Chris "Boom-Boom" Bennett (Squad number 5)

The Wanderers captain is Chris "Boom-Boom" Bennett. He lead the Wanderers to promotion to division 2 in 2013 and was extremely proud to finish 5th last season. He has managed to persuade some former members to rejoin the team this season and is looking forward to an enjoyable year. He has yet again been elected to be F.K Frosty's drinking and pool playing partner this season. Although the pool has been absolutely tragic, the drinking is as good as always!!!

Preferred drink: Thatchers Gold

Rob "Team Bonder" Tonks (Squad number 1)

Rob is our much appreciated Team Bonder and brings along his big horn every week. The hugs have taken a downturn in recent months due to objections from senior squad members but the team majority want to see them come back!!! He is pictured holding our division 3 winners trophy which we won in 2013. He is facing a bit of opposition this season to be the best left-hander in the squad after we signed on another 'lefty' this year.

Preferred drink: Anything that's free


Andy "Moggie" Moore (Squad number 2)

A former captain of the Wanderers, Andy has been gently persuaded to make a return this season after a lengthy absence. He is now going to be challenging the Team Bonder to see who will end up with the 'Lefty' honours this season!!  

Preferred drink: Butcombe Real Ale

Mark "F.K Frosty" Frost (Squad number 3)
Our resident real ale quality control commissionaire. The nickname "F-K Frosty" has stuck with Mark for many a year. The initials 'F.K' stand for F*ck Knows as his unpredictable skittling is very consistent in the way that no score is ever the same throughout the night! Mark enjoys the constant support and extremely helpful comments from his team mates every week and it doesn't affect his skittling at all!!!

Prefered drink: Butcombe or any decent real ale that's on offer

Phil "Snug Drifter" Owen (Squad number 4)

With every passing year Phil gets more and more determined to avoid the domino club as this would mean admitting his age and having to sit down in between hands with the senior members of the team playing for a penny a spot!! Phil does an amazing job as team treasurer collecting the money every week, and enjoys chalking the board with 'league approved' chalk!! 

Prefered drink: Thatchers or any extremely high percentage cider if he's not driving

Ian "Reel 'em in" Shapter (Squad number 6)

Our resident Bristol City supporter is hoping that his analysis of every 1st ball strike will be taken very seriously by the rest of the squad. Ian is reknowned for his classic front pin avoidance and the ability to sneak in for the cue money after playing crap for the first 3 hands in every game!! It has to be said that his words of encouragement are legendary and he only plays for the teeeeeeeeeeeeeem and never individual honours!

Preferred drink: Any real ale on offer

Mike "Walton Wanderer" Stabbins (Squad number 69)

Mike has the ability to reduce us to tears with his humour and his skittling!! He takes a great deal of stick from the Pistol every week and depending on what he has had for tea on a Wednesday depends on the number of burps we hear on a skittles night!! The number 69 shirt has been back with avengance over the last year and we sincerely hope that it continues for many years to come. 

Preferred drink: Lager dash or if he's driving O.J & Lemonade


Kev 'Kev' Ford (Squad number 7)

Kev is one of our more experienced players who manages to play 2 - 3 times a week, especially on some God-foresaken-country-pub-out-in-the-sticks alley, which tends to make him our "Yokel alley" specialist. He has won the coveted spares trophy twice in 3 years which makes him the high standard and target to beat every week.

Preferred Drink: Pints of anything depending on how I feel every week!!


Pete 'The Pistol' Hallett (Squad number 8)

Pete is steadily returning to form after a double hip replacement. We still think that his 'tracking' is out slightly and would probably need to go into a garage to get this re-set. We have the WD-40 on standby every week just in case things go wrong! We have seen glimpses of the form of a few years ago and know it's only a matter of time before he is back to full power. 

Preferred drink: Thatchers Gold but not as many as the rest of you sods!

Nick "Once Was" Hallett (Squad number 10)

Son of the 'Pistol', Nick has proved that he can skittle when he puts his mind to it but tends to get wound up by several squad members forcing him to think that 'speed is the key!!' We can't wait for Nick to get over his pre-skittle commitments so that he can concentrate on getting back to keeping his place every week.

Preferred drink: Lager, Lager and more Lager


Clifford "Ice-man" Frost (Squad number 82)

Aquired his nickname, not by being a cool customer but by filling up the ice bucket when he used to serve at the Pig & Whistle. A former skittler, Cliff prefers to play bowls these days but is a keen supporter of his son Mark 'F-K Frosty' Frost and encourages him with positive and helpful advice every week!! 

Preferred drink: John Smiths or any other Creamflow crap that's on offer

Les "Statto" Male (Squad number 85)

Les is the eldest and most long standing of the Wanderers skittle team. His involvement with the team can be traced back almost 50 years. Les's playing days are behind him now but still enjoys spectating and filling in the scorecards. There are serious rumours about the domino school being revived which will surely be music to Les's ears as he is a wily character when there is money to be won!

Preferred drink: Halves of Thatchers Gold

           AWAITING PHOTO!!

Callum "The Sticker" Gillard (Squad number 14)

Callum is in his 1st year of sticking up for the Wanderers. He has already been thrown into the deep end by playing for us when we were very short one week! Hopefully Callum will be a full time Wanderer in the future if he can be persuaded to stay!!

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