors was a disaster for them and the Wanderers didn't capitalise on the opportunity fully as we made 65 which really should have been more. But at least it was enough to pull another 12 to go 22 up.

A fifth hand 76 with spares from Billy (15) and Jean Genie (17) increased our lead by another nine pins. Good skittling on the sixth hand from the Wanderers with three 8's, three 9's and a spare each from Skipper (14) and The Pistol (12) to make 77 and pull another pin. A great effort of 78 on the last hand with spares from Tony (18), Billy (14) and Chris (13) left the visitors with a monster task of 110 to win. They rallied to 69 for a total of 464 (we have won with less this season) but to lose the match by 39.

Again, we can say that every player contributed to the win. Everyone had at least one spare in their score. Five players over 60 with the webmaster & secretary generously letting the captain take the cue money with 72.

Please note - next week's away match was supposed to be at the Malt Shovel but they have moved pubs and are now at the White Hart in Eastover.


27/01/10                  Wills  445    Wanderers  480

A short hop over the railway bridge to the "Shack" would be the setting for the Wanderers latest match. We were showing signs of regaining our early season form and were hoping for a good result against the Wills who were languishing near the bottom of the division.

Due to illness, our overseas player (from Woolavington) had to cry off which caused a bit of a selection dilemma. The captain & secretary decided to keep F.K Frosty as opening bat, with the returning Team Bonder Tonks promoted to number 3. Utility player Reel 'em In Shapter filled the Stabbins void at number 5.

A 68 opening hand including a 16 spare from Billy was good enough to pull 11 pins for the Wanderers to take an early lead. A monster 88 second hand from the Wills which included four decent spares clawed back the lead and more as another hand of 68 from the Wanderers (which consisted of seven 8's and a 12 spare from Skipper) saw us 9 pins down. Wills followed their monster hand with a third hand disaster of 53. This caused the Wanderers to kick into gear as spares from F.K Frosty (17), Reel 'em In (15) and Skipper Hake (15) rocked the alley and we powered to a hand total of 82, to pull 29 and lead by 20. A fourth hand of 68 (again) looked to be heading for a lot less until man-on-form F.K Frosty took a single pin spare to eventually make 15. Wills battled back with a 75 hand to reduce the margin to 13.

A fifth hand of 54 from the Wills, again let the Wanderers in with an opportunity to pull pins. Thanks to five 9's and another spare from Frosty (14) the Wanderers made 74 to pull 20 pins to more or less seal the game to lead by 33 with two hands to go. A tied sixth hand and a last hand of 55 from the home side meant that the Wanderers only needed 21 to win the game. Our lowest hand of the night of 57 still was good enough to pull 2 pins to win the game by 35.

Another great win with contributions from every player, which seems to be our strength this season. Four players in the 60-plus club this week with special mention to Mark 'F.K Frosty' Frost hitting 76 to take the cue by a mile, and to also take the lead both the combined averages & the spares competition. Well done bloke!!!!


20/01/10              Wanderers 475    Rebels  420

The Wanderers were hosting the high-flying Rebels team from Westonzoyland for this match. This was the team that ended our unbeaten run back in November so we were keen to get our revenge.

Good to see Mr Hake snr back into the cheerleading section, unfortunately the jokes were still of the usual standard, although the one about 'the ship in the bottle' did make us chuckle!

With Skipper Hake returning to the squad, the top half required a bit of a reshuffle. It was decided that F.K Frosty would be leading off with Reel em in Shapter coming in at number 3. Bird Flu Bennett and Food Chain Owen would retain their usual 2 and 4 slots respectively.

A great first hand of 78 from the Wanderers with a 16 flopper from Reel 'em In and a 15 spare from the Skipper sparked things off. This was good enough to pull 27 pins against a 51 hand from the Rebels. Our second hand was nearly as good as the first with spares from Jean Genie (14), The Pistol (14) and an eleven flopper from Billy (Yes that's an ELEVEN flopper) which helped toward a 77 which pulled 21 pins. This meant that we were already 48 pins up after just two hands. The Rebels pulled three back on the third hand as The Wanderers only made 59. We pulled one pin back on the fourth thanks to a 16 flopper from F.K Frosty who was revelling in his new position. He followed this up with a 14 spare on the 5th hand (single pin too) as we tied the hand with 66 to be still comfortably ahead by 46. The Wanderers romped home pulling a further 9 pins over the next two hands with Skipper Hake finishing strongly with a 16 spare and 14 flopper. The Wanderers winning by a margin of 55.

This was our first home win since November. Good to see Skipper back in form as he deservedly took the cue with 76. Three other players finishing with scores of 60 and above. The fines pot did well with every player contributing, but this was more due to spares missed than low scores it has to be said!! Cheap beer next week at "The Shack" so let's hope Mr Stabbins can get a lift to sample some cheap Guiness!!!!


13/01/10              Non-Starters  421    Wanderers  470

The Wanderers headed for the delights of the Bridgwater Sports & Social Club for this fixture. The Non-Starters were only a point behind the joint league leaders so this was a real top of the table clash.

The full playing squad was again in force,  so unfortunately Skipper Hake was again coaching from the sidelines with Rob 'Team Bonder' Tonks back to his usual lead off spot. It was good to see that Mike 'I can't work in the snow'Stabbins had reverted back to his normal old skittling footwear so would we see a vintage performance from the maestro?

The game started well for the Wanderers by pulling ten pins with a 68 first hand including a 16 spare from Reel 'em In. The lead was then wiped out on the second hand due to a poor effort of 59 to lead by just a pin. An unfortunate 3 from an out of form Team Bonder didn't get the third hand off to a very good start, but due to some 8's & 9's and a 13 spare from Reel em in, the Wanderers rallied to 62 to pull 5 back. A 16 flopper from Mike 'There's no pool table' Stabbins helped towards our second 68 hand of the night to pull 17 and create some breathing space to lead by 23.

Our hosts had no answer as their 5th hand 66 was swamped by the highest hand of the night of 79 by the Wanderers thanks to spares from F.K Frosty (14) Jean Genie Bennett (15) and a stunning 18 flopper from a decidedly in-form Reel em in Shapter, to pull 13 more and go 36 pins up. Another 14 spare from Frosty on the 6th hand in a total of 65, helped us hold the game by losing only a pin. A 55 last hand effort from the Non-Starters meant that we only wanted 21 to win. This was surpassed after only two players thanks to a 16 spare from the webmaster, and we eventually made a hand total of 69 to win by a healthy margin of 49 pins. Four players hitting over 60 with Reel em in deservedly taking the gold nuggets with 78. With Rob being potentially dropped again next week, Skipper Hake is now pondering a method to get "Johnny Fortnight" back in form. This might involve the rough end of a pineapple and a pint of Stones Ginger Wine but we will await the outcome next week!!

06/01/10              Wanderers 434    Athelney  461

The Wanderers first game of 2010 would see them host the Athelney team from the 37 Club. We had only lost by three pins to this team recently so it would be nice to return the compliment.

Despite the adverse snowy weather conditions, it was a full squad that turned up so unfortunately Rob "I've got the horn" Tonks had to make do with a place on the bench to let the returning Skipper Hake into the team.

A terrible 58 start from the Wanderers immediately gave the advantage to the visitors as they hit 67 to go 9 up. They pulled further 11 ahead with a 72 second hand to leave the Wanderers floundering and spareless and twenty pins down. A 15 flopper from the Lurgy suffering webmaster helped towards a total of 65 to pull eight pins back. A lowly Wanderers fourth hand 58 was still good enough to pull three more to reduce the deficit to nine. We were back in the game but still not rocking like we can do.

A fifth hand 61 was not good enough and was punished by a 72 hand by the Athelney who were looking to do the double on us. Back we came on the sixth hand thanks to a 15 flopper from Food Chain to make 67 and to pull back eight pins. One last hand effort would make this a grandstand finish. Despite a lowly 12 spare from Bird Flu Bennett we could only muster a total of 64 between us to leave the visitors 53 to win. They surpassed this with ease with the highest hand of the night of 79 to deservedly win by 27. A disappointing start to the new year for the Wanderers but we were beaten by the better team. No individual player hitting over 60 for the first time this season. The cue went to Food Chain Phil Owen with 59.

I'm also glad to report that Billy has had his punishment dealt out for not wearing his team shirt at the last game. It was decided by the Team Captain that to make up the fines total to a nice round figure Billy would have to pay the exact total of 70p. This has now been paid and the matter is now closed!!


16/12/09              Morehens   397    Wanderers  454

The last game of 2009 would see the Wanderers take on last week's opponents, the Morehens at the Bunch o'Grapes. Would we be able to end our losing streak?

The omens were good as Mr Stabbins had been taxied into town and was back on the Guinness, there was Thatchers Gold on tap and for the second week running a full strength squad was out. This meant for the first time this year our Captain Fantastic, Skipper Hake, had to stand down and coach from the sidelines. Unfortunately it's my sad duty to report that Billy has received an unofficial verbal warning for not turning out in team colours for this game. The excuse of "It's too frigging cold to wear a t-shirt" will be put to the commitee in the new year where an appropriate forfeit will have to be considered and dealt out!!!!

With our Team Bonder back in the starting line up and sporting a santa hat, Reel 'em In was moved to the number seven slot to replace the resting Skipper Hake. Also a Christmas cue pot of £16.00 was an incentive to do well. The game started with a lowly 48 from our hosts which was easily dealt with by a spare-less 63 hand by the Wanderers to take an early lead of 15. A spare from Mike "Binned the New Shoes" Stabbins (14) in a 62 second hand pulled 5 more to go 20 pins up. Our third hand didn't start very well as our Team Bonder could only make a 3, but thanks to another spare from Mike (13) and a stunning 17 spare from Reel 'em In, we made 71 to pull another 18 pins to go 38 pins up, which was almost the margin that we lost the previous game!

The Wanderers were definately back to their early season form and the Morehens didn't have any answers. Hands of 69, 63 & 67 each with spares from Chris, Rob & Billy meant that after six hands we were 58 pins ahead. The Morehens made 60 on their last hand, but we had a start of 5 pins as Rob had skittled off, so technically the game was won. The rest of us made a total of 59 to give the Morehens back a pin to avoid the whitewash, to run out winners by 57. Three players in the 60's with Mike 'Nearly back on form' Stabbins taking the mega cue pot by just a pin with 63.

No game now until the 6th January, so rest up boys we are still top of the league (well...joint top anyway!) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

09/12/09              Wanderers 453    Morehens  492

The Wanderers went into this match as joint leaders as a bad run of results had seen our lead cut to zero. Could we make amends against the lowly Morehens?

The team were at full strength again so the unfortunate lowest score from last week, our Team Bonder, had to make way for the incoming Billy. Utility player Reel 'em In Shapter was given the honour of being lead off man while the rest of the usual suspects took their normal slots.

A very poor start of 56 from the Wanderers let the visitors in for an eight pin lead. A second hand 58 wasn't much better against a 72 hand from the Morehens to leave us 22 pins down after only two hands! A 13 spare from F.K Frosty in a 3rd hand of 66 was still not enough as the rampant visitors hit 79 to go 35 pins in front. 

The Wanderers knew we had to kick into gear on the 4th hand. The visitors had come back down to earth with a 58 hand so we had to up our game. The response was terrific as spares from Jean Genie (17), Food Chain (14) and Billy (11) helped to a total of 79 to pull back 21. The fightback was on!! A 5th hand 67 including another spare from Billy (13), looked to be a good holding hand, but our optimism was short lived as the visitors rallied back with an 84 hand to extend their lead back to over 30.  The last two Wanderers hands of 64 & 63 petered out into a non-event as the Morehens extended their lead and deservedly won the game by 39. Only two players in the 60's this week with a back on form Billy taking the cue with 65. 

As next week's game is the last one before Christmas, it's decided that it's going to be a double pot night for the cue. That might be the incentive we need. Quote of the week was provided by League secretary, Mr John Bishop who declared that "You lot are dropping faster than Tiger Woods trousers!!" Very witty Mr Bish, we'll stop the rot next week at the Bunch!!

02/12/09              Athelney   444    Wanderers  441

The Wanderers were back at the 37 Club to face the mid table Athelney. This team dealt us a severe walloping last year and we were keen for history not to repeat itself.

The team were short on personnel for the first time this season. F.K Frosty was away at a concert at the NEC and due to a family bereavement Pete was unavailable. All our thoughts are with Pete at this very sad time.

First reserve Hake senior was drafted into the starting line up for the first time this season. It looked like at one stage that his stitches from a recent op were gonna burst as the new increased five pounds playing charge and the fines system were explained to him. This resulted in a ruthless win at all cost attitude at dommies (that even cost Stabbins 20p!) and we would see the result at the end of the night. 

The first two hands from both teams set the tone for the whole evening. The home team having a spare each in hands of 63 and 59, whereas the Wanderers had hands of 62 & 63 without spares to lead by 3 pins. Despite an 11 spare from Food Chain on the third, we only made 60 against a 66 hand to lose the lead. A poor Wanderers 4th hand 55 which saw a 5, six 7's and an 8, thankfully only lost four pins to leave the home side in the lead by 7. Back came the Wanderers in the 5th with a 69 hand which included a 14 spare from the "Back on the cider" Billy brought us back into the game to cut Athelney's advantage to just 2 pins. Our sixth hand of 63 looked good on paper, but with four spare strikes missed we knew that we should have done better as we lost two more pins to be 4 down. The tactics of picking "Guinness Time" Stabbins up so he could have a few pints was working wonders as he was getting a distinct wobble on as the night wore on!

So to the last hand, a 68 from Athelney left the Wanderers to get 73 to win. Thanks to an eight already from Reel 'em in (who had skittled off) we were looking at a very possible 65 between 7. A 15 flopper from the very sober Jean Genie helped towards a top half hand total of 38. A spare in the bottom half would clinch the game. Unfortunately we didn't get the strikes and at 61 for 7, anchorman Skipper Hake was left requiring a spare, but an 8 was the nett result to leave us short by just three pins and our third defeat in a row. Chris 'Jean Genie' taking the cue with 65. Small consolation for the defeat was the very nice Cheeseburger & chips for supper. Let's all hope we can stop the rot next week at the Commercial.

25/11/09              Wanderers 476    Non Starters  482

Following last week's defeat league leaders, the Wanderers,  were looking to get back to winning ways. Their opponents, the Non-Starters from the BSS Club, were riding high in the league and were only four points behind top spot.

With Reel 'em In Shapter back from his time off in Dubai, the Wanderers were at full strength and unfortunately had to drop the bottom score from last week's match which sadly was Billy.

With the good and not so good jokes from first reserve Hake senior still ringing in the ears, the Wanderers made a fantastic start of 80 thanks to spares from Reel 'em In (14), Skipper Hake (15) and the Pistol (13) which was good enough to pull 10 pins. A tied second hand of 62 meant that the Wanderers still led going into the third. A 14 spare from Food Chain was not supported by the rest of the team as we made a hand total of 67. This was met by a 77 hand from the opposition to completely level the match. Game on.

The Non Starters pulled 16 pins on the fourth hand thanks to a 79 hand. Back came the Wanderers though on the fifth hand as spares from Food Chain (14), Guinness Time Stabbins (14) and the fired up Pistol (15) pulled 8 pins back in a hand of 79. A sniff of opportunity came our way on the 6th hand as the Non Starters only made 58. Unfortunately we just couldn't buy a spare when we needed one. Skipper Hake was complaining that all of his pins he was leaving up weren't on "his side" which led to some very "helpful" comments.  Although we managed a 62 hand to cut the lead to 4 pins, we knew we should have done better. A big Wanderers last hand was required to put the pressure on. Despite a 13 spare from Jean Genie, we fell slightly short of our target to only make 63. This left the opposition a soft target of 60 to win which they easily did by hitting 65 to win the game by 6. A good game of skittles but always gutting when you're on the losing side. Five players hit scores over 60 this week with the cue shared between The Pistol & Food Chain both hitting 68.

18/11/09              Rebels   457    Wanderers  456

The wilds of Westonzoyland was the destination for this match. The unbeaten Wanderers were against a Rebels side that were protecting an unbeaten home record, so something had to give on the night.

There were no team changes required, so last week's winning team made light work of the Rebels poor opening hand of 56 by hitting a 70 hand including a first away spare from Food Chain (12) and another from Guinness Time Stabbins (13). A spare-less second hand of 63 from the Wanderers pulled another 10 pins to be 24 up and cruising. Spares seemed very hard to come by for us as commented by our Skipper, as we had several "Sedgemoor Shavers" (pins rocking by the tiniest of touches but not falling) in the 3rd & 4th hands as back to back 58 hands were punished by the home team with hands of 75 & 72 to pull 31 pins back and take the lead by 7.

A 13 spare from Bend it Like Bennett and a promise to "slip a little one in there " from Les was still not enough on the 5th hand as the Wanderers lost a further 5 pins to go 12 down. But some fantastic skittling on the 6th hand with spares from The Pistol (13) and Food Chain (17) (with Billy beating the Team Bonder to the hugs every time) and nines from Frosty, Bennett & Team Bonder set the highest hand total of the night of 79. Would it bring us back into the game?

After the home team's last two hands the news was encouraging. We had pulled 18 pins back on the sixth hand to lead by 6 pins. The Rebels last hand effort of 73 gave us a difficult but achievable 68 to win. A 15 spare from a back on form webmaster helped us to 30 for three, but that elusive 2nd spare just proved too hard to get. At 58 for 7 our last man on, the Pistol, needed a spare to win or a nine to tie. An eight was the result so unfortunately we lost the game by a pin. For the first time this season Chris 'Jean Genie' took the cue with 70.

So the unbeaten run comes to an end. It was good while it lasted but the pressure is off now (not that we ever felt it in the first place!) and maybe we can start to put our next winning run together starting next week!

11/11/09              Wanderers 426    Wills  412

The unbeaten Wanderers were at home for this match and were hoping for their tenth win in a row against a side that were promoted from division 4 last season.

We welcomed back Rob 'Moosehead' Tonks to the team following his exploits in Canada, despite requiring a late fitness test due to "a bit of a cold". There were more team injury worries as Mike "Turf Lugger" Stabbins was sporting a very fetching stretch bandage on his left arm. This was due to carrying bundles of turf for his mate 'The Pistol' earlier in the week. Thankfully this is not his skittling arm, so he was told to stop whinging and to get on with it.

Mister Hake senior arrived sporting a very dapper "reserve" badge. A very nice touch as we were going to paint a big number 12 on the back of his new jumper. He was not too happy about having to park near Redgate surgery though.  No such problems for Clifford "Ice-man" Frost as he managed to park right outside of the pub, although he nearly destroyed the landlord's happy hour sign that was cable tied to the lampost and almost drove into the wooden benches in the process.

Alley conditions seemed to be very damp due to the external weather conditions and this showed in the skittling as a very poor first hand of 52 including a 4 from Jean Genie and a 2 from Food Chain seemed to set a presidence for the rest of the night. The away side pulled 14 pins on the first hand, but struggled on the second with 53. The Wanderers could only pull back 8 on that hand and could not get going on the third as the pins seemed to chop out and not do their work to only get 57. The atmospheric conditions were taking their toll! Wills could not capitalise fully on the division leaders low scoring and only pulled ten more over their next two hands to leave them 16 up with three hands to play.

Towards the end of our fifth hand we were infiltrated by an uninvited cheerleader who wanted to know Les' name.  When he refused to tell her, we all responded "DON'T TELL HER LES!!!!" It was all too similar to the classic Dad's Army line "DON'T TELL THEM PIKE!!" Absolutely hysterical!! A spare-less 61 fifth hand from the Wanderers managed to pull back 6 pins to be 10 down, but were left wondering why no-one had hit a spare. This all changed at the start of the sixth when the Team Bonder struck a spectacular spare and was mobbed by quite a few of his fellow team mates! When things calmed down he eventually made a 14. Things still weren't going our way though as good balls were not being rewarded and by the time we got to the Pistol we still needed a spare at 55 for 7. A fantastic first ball cleared the diamond to rapturous cheers and more team mobbing followed as Pete eventually made 17 to acheive our highest hand of the night with 72. This pulled 13 pins and gave the Wanderers the lead for the first time in the match. A last hand 64 including a 12 from Skipper gave the Wills a total of 68 to win. They could only muster 53 between them to give us the win by 14. Pete 'The Pistol' Hallet taking the ten golden nuggets with 65 - the only player on our side in the 60's.

This win has now put us on 20 points for this season already. This has equalled our points tally for the whole of last season when we were battling against relegation. Does this mean then that we are safe now???? Well done boys, we're doing fantastically well, despite my lack of form at the moment. I could be facing the rough end of a pineapple treatment from one of the Commercial punters if I'm not careful!! That should scare me into action!!


04/11/09              A.P.S   486    Wanderers  493

The Wanderers headed into the town centre for the 1st v 2nd clash at the Blake Arms. A notorious alley that had been a definate bogey for us over the years.

With Rob 'The Canada Kid' Tonks away enjoying moose burgers in minus eight plus windchill conditions, we welcomed back Ian 'Reel 'em in' Shapter to the starting line up. Ian was also bearing news that he would soon be jetting off abroad as well but he will be heading in the other direction to Rob for much warmer climates!!!

The game started very well for the Wanderers as we hit a 68 opening hand including spares from Food Chain & the Pistol to take an early lead of 16. A second hand of 72 increased our lead to 21 thanks to some good steady skittling and a 12 spare each for Billy & F.K Frosty. Our lead was short lived though as back to back 80 hands from APS dramatically swung the game into the home teams favour and they went ahead by six pins. The Wanderers did not cave in though as we bravely fought back into contention on the fifth and sixth hands. Spares from F.K Frosty (15), Billy (14) and Skipper (13) in a fifth hand 78 was good enough to pull eight pins back to go back in front by 2 pins. It was then mentioned by our resident landscape gardener, Mike 'I hate this alley' Stabbins, that himself and Reel 'em in were the only players not to register a spare up until that point. However a sixth hand 76 with spares from.........yes, you guessed it - Guinness Time Stabbins (12) and Reel 'em in (18 flopper) was enough to hold the home teams effort of 77 to only lose a pin in this fantastic close match. This meant we would take a slender one pin lead into the last hand and the way that APS were skittling we were probably looking at a high total.

Glum faces from the home team as they came out told the story. They had hit exactly 60 which would be our target to win the match. So no heroics, just eights required. Thanks to a crappy 4 from your very out of form Webmaster and number two, it put the pressure on the rest of the team and at 34 for 5 we were looking for all 9's from our last three players. Cometh the hour though, cometh the man - some older readers will remember the song "Billy, don't be a hero" but our Billy definately WAS a hero as his first ball cleared the diamond to rapturous cheers and hugs (with no sign of Rob?? What's happening to the team???) to eventually make a 17. A seven from Skipper Hake and an eight from the Pistol, clinched the game by 7 pins.

An absolute cracker of a skittles match with 5 players in the 60's and Billy deservedly taking the cue with 69. Well done team!!  

28/10/09              Wanderers 507    Malt Shovel  459

Following their weeks rest from league action the Wanderers were keen to keep their winning run going against the Malt Shovel, who narrowly missed out on promotion last season but were finding things hard going this year with only one win under their belts.

Wanderers made one change to the team who beat Villistines two weeks ago. Rob'Team Bonder' Tonks coming in to replace the bottom score from the previous game who was the unfortunate Reel 'em In Shapter. 

Rob signalled his intent from the off, and smashed an 18 spare which gave us the best possible start to the evening. Backed up by four 8's & two 7's and with the Pistol hitting a 16 spare gave us a magnificent first hand total of 80, which was good enough for a 15 pin lead. An 18-spare from 'Food Chain' on our second hand helped towards a total of 67 to pull a further 9 pins. An 18 flopper from 'Jean Genie' and a 16 flopper from the Pistol were the highlights in our second 80 hand of the night. This was only good enough to pull 2 pins against a Malt Shovel hand of 78, but this still kept us 26 pins in front. A wobbler hand of 56 from the visitors gave the Wanderers a sniff of opportunity to pull more pins and we didn't disappoint! Spares from Team Bonder & Skipper and a 14 flopper from Jean Genie in a fourth hand total of 78 pulled 22 pins and increased our lead to 48. More spares in a fifth hand of 71 with a 12 each from Team Bonder & Billy helped us pull 4 more pins. A sixth hand 67 may have been a lot worse if it wasn't for man-on-form Team Bonder Tonks hitting a 16 flopper. He was obviously missing his hugs as this was the fourth score over 9 he had registered on the night!! We pulled two more on the hand to give us a whopping lead of 54. Our last hand effort of 64 was our lowest of the evening, but it was still good enough to record our first 500-plus team total of the season and left our opponents requiring 119 for victory!! They managed 70 to pull six pins back to avoid the white wash and left us victorious by 48 pins!

This was another terrific team performance with contributions from every player. Rob 'Team Bonder' Tonks taking the cue with an outstanding effort of 81. Unfortunately Rob is away next week due to a business trip to Canada (lucky b*stard!) so will miss next weeks 1st V 2nd clash at the Blake Arms. Let's hope we can do the business and give Rob some good news for his long flight home!!

14/10/09              Wanderers 496    Villistines  470

The Wanderers went into tonights game as clear division leaders against a team who were finding it hard to adjust to Division 3 as with only one win to their name they were languishing near the bottom of the league table - a spot that we all know far too well!

The team were boosted by the welcome return of Chris "Nobby Stiles" Hake. His support has been missed these last couple of weeks, along with his jokes! He wasn't letting on which ones he was telling to the nurses though! Several team members received good luck text messages from our regular lead-off man, Team Bonder Tonks as he was away being wined and dined in Italy with some business clients. I hope he didn't try the man-hugs with the Italians as we all know what they can be like when the wine is flowing!! The Rob void was filled by the returning Reel 'em In Shapter who seemed refreshed and raring to go following his rest last week.

A 17 flopper from Food Chain Phil and a 15 spare from Skipper Hake helped towards a good first hand total of 76 which only pulled three pins. Man in form F.K Frosty hit a 17 flopper in a second hand 69 that pulled another 5 pins to only increase our lead to 8 as the Villistines seemed determined to make a game of it. This was even more the case as third and fourth hands of 61 & 65 respectively from the Wanderers saw us three pins down - the first time that we had lost the lead at home all season! This seemed to sting us into action as a "pack adjusted" 15 flopper from The Pistol and another 15 flopper from Skipper Hake in a 74 hand pulled back 5 pins to sneak back into the lead. Our highest hand of the night came on the sixth hand as 13 spares from Billy & Food Chain and a 16 flopper from an out of sorts Mike "my new dancers have had a blow out" Stabbins helped towards a total of 79 to increase our lead to 10. A last hand 72 with more spares from Tony & Phil (their third of the night) set the Villistines a target of 83 to win. It seemed that our opponents earlier efforts had taken it out of them as they could only muster 56 between them to give the Wanderers our seventh win of the season by 26. It has to be mentioned that one of our opponents members came away with a total of 89 which included six spares. That's good skittling on any alley.

With six of our players hitting above 60 again it was a great team performance. Our captain was very pleased to come away with a total of 71 which won the cue. It was also a good night for the club with nearly £3 being collected in fines. At this rate we might be taking a stretch limo to Puddletown next year! No league game next week as it's our enforced "bye", but a friendly has been arranged at the Commercial so it will be an ideal opportunity to take some team & individual photos in our new team shirts & jumpers. 

07/10/09              Grim Reapers 422   Wanderers  443

The Wanderers faced their first out of town away match of the season to play the Grim Reapers at the 37 Club in Puriton. Grims are at the lower end of the league table and were looking for their first win at their new home.

The night started well for the Wanderers as the "Pistol" had brought along the new black team shirts. Mike "I've got the flu you know" Stabbins was already sporting his shirt as he had gone with Pete to pick them all up. A mass exodus to the bogs then ensued to send female temperatures "soaring" as there was copious amounts of naked male flesh on show as we all changed into our new strip. The general feelings from the team is that the old maroon shirts will be "retired" and we will play in the black ones from now on. We will all officially decide on this next week. There were no selection issues as Phil "Mr Magoo" Owen was the only change to the squad as Reel 'em In Shapter's impressive run of turning up for consecutive games came to an end.

The game started with Grims hitting a solid 65 hand, but the Wanderers hit back with an impressive 80 hand including a 16 spare from "F.K. Frosty" and a 16 flopper from Billy. Skipper Hake was displaying some very cheeky arse cleavage while he was skittling prompting "Statto" Les to pipe up and say he was getting a hard-on!!??!! This made the team howl with laughter as Les couldn't remember the last time that had happened to him!! "F.K" managed to re-focus and prove that his form was still there on the second hand as he hit a 12 spare in a 64 hand that was good enough to pull another 10 pins. A third hand 54 lost 7 pins out of our lead, but the fines pot was doing well thanks to a 40p four from the Pistol and a 40p five from Mr Magoo. The new system was supposed to encourage better skittling!! Some steady if unspectacular skittling followed as spares proved hard to come by, but the Wanderers kept pulling pins and by the end of the fifth hand we were 30 pins up. A poor 57 hand prompted the Skipper to consider an alcohol ban for the next match on the fifth hand!! This let the Grims in as their highest hand of the night of 70 pulled 13 pins to cut our lead to 17. However their last hand of 57 was not enough and set us only 41 to win. Thanks to an 11 spare from Pistol Pete and a 14 spare from F.K Frosty (his third spare of the night) we made a 61 hand for a comfortable win by 21 pins which keeps us top of the division. Mark "F.K Frosty" Frost was head & shoulders above the rest of the team on the night and took the cue pot with 73. 

Next week we are back at the Commercial. This will be  our last game before our enforced "bye" on the 21st October so we will need to be on form to keep the momentum going. COME ON YOU WANDERERS!! 

30/09/09              Wanderers 462    Shy-Teds  460

The Wanderers were defending their unbeaten run against the Shy-Teds from the Legion in tonights game. It was good to see Billy in a team shirt at last and also good to see Reel 'em In making it five appearances in a row! And this was only the start of a few "team firsts" of the evening!

Phil "Food Chain" Owen had to make way for the returning Mike "I've hurt my knee" Stabbins. Phil wasn't too upset as he is saving his strength to flip mean burgers for the panto society while Bridgwater Fair is on! So to the game. An average start of 63 from the Wanderers including a 12 spare from Billy was good enough to pull 6 pins. A second hand 68 with a 14 spare from Reel em In pulled another 15 pins to give us an early lead of 21. A disastrous third hand of 56 which included a 3 from F.K. Frosty (It was the straightest 3 balls I'd ever seen him chuck. 1st ball guts, 2nd ball - same place, 3rd ball - same place) lost 19 pins as the Shy-Teds found the alley with a 75 hand. Jean Genie Bennett had a 17 spare in a fourth hand 70 which pulled nine and gave us a lead of 11, but the fireworks came in the fifth hand with a 17 spare from The Pistol and floppers from Reel em In & Mike "I'm on the Guinness next week" Stabbins in a fantastic 82 hand which pulled another 9 pins and regained the lead back to 20 pins.

Then the Wanderers wobbly struck - just at the wrong time. A spareless sixth hand of 61 lost 13 as the Shy-Teds fought back with a 74 hand. A last hand start of 6, 6, 5 was not what we needed as we had to set a reasonably high total. Up steps Reel em In and bangs in his third spare of the night to make a very precious 14. With Team Bonder Tonks narrowly missing a 9 on the last ball we hit a 62 hand to set the team from the Legion a high but acheivable target of 70. It was an agonising wait as we heard a loud cheer from the alley, but eventually we learnt that they had only hit 67 to give us the victory by just 2 pins. Reel 'em In Shapter deservedly taking the cue pot with 75. This was another close match but we remain 100% and top of the division outright. Next week we have our first out of town away match at the 37 Club in Puriton to play the Grim Reapers. We also have to mention that the fines pot did very well too. Our captain Tony was very pleased to report that exactly two quid was taken in fines. F.K Frosty has also proposed an idea to revamp the fines system subject to team approval.

Our fame has now spread to the other side of the world!! I'm pleased to say that Rob's sister June who lives in Australia is an avid weekly reader of the Wanderers website. Thank you for your support June, let's hope we can report on a few more high scores from your brother!!!!


23/09/09              Jacks Boys 462   Wanderers  463

The short alley of the New Foresters would be the setting of the Wanderers next match. We went into the game joint top of the league due to an impressive unbeaten start to the new season. With apologies for his absence coming from the direction of Lydeard St. Lawrence from Mr Stabbins, Reel 'em In Shapter was the only change to the team that won at Commercial last week. We were glad to see that Mr Hake snr had come prepared with the Daz skittling shoes just in case he was needed. We will be losing out on his valued support next week due to a hopefully very short stay in hospital. We wish you all the best Christopher, and please remember to keep the jokes clean in front of the nurses!!

A start of 77 from the home side was held with a 73 from the Wanderers thanks to some solid 8's & 9's and a 16 spare from Billy. This was backed up by a second hand 70 including a 16 flopper from Jean Genie Bennett which took us into a two pin lead. Another 77 from the home side against a poor 58 from the Wanderers pulled 19 pins to take back the lead. A 14 spare from Team Bonder Tonks with plenty of man-love to boot, was the highlight of a fourth hand 66 which reduced the deficit to 8 pins.

Meanwhile back at the bar, we were all wondering why Food Chain Phil was ordering Strongbow instead of his beloved Thatchers Gold. It turns out that he couldn't see the Thatchers Gold pump from all of about a foot and a half away, so we might have to install Braille along the bar so that Phil can identify what cider is being sold. Honestly, I've seen bats with better eyesight!

A fifth hand 64 from Jacks Boys seemed to be a good holding hand but spares from Skipper Hake and F.K Frosty included in a Wanderers reply of 73 pulled another 9 pins and gave us a slender lead of 1. This was a great game of nip & tuck with neither side really dealing the killer blow. A spare-less sixth hand 63 from the Wanderers pulled another two pins to go 3 up. A last hand effort of 62 from the home side left us a total of 60 to win. The top half did their best to throw it away with three 6's and an 8 which only gave us 26 for 4. Another eight from Reel 'em In and a nine each from Billy & Tony got us within touching distance and left Pistol Pete Hallett to get an eight for victory. Seven pins went down with his first ball to tie the game and without so much of a hint of pressure knocked over the right front quarter with his second ball for the win. A great game of skittles that really could have gone either way, but we are so glad that it went ours! Five players hitting over 60 again with Mark 'Billy' Billing taking his first Wanderers cue pot with 65.

We now take our 100% record back to the Commercial next week to keep the run going. COME ON YOU WANDERERS!!


16/09/09              Wanderers 496    Dambusters  436

After winning our first two matches of the season, the Wanderers had high hopes of keeping the run going against the Dambusters of Stogursey - who were also unbeaten.

There was one change to the team that won at Hardy Sports last week with the returning Phil "Food Chain" Owen coming in to replace the early shift starting "Reel 'em In" Shapter who had turned up yet again, but work commitments had to come first so he was early to bed. Good to see "Statto" Les back with the team to carry out his secretarial card filling-in duties again!

A great start of 70 should have been a few more due to a very unlucky 11 spare from Chris "Jean Genie" Bennett and a nine tadpole from "Food Chain" who chucked his spare ball so far wide of the full pack it nearly ended up in the beer garden! A 12-flopper from "The Pistol" and a sixteen spare each from Billy & Mike "The new dancers are working at last" Stabbins helped toward a second hand total of 78 to give us a 19 pin lead. A third hand of 77 from the Wanderers which included 15 spares from Mike & Phil against a disastrous third hand of 55 by the boys from Stogursey increased our lead to 41.

Another home flopper from "Team Bonder" Tonks at the start of the fourth hand resulted in quite a spectacular celebration by jumping up and denting the alley ceiling with his head!! Paul says the repair bill will be in the post Rob!! Another 78 hand pulled a further 15 pins and thanks to a 14 spare from "F.K Frosty" on the 5th and a 16 spare from Chris on the 6th, the Dambusters were running up the white flag as they were 68 pins down and looking at a whitewash. However a last hand of 59 from the Wanderers enabled the away side to pull back 8 pins and to give us victory by 60 pins. Mike "Check out my Lonsdale's" Stabbins taking the tenner pot with 71.

With six players hitting 60 & above it was another great team performance and keeps us 100% so far. Let's see if we can keep it going at next week's local derby at the New Foresters!!

09/09/09              Hardy Sports 450   Wanderers  460

The first away match of the new season would see the Wanderers take on Hardy Sports at the Sydenham Centre. Due to Phil being away on holiday and "Reel 'em in" Shapter amazingly turning up for the third week in a row, the team was unchanged from the one that won at the Commercial last week.

A steady start of 61 from the home team was good enough to pull 3 pins against a Wanderers first hand of 58. A fantastic improvement on the second hand of 78 which included a 14 from "Reel 'em In" and a 16 from "Frosty" meant that the Wanderers pulled 14 pins back to go 11 up. The game then started to yo-yo back and forth, starting with Hardy Sports pulling back 15 on the third to snatch the lead back. Our captain was definately suffering with the hooks to the left. Five out of nine balls were chucked so far left that they nearly ended up in Parkway Chip Shop, so we have decided that the "Bennett Hook" has now been replaced by the "Hake Hook" until further notice!!!

A very tidy fourth hand of 66 (including a tadpole from Ian) was enough for the Wanderers to regain the lead. A magnificent 76 hand on the fifth with a 15 spare from "Team Bonder" Tonks and a hookless 13 from Tony was the decisive blow as we pulled another 23 pins to go 25 up. It's at this point that we have to mention our number 3 Mr Mark Frost, who was skittling with all the accuracy of Stevie Wonder in an archery contest. After 5 hands he had a score that read as follows: 5, 16, 4, 9, 5 = 39 which has led to our captain giving him a new nickname of "F*ck Knows Frosty" a name that he will hopefully lose next week.

The Wanderers lost nine pins on the sixth hand, and with a late rally of 74 on the last hand by the home team, we were set a total of 59 to win. A wobbly start of 5 set the nerves jangling a bit, but by the time we got to our anchor man Pete, we were 54 for 7 and only required 5 for victory. The Pistol made seven with his first ball to ensure the win and to deny Shapter the cue money, Pete took the remaing two pins for a spare and made a 14 to share the spoils.

Another good win and great team peformance with only nine pins separating top score from bottom score. Long may it continue. Mike's new shoes don't seem to be doing the trick at the moment. We might have to force him to bring his old shoes out of retirement soon!

02/09/09              Wanderers 468    Boldy's Army  455

We kicked off the new season with a home match against a team that had been relegated from Division 2 so we were expecting a tough match. A healthy team turnout meant that captain Tony had to resort to the "deal a card" method to see who would be in the final eight. Unfortunately Phil was the unlucky player to lose out but at least his spot will be guaranteed on his return from holiday in two weeks time.

Changes to the team that finished last year included new signing Mark "Billy" Billing who was making his debut at number six, with "Reel 'em In" Shapter making a welcome and hopefully regular return at number five. Also new for this season was Mike Stabbins' footwear that was supposedly going to improve his game. All would be revealed later.

So to the game. A very solid start of 73 which included a 15 from "Skipper" Hake was good enough to pull 15 pins. An 18 flopper from "Team Bonder" Tonks and a man-hug into the deal was the highlight of the second hand 70 which pulled another 13 pins. Spares from "Frosty" & "Skipper" ensured another 70 plus hand on the third, with a 17 flopper from "Pistol" Hallet and a 17 spare from "Billy" meant that after four hands The Wanderers were 43pins up and cruising. Then the ineveitable happened. We took our foot off the pedal (or the beer kicked in more like) and after very forgetable fifth and sixth hands, Baldy's army had pulled 20 pins to cut our lead to twenty three. All we needed was a good solid last hand to put the game beyond doubt. All we could muster was 58 between us but left our opponents with a tough target of 82 to win. It was a very nervous wait as we knew we had been beaten on the last hand at home many times before. However Baldy's Army's last hand of 68 left us victorious by 13 pins.

The Wanderers had four players in the 60's which is a very encouraging start. Pete Hallet taking the cue with 67. Hopefully Mike's new dancers would be broken in by next week as they did not help his skittling or pool playing last Wednesday night as he had to rely on his substitute partner to pot the balls for him!! I'm sure he'll be out for revenge next week at the Sydenham Centre!

27/08/09              Wanderers 466    Commercial Inn 'B'  446

The Wanderers were taking on the Commercial Inn 'B' Thursday Town League side in a friendly match. This was a pre-season warm up for both teams due to both the Wednesday & Thursday leagues kicking off next week. 

Unfortunately due to members away on holiday, our new captain Tony did not have any selection dilemmas as the Wanderers could only manage to field a team of seven players plus Mr. X. We did have eight on the night but due to over exertion in the garden, Mr Hake Snr had suffered a back injury and had to gracefully decline the offer of a skittle. We understand that Mrs Hake has had to be put on standby with the tube of Deep Heat but Mr Hake's request of a full body massage afterwards has been refused!

The Wanderers top five batting order had a very familiar look about it. Cliff came in at number 6 with Mr X having to take the number 8 slot!! Chris managed the classic "Bennett Hook" on the first hand to chalk a 5, (but this wasn't the only incident to affect him on the night) and good spares from Phil & Ian gave the Wanderers a good start of 66 to go 11 up. It was a lead that the Wanderers held thanks to some good spares from Chris, Tony and Rob, and not forgetting a phantom flopper from Frosty. We wonder if he's peaked too soon!

The night will be remembered though, for the incident on the 5th hand. With his 2nd ball attempting a spare strike, Chris flung it with great precision & finesse, only to hear a ripping sound from his jeans. Oh no, the favourite jeans had split!! Turning round to his team mates, he narrowly missed fall-out and the resulting hilarity nearly ended with Rob having a heart attack due to laughing so much. It wasn't all bad though, Chris did have Tracy on her knees in front of him in the middle of the pub!! It was only to fit some strategically placed safety pins to protect my modesty unfortunately. Bless her heart!

The Wanderers won the skittles match by 20 pins and it was very encouraging to see five players score 60 and above, with Chris taking the cue with 68. This will definitely go towards a new pair of jeans!!!

Here's to a good season everyone!

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