Wanderers     492         Shy-Teds     418

The Wanderers were never headed in this game. A great way to end the season with every player hitting at least one spare. Ian Shapter top with 73.


                                                      Morehens       460       Wanderers      478

A great away win for the Wanderers. Always in the lead and never looked like being headed. Mike Stabbins top with 67.


                                                       Wanderers     447         White Hart     430

The Wanderers were never headed in this game. A comfortable victory by 17 pins. Phil Owen finishing top with 64.


                                                      Doorknockers       465       Wanderers      444

A disappointing result for the Wanderers as they let slip a 20 pin lead after 4 hands to lose the game by 21. Kev Ford finishing top with 70.


                                                       Wanderers     479         Naps B     466

A close and tense game at the Commercial saw the Wanderers beat Naps B with a last hand win. Worthy mentions for Team Bonder Tonks who scored 65 on his return to the squad and F-K Frosty who scored 70 including a last hand 15 spare. Kev Ford coming away with the nuggets with 79 that included 3 16's in a row. Mansion House next week to play Doorknockers. 


                                                      Young Flags        417       Wanderers      437

A great away win for the Wanderers as they beat the Young Flags by 20 pins. Captain Boom-Boom Bennett came away with the nuggets and and the only member of the 60-plus club this week with 64. Commercial next week to play Naps B.


                                                       Wanderers     480         Knowle Inn     488

The Wanderers were back at home after 2 weeks away to play the league leaders Knowle Inn. Nick Once Was Hallett sadly had to make way for his dad Pete 'The Pistol' Hallett, but we had a strong squad and we were confident of a good result. 

We were quick out of the blocks with a 68 hand that included a very fortunate 15 spare from Captain Boom-Boom, but it was good enough to pull 10 for an early lead. The Knowle came back on the 2nd with 71, but despite spares from Moggie Moore (12) and Reel 'em In Shapter (14) we could only match our 1st hand total of 68 so we were 7 pins ahead going into the 3rd hand. After starting the hand with three 7's our engine room of Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins and Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen pumped up the volume with a 12 spare each. Then next man on F-K Frosty smashed a 16 spare to really get things going. Moggie Moore finished the hand with a 14 spare for a hand total of 83. We thought this was the turning point of the game, but the Knowle Inn fought back with a 78 hand to only lose 5 pins for the Wanderers to increase the advantage to 12. However their 4th hand of just 56 was deservedly punished by the Wanderers with a 68 hand that included spares from Fordy Ford (13) and the Pistol (11) that doubled our lead to 24. A spare-less 5th hand of 63 that saw no score under 7 looked to have us in good shape. Its at this point that the horn-toting Team Bonder decided to go home and leave us to enjoy the win without him. The Good old Knowle boys were full of banter and had taken an immediate dislike to the horn, but now we were without it, they were going to fight back.....

We lost 5 pins on the fifth hand, and their 6th hand effort of 78 pulled 12 more back against our effort of 66. We knew our last hand had to be good to stand any chance of holding on for the win. At 32 for 4 we were looking good, then Snug Drifter dropped a 15 flopper hoping for a big finish from the last 3 players. but we finished 7,5,5 for a hand total of 64 and a target of 72 to win for the Knowle. We all thought we had done enough to overturn the leaders, and judging by the way their first four skittled it look like going our way. But a 21 double flopper from their number 5 who had done shit all, all match turned the fortune of the game and the Knowle finished their hand with a total of 79, to win the game by 8. 

The game was played in very high spirits by both teams and although we were on the losing team it was a very good night. Fordy Ford winning the nuggets for the second week in a row with 70. Away next week at everyone's favourite alley (NOT), the British Flag.


                                                      Lamb Inn 'A'        412       Wanderers      454

We were out in the wilds of Spaxton for our next game to play the wily old boys from the Lamb Inn. With the Team Bonder stepping down and Pete 'Pistol' Hallett making his usual noises about being dropped, we welcomed back Kev 'Fordy' Ford and fresh from Blue Anchor Bay Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins.

The Lamb made a good start of 59, but the Wanderers showed our intent early by hitting a 70 hand that included a 12 spare from Fordy Ford. The next hand was spare-less but saw some tidy skittling as our 64 hand pulled 6 more to lead by 17. Nick 'Once Was' Hallett was winding up the Walton Wanderer as he was three ahead of him at this stage of the game. Would it last????

The Lamb's third hand of just 50 was deservedly punished by the Wanderers as our hand of 69 was again spare less but very tidy (including a 5 from Once Was) and pulled 11 more to be 28 pins in front. Spares from F-K Frosty (12) and Boom-Boom Bennett (11) helped toward a fourth hand total of 69 (again) to pull another 11 pins and lead by 39. Once Was Hallett had gone very quiet at this time as Stabbins had moved ahead of him and he ensured the piss-taking and banter went up a couple of notches!! Our 5th hand of 68 pulled 7 more pins and saw another spare from yokel alley specialist Fordy Ford (13). He followed this by starting our 6th hand with another 13 spare but did not have the backing of his team mates as our resulting 62 hand was our lowest of the night, but as it turned out we still pulled pins as the Lambs reply of 58 made sure that we pulled 4 pins and were exactly 50 ahead with a hand to go. The Lambs came back with a last hand of 68 but we knew the game was won and the battle between Once Was and the Walton Wanderer was the focus of attention. With Nick hitting his 3rd 6 of the night, it was Mike who was having the last laugh as he only needed a 2 to beat him. The resulting 8 was very sweet and we heard some very funny comments, far too rude to publish here in print!! Our hand total of 60 lost 8 pins, but we had won the game comfortably by 42 pins. Fordy Ford coming away with the nuggets with 71. 


                                                      Pigeon Shooters        476       Wanderers      444

The Wanderers had to make the long trip out to the Harvest Moon to play the Pigeon Shooters. A team that had a good home record so would be hard to beat on their own alley. With Wanderers talisman Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins on holiday at Walton and Fordy Ford in Welsh Wales, we drafted in Team Bonder Tonks to opening bat and see how the night would progress.

An opening hand of 74 from the Shooters looked to have taken an early advantage, but thanks to spares from Once Was Hallett (15) and skittling god Reel 'em In Shapter (14) we tied the hand to set up a 'better going up' 2nd hand. Our effort of 65 included another 14 spare from the divinely inspirated Shapter and saw us take the lead by a pin. However things took a rapid downturn from there..........

A 58 3rd hand from the Shooters should have been punished by the Wanderers, but some wayward skittling from the bottom half saw us lose two pins to go behind by one. A better fourth hand of 67 saw another spare from an inspired Once Was (16) but we saw the shooters hit 72 to go ahead by 6. The last three hands were spare-less and it showed that the old guard could not not cope with the very short pitch board of the Moon's number 2 alley. We eventually ran out losers by 32 pins. Nick 'Once Was' Hallett taking the nuggets with 68. Another long trip out next week as we play at the Lamb Inn, Spaxton.


                                                       Wanderers     510         Durleigh Wanderers   426

The Wanderers were home again this week to play Durleigh Wanderers. With newly hitched Team Bonder Tonks on honeymoon, only one player was dropped so Kev Fordy Ford had to make way for the incoming Pistol Pete Hallett. 

The skittling god 'Reel em In' Shapter started as he left off last week, with plenty of divine intervention in his 17 flopper which helped us to a 71 first hand total. The Durleigh team came back with hands of 60 & 65, but the Wanderers second hand was a monster. With Moggie Moore starting things off with a 15 spare, next man on Once Was Hallett smashed a 13 spare. 28 after just two players! With Frosty on next anything could happen.....and we were right!! His 5 went down like a lead balloon!! The hand steadied out until Captain Boom Boom's 13 flopper got things going again. Reel 'em Ins purple patch was still going as an all for the teeeeeeeem 18 spare nearly brought the roof down!! The hand total of 88 pulled 25 pins and we lead by 36. Surely this one couldn't slip away?

We pulled a further 7 pins with our third hand of 64 that included a dreaded 5 from Boom-Boom and a 13 spare from the Walton Wanderer. Another 15 spare from the gingery-grey-bearded-one on the fourth hand was the highlight in a 69 total that pulled 11 more pins to lead the match by 54. The away side were thinking of running up the white flag after the 5th hand as our total of 79 saw spares from Snug Drifter (15) and Boom-Boom (16) to pull a further 12 pins ahead. More spares on the 6th hand as Once Was (14), Snug Drifter (12) and Boom-Boom (14) tried sneaking in for the money as we saw a teeeeeeeem 5 from Reel 'em In to leave it wide open. The fight had gone from the Durleigh side as our last hand of 65 (including a 12 spare from the Walton Wanderer) meant they needed 137 to win!! Their total of just 52 meant that we had won the game by 84 pins. We had also achieved our first team total of over 500 pins this season and as a team we hit 13 spares which is also our highest of the season. The cue was shared between Reel 'em In & Boom-Boom with scores of 72 each. Out in the sticks next week as we venture out to the Harvest Moon.


                                                       Wanderers     477         Wembdon Crickets   468

The Wanderers were back at Fortress Commercial to play the 2nd placed Wembdon Crickets. We were looking for our 3rd double of the season as we had beaten these on their notorious home alley The Malt Shovel earlier in the season. We welcomed back to the squad the skittling god Ian 'Reel em In' Shapter after his sabbaticle to South Africa and the soon to be wed Rob 'Team Bonder' Tonks. Wanderers talisman Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins had to sit this one out on the bench due to being lowest last week. Pete 'Pistol' Hallett was unavailable so Captain Chris 'Boom-Boom' Bennett sneaked in by default.

We lost a pin after the first hand, but a Crickets 2nd hand of 65 stung the Wanderers into action as a 15 spare from an adrenalin-fuelled F-K Frosty (after his 450 mile round trip to get back for the game) and an 11 spare from the Snug Drifter helped to our total of 74 to pull 9 pins and lead by 8. More fireworks on the 3rd hand as the skittling god conjured up all his divine powers to smash a 22 double flopper, but all this shocked his team mates into low scores, especially Boom-Boom as his 4 was the low point of a 68 hand. However the Crickets only made 57 to go 19 pins down and followed with a 4th hand of 63. The Wanderers were in no mood to mess around as their reply of 67 included spares from Once Was Hallett (11) and Captain Boom-Boom (17) to pull further ahead. The 5th hand of 66 for the Wanderers saw a 3 from the now spent-husk F-K Frosty, but spares from the facially-fungussed Moggie Moore (12) and another one from Once Was (13) increased our lead to 25. The Crickets hit back on the 6th hand with a monster hand of 79 to try and eat into our lead. The Wanderers were having none of it as some really good team skittling saw a spare from the salty-sea dog, Moggie Moore (14) and floppers from Snug Drifter (13) and Reel 'em In (14) that saw us total 79 to match their hand and still keep our 25 pin lead. Our last hand was spare-less but 7's, 8's & 9's got us to a total of 64 meaning the Crickets needed 90 to win. Fair play it has to be said, they gave it a good go but their last hand total of 80 pulled 16 back in their favour but meant we had won the match by 9 pins. The nuggets went to Ian 'Reel em In' Shapter with 76.

Congratulations go to our Team Bonder, Rob Tonks who after months of trying will finally be tying the knot with his wife-to-be Julia this Saturday. Best wishes from all the lads of the Wanderers Skittle Team!!


                                                      Generators        525       Wanderers      494

The Wanderers were at the high scoring downstairs Market Lounge alley for their next game. We welcomed Phil 'Snug Drifter' back to the starting line-up, but due to a late decision not to play by the Team Bonder, it was Andy 'Moggie' Moore who thinking he was dropped and about to lose his 'played every match' record was the reprieved man. Would the Wanderers tradition of "the man supposedly dropped would take the cue" still be kept going by the end of the night?

The Generators started well with a 76 1st hand, gaining 12 pins on a spare-less effort of 64 from the Wanderers. We fought back with a 78 second hand that included a 16 flopper from F-K Frosty and a 14 spare from Moggie Moore. This pulled four pins back as the Generators 74 was not good enough! Their 3rd hand 72 meant we were in with a chance to pull more pins, and straight away Moggie Moore pulled a 17 flopper out of the bag to leave his 3 hand total just 2 pins short of his entire score last week!!! However Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins was not having a good night by his standards, having missed 2 easy spares earlier on, he was slowly becoming the target of "polite and helpful" comments from the Hallett clan. This was not made any easier for him when Pete 'The Pistol' Hallett ended the third hand with a 14 spare to give us a hand total of 77 to pull 5 and only be 3 down. Our fourth hand matched our third with our total including spares from Fordy Ford (16), Snug Drifter (11) and F-K Frosty with his 2nd of the night (13). The Generators matched this hand and their 5th hand of 69 seemed to have let us in again. But our form eluded us just when it mattered and our spare-less 5th & 6th hands of 65 & 60 probably cost us the match at that point. The home side pulled ahead by 25 and with their last hand of 79, it meant that the mighty Wanderers wanted a massive 105 for victory, which given the high scoring nature of the alley was not quite impossible. A 16 spare from Nick 'Once Was' Hallett nearly sparked the come back, but it never looked likely as with tidy skittling of mainly 8's we ended with a hand total of 73 to lose the game by 31. 

The tradition (as mentioned earlier) was kept alive and well by Moggie Moore as he took the cue with 70 to tie the 2nd highest away score of the season. Home next week to play the Wembdon Crickets. 


                                                       Wanderers     427         Travellers   430

The first home game of 2016 for the Wanderers would be against the Travellers from the Blake Arms. With the Team Bonder back in the squad it was chief chalker and treasurer Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen who had to sit this one out. Alley conditions were of the arctic type so it would be a game not for the faint hearted.

A tadpole spare from Captain Boom-Boom Bennett was the highlight of a very average 1st hand of 57 for the Wanderers, but was enough for a slender 2 pin lead. The feat was repeated by him on the 2nd hand much to the hilarity of the team and with fines now up to a quid he was not happy. However, the cry from South Africa of "theyallcounttowardsthesparestrophy" was distinctly heard, so a crumb of comfort was taken. The hand finished with a total of 63 which was enough to pull 1 more pin to go three ahead. The Wanderers slender lead was wiped out on the 3rd hand as the Travellers hand of 68 against our 56 was enough to put them 9 ahead. Back we came on the fourth as their 54 hand lost 7 against our 61, despite Moggie Moore trying to hit the least amount of pins that he could!! Our monster hand came on the 5th as thanks to three 9's and a wonderful 17 spare from the ever hyped up Once Was Hallett helped to a total of 73 that pulled 13 and made us go back in front by 11. Our paltry effort of 55 against the Travellers 71 hand meant the lead swung back in their favour. Our last hand effort of 62 saw another tadpole spare, this time from Once Was, so we left a target of 58 to win. Not easy when the alley is cold, but the Travellers effort of 60 was good enough to win by 3 pins. No player made the 60 club this week, but Once Was took the nuggets with 59. Wanderers will be at the Market next week to play Generators.

Please note that from the above date Nathan Ball will no longer be part of the Wanderers. We thank him for his contribution over the last two years and wish him well for the future.


                                                        Cupid Stunts        405       Wanderers      453

For their first game of 2016 the Wanderers were away at the Cross Rifles to play the Cupid Stunts. It was a game that nearly didn't happen as chaos on the M5 meant long delays for team members on both sides trying to get home. Luckily we all got to the pub in time for the game to start. With Reel 'em In working his god-like magic in South Africa with the England cricket team, we welcomed Fordy Ford back into the squad. The Team Bonder was waiting in the wings with horn in hand ready to be in the squad for next week.

Cupids got off to a steady start of 55, but the Wanderers were in no mood to mess about and smashed a 74 hand in reply with spares from the Walton Wanderer (12) and Fordy Ford (17) to go 19 in front. A spareless but very tidy 2nd hand of 65 pulled 11 to go 30 pins up, and our 3rd hand of 70 that included another spare (17) from the in-form Walton Wanderer pulled another 20, which meant we were 50 pins ahead and cruising after just three hands. Our fourth hand saw the 'Wanderers Wobbly' return and our hand of 56 saw a 4 from a jet-lagged captain Boom-Boom and a fourth missed spare from Moggie Moore that lost us 7 pins out of our lead. The Cupids fought back again on the 5th hand that saw their 60 hand pull another 3 pins to reduce the deficit to 40 pins. Normality was restored on the 6th hand as a 14 spare from Boom-Boom on his former home alley, helped toward a 69 hand which saw us pull 5 pins back to be 45 in front going into the last hand. The Cupids effort of 59 meant that the Wanderers only needed 15 for victory. This wasn't achieved until 3rd man on F-K Frosty hit a 13 spare. We went on to hit a 62 hand to win the game by 48.

Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins won the nuggets much to the disgust of the Halletts. Big game at the Commercial next week to play 3rd place team the Travellers.


                                                       Wanderers     452       Rebels   424

The Wanderers were at home for the last match of 2015 and would play last week's opponents the Rebels. Were they looking to avenge their heavy defeat or would the mighty Wanderers keep their impressive run of home wins going at Fortress Commercial? Again it was a strong squad turn out which saw Once Was and Reel 'em In coming in for the Team Bonder (who was at a corporate do) and Fordy Ford.  This meant that Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins made the squad, despite wearing one of his old kitchen tablecloths instead of the team shirt. With it being a 'double pot & double fines' night the fine for not wearing the shirt was doubled to £1.40 which meant the fines pot had a healthy start without a ball being chucked!!

A spare-less 60 start from the Wanderers gave us an early lead of 7, but our 2nd hand of just 53 saw the Rebels fight back and go 2 in front. But we regained the lead on the 3rd thanks largely to some steady fine free team skittling and a 12 spare from Snug Drifter.  The fourth hand saw the Wanderers take control of the game thanks to a 77 hand that included spares from Boom-Boom (14) and The Pistol (16) which saw us go 21 pins up. Another 16 spare from The Pistol plus a 15 spare from Moggie Moore helped to a total of 69 to tie the 5th hand and remain 21 in front. Cries of "Its in the bag" and "We're in good shape" were heard as we went out for our last two hands. But a measly effort of 56 on the 6th saw us lose 2 pins and made us concentrate on our last hand. Spares from Snug Drifter (11) and Once Was (13) helped to see us home with a hand total of 69 which meant the Rebels needed 90 to win. Their effort of 60 fell slightly short and meant that the Wanderers had won yet again at Fortress Commercial, this time by 28 pins. Pete Hallett took the double pot with 69.


                                                        Rebels        422       Wanderers      492

The Wanderers were out in the wilds of Westonzoyland for their last game before the turnaround to play the Rebels, who were a notorious bogey team a couple of years ago. We were out to lay these ghosts to rest! The Team Bonder and Snug Drifter were welcomed back into the team at the expense of Reel 'em In and Row yer Boat. An appearance from Once Was boosted the attendance to our full squad for the first time in ages.

The game started well for the Wanderers. Chasing a start of 66 from the home team, we were 65 for 7 which included a 14 spare from F-K Frosty and a 14 flopper from Boom-Boom. With the Pistol yet to throw we were looking at a possible 70-plus hand. But after recording just 2 Pete suffered some real abuse from the Walton Wanderer as we only went 1 pin ahead. A 14 spare from Boom-Boom in our tidy 2nd hand of 69 did not help the cause as the Rebels fought back with a 74 to lead by 4 but backed this up with a 59 third hand. The Wanderers struck back with a tremendous 82 hand that included an 18 flopper from Moggie Moore and a 17 spare from the Pistol who was now chasing down Stabbins' score at a fast pace. We now lead by 19 and were looking to strike the killer blow. The fourth hand saw another spare from Boom-Boom (15) and a 13 spare from the Team Bonder that helped toward a 71 total to pull another 17 pins and lead by 36.

We pulled 10 pins on the 5th hand and pulled 14 on the 6th hand thanks to another 14 spare from F-K Frosty and a 16 flopper from the Pistol. It really was looking bad for the Rebels as after they finished their final hand the game was tied with us yet to skittle! The Team Bonder hit a 16 flopper to start things off. Snug Drifter was looking at being dropped for next weeks game unless he did something special and he obliged with a 13 spare to put the pressure on the Walton Wanderer. He had gone strangely quiet after taking the piss out of the Pistol's 2 earlier in the night but Pete's two spares had him in front with Mike needing a spare to avoid being dropped. Despite trying his best and the alley gayometer going off the scale, Mike could only manage an 8 and it resulted in Pete returning the favour after taking so much stick!! Our hand total of 70 was the exact winning margin and finally got the monkey off our backs! A great team performance that sadly sees Kev being dropped on 54....a score that someone else got dropped on a few weeks ago.........

Boom-Boom won the nuggets with 73. Home next week for the last game before the Xmas break to play the Rebels again.


                                                       Wanderers     438       Cupid Stunts   424

After our defeat last week the Wanderers were keen to get back to winning ways at Fortress Commercial. We had to contend with rare appearance from Nathan "Row yer boat" Ball to see how he would fair after such a long absence. His new bright pink Nike trainers could only be viewed properly with sunglasses. This meant Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen had to drop to the bench which he did without moaning or whining at all.

A reasonable 1st hand from the Wanderers of 69 that included an 18 flopper from the Walton Wanderer, got us off to a good start. The Cupids hit back with a 68 hand to give us the lead by one. Their second hand of just 50 looked to have let us in, but a 3 from the normally god like 'Reel 'em In made our hand stutter to 56 and lead by 7. Reel 'em In made amends on the third hand with a 12 spare (they all count towards the spares trophy) in our hand total of 63. The Cupids 3rd hand of 61 lost 2 pins for our lead to be increased to 9 but their 4th hand just 50 again just had to be punished seeing we let them off lightly earlier. 

Although the alley was getting slippery due to the atmospherics, the Wanderers responded with a 70 hand that included a 14 flopper from F-K Frosty and a 14 spare from The Pistol. We were now 29 up and in cruise control. However we were not prepared for what followed next. At 27 for 4 we were looking for a decent hit from someone. Up steps Row yer boat Ball who promptly puts his 1st ball wide of the pack, his 2nd through the right quarter and corner and his 3rd through the left quarter and corner to score a big fat zero. OH DEAR!!! Maybe the new trainers had to be fitted with intermediates instead of slicks!! At now 27 for 5 things looked grim for the Wanderers but some excellent steady skittling from F-K Frosty, Boom-Boom and Moggie finished the hand 8,9,9 to reach 53. The Cupids response of 61 meant we had only lost 8 pins from our lead. The 6th hand saw the away side gaining 2 more pins and perhaps sniffing for a huge comeback win. Our last hand really killed any hopes they had as a 16 spare from a Chest-pumped F-K Frosty helped us to a total of 66 and meant that that the Cupids wanted 86 for victory.

They made a good attempt but the alley conditions didn't help and their highest hand total of the night of 71 meant that the Wanderers had won at home yet again, this time by 14. We were 50 pins down on our last home total but it was the result we were aiming for. F-K Frosty walked away with the coveted nuggets as he was top of the alley with 70.


                                                     Travellers     489       Wanderers   447

Back on the road for the Wanderers as their next game would be at the Blake Arms to face 2nd place Travellers. Late cry-off's meant that Captain Boom-Boom was reprieved to come off the bench and be back in the starting line-up. 

The Travellers were straight out of the blocks with a 72 hand to start the night. The Wanderers were faced with loud music in the alley that even the younger ears found hard to bear let alone the old farts. Good job Les was away on a Turkey & Tinsel holiday!! Unable to do anything about it as there was no volume control, we soldiered on but hands of 55 and 58 set the tone for the night and a 6th straight win never looked on the cards, even at this early stage.

We found ourselves 35 down going into the 3rd hand. We fought hard to a 70 total that included a 14 spare from Boom-Boom to pull 5 back, but our 4th hand of 56 was not good enough, as the Travellers hit back with 66 to pull 10 and go 40 in front. Our 5th hand of 65 included another 14 spare from Boom Boom, to pull another 5 pins, but our 6th hand was by far the best of the night with a 15 spare from the Pistol and spares of 13 from Boom-Boom and Moggie Moore, plus 8's and 9's got us to a total of 81. We thought this would pull a few pins back to make the score a bit more respectable, but the home team responded with a hand of 80 that only allowed us to pull a pin. Their final hand of 70 meant that we were looking at a target of 105 to win. With the music still blaring loud, we mustered a total of 62 to lose the game by a big margin of 42 pins.

Special mention to F-K Frosty for some tidy skittling in a fine-free night for himself. Snug Drifter Owen was skittled like shit in a field (all over the place) in his score of 46. Boom-Boom took the nuggets with 70 and carried on the Wanderers folklore whereby the reprieved man who should have been dropped goes on and hits top score!!


                                                       Wanderers     487       Generators   471

After two wins on the road the Wanderers were back at Commercial hoping to keep the run going against former 1st division side Generators. The only change to the squad this week was Kev coming in for Once Was Hallett. The Team Bonder was present with horn in hand to cheer the team on.

A very good start from the Wanderers of 74 that saw spares from Snug Drifter (12) and Reel 'em In (15) managed to pull 17 to put us into an early lead. The Generators hit back with a 70 2nd hand that we lost 6 pins on in our reply of 64 despite a heroic 15 flopper from F-K Frosty. Reel 'em In came good again on the 3rd hand with a fantastic god-like spare (16) and F-K Frosty with a chest-puffed-out 8 (to silence some barracking from the Pistol)included in a 69 hand that we thought would be a good holding hand, but Generators hit back with a 72 to pull 3 and their 62 4th hand pulled 1 pin to reduce our lead to 7. 

We needed a big hand to stop the slide and the Wanderers responded in magnificent fashion. Spares from Kev (15), Walton Wanderer (16) and F-K Frosty (16) helped towards a hand total of 83. We thought this would be the killer blow, but back came the Generators with an 82 hand and followed back with a 71 6th hand to make a real fight of it. We knew we had to hit two good hands to stand a chance of our fifth win in a row. Going into our 6th hand Moggie Moore and Boom-Boom Bennett were having a very average night skittling at one & two but started with 8 each. Up steps F-K who is having a sparkling return to form hits another 8. Next on Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen is struggling after his spare to start the night, but blaming the chalk on his hands for the wayward balls, he hits a 5 to leave us at 29 for 4. The bottom half responded brilliantly with spares from Walton Wanderer (15), a 6 from Reel 'em In (who again had is powers drained from Mr Stabbins),Kev (14) and the Pistol (12) for a 76 hand that pulled 5 to leave us 13 up with a hand to go. Our spare-less 60 hand meant that the Generators required 74 to win - a tough ask at the end of the night - and their effort of 57 left the Wanderers victorious again by 16. Fantastic win.

F-K Frosty was top man with 73 and received the nuggets for the first time this season. Blake Arms next week to face the Travellers.


                                               Wembdon Crickets     450       Wanderers   453

It was another away game for the Wanderers as we were at the Malt Shovel, the longest alley in the town. We were
 seriously struggling for players due to late cry-off's from the Team Bonder & Fordy Ford, so we drafted in carnivalite Nick 'Once Was' Hallett for his season debut. Thankfully Nick had a night off from the Carnival so was only too happy to step in at the 11th hour and help us out. 

The game didn't start too well as the Crickets smashed a 77 hand to start. Thanks to a 12 Teeeeeem spare from Reel 'em In included in our total of 58 to we were only 19 down. A spareless 64 second hand from the Wanderers (which saw Stabbins hug Moggie Moore for an 8 thinking he'd hit a spare) pulled a pin back to start the recovery. The home team struck again on the third hand to hit exactly 70, but some tidy skittling from the Wanderers and a fantastic 17 flopper from the Walton Wanderer, helped us to 70 to tie the hand. The fourth hand saw the Snug Drifter do his best orangutan impression by hanging on the rafters on the alley, but another spare (16) from the skittling god Reel 'em In backed up with mostly 8's & 9's saw us hit our highest hand of the night of 72. This seemed to rattle the Crickets and their reply of 66 made them lose six pins to lead by 12 going into the 5th hand. The Wembdon Crickets were certainly running scared sensing a Wanderers comeback and their 5th hand total of 52 gave us a real chance to pull some pins back and swing the advantage in our favour. We made hard work of the hand until the Pistol struck with a 12 spare to get us to a total of 61. We were now only 3 down and could see a real chance in gaining our 2nd away win of the season. Our 6th hand of 7's, 8's & 9's to get to 63 was a very good holding hand. 

The Crickets 6th hand of 61 meant that we were now only 1 down and they needed a decent last hand to set us a total. However their last hand of 61 matched their 6th so this meant that we needed 63 for a fantastic comeback win. Nick 'Once Was' Hallett skittling at number two struck the most fantastic and difficult 5 pin spare you will see to make a 13 spare and take the pressure off the rest of the boys. when we got to anchor man Pete 'Pistol' Hallett we only needed 4 to win and he comfortably hit 5 with his first ball. Cocked up with the following two balls mind to only make 6, but we had won the game by 3 after being behind all night. a fantastic and glorious win that made the captain very proud indeed. Reel 'em In was the nugget king by finishing top with 68.


                                               Durleigh Wanderers     439       Wanderers   470

The Wanderers were back at the Blake Hall, the scene of their first game of the season where they experienced a heavy defeat. Several key players were unavailable so with only 7 full timers we were resigned to playing our sticker Callum who had equitted himself well on his league debut a few weeks back. 

The news was good at the start of the match as the crappy pins and balls had been replaced with a much newer set. However we were on the back foot as the home side pulled a lead of 12 on the Wanderers after 2 hands. Their third hand of just 58 gave us hope of a comeback. Moggie Moore started the hand perfectly with a 17 flopper and some tidy follow up skittling from the rest of the team got us to a total of 68 to pull 10 and only be two behind. Our fourth hand was even better which saw a 15 spare from Kev and floppers from Snug Drifter (15) and F-K Frosty (14) in a hand total of 77 which swung the game in our favour as the home side's reply of 63 saw us pull 14 and go 12 in front. Durleigh Wanderers had no answer to the Mighty Wanderers as their next hand of 60 was smashed by our 73 which included a 12 spare from F-K and a 16 spare from the Walton Wanderer. We were now 25 up and looking at our 1st away win of the season. However our 6th hand of 62 let the home side in to pull 4 pins, but needing a good hand to pile the pressure on us the Durleigh Wanderers made 60 to leave us needing just 40 to win. We went daft again to make 70 with Snuggie hitting his 2nd spare of the night (13) and Kev hitting a 16 spare to deny Moggie a share of the money. We ran out winners by 31. 

The long alley at the Malt Shovel awaits us next week.


                                                       Wanderers     489       Pigeon Shooters   448

We were back at Fortress Commercial for our next match against the Pigeon Shooters from the Harvest Moon. Team Bonder Tonks came in for the unfortunate F.K Frosty who had been berating himself all week regarding his poor run of form. We were hoping for a fourth straight home win to see us move into mid table in the league.

The night started very well with 1st man on Team Bonder Tonks hitting an 18 spare. A rare 1st hand spare (15) from Reel 'em In Shapter and a great 16 from Kev all helped toward a terrific first hand total of 88 which pulled 30 pins and gave us the upper hand straight away. The Pigeon Shooters fought back on the second hand with a 70, but this was swiftly dealt with by a Wanderers 75 hand that included four 9's and spares from Snug Drifter (13) and Reel 'em In (14). Our third hand of 70 included a 15 flopper from Reel 'em In (who was on fire at this point) and a second spare from the Team Bonder who saw his third ball go straight through for a nine tadpole and break his heart by having to contribute 50p to the club for his effort!! We were now 40 up and cruising. Our fourth hand effort of 67 lost a pin despite yet another spare from the skittling god Reel 'em In (13), but a 5th hand of 57 from the Shooters let us in again. A spare from Moggie Moore (14) set the tone for the hand. Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins decided to rub his skittling arm on the untouchable Shapter and promptly smashed a 16 spare. This seemed to drain Shapter of all power and he only made a 9 much to his dismay. Our hand total of 73 pulled 16 to be 55 up with two hands to go. Cries of "its in the bag" and "we're in good shape" rang through the alley!!

Our 6th hand started well with a 13 spare from the Team Bonder, but once again he was not backed up by his team mates and our hand total of just 60 lost 12 pins. Our final hand should have been a majestic roll to a 500-plus total but we basically bottled it to hit just 56 and be 11 short of the magic number. The Pigeon Shooters came back with just 58 to pull only 2 pins and leave the Wanderers victorious by 41. The cue was won by Reel 'em In Shapter who finished with 82 and the highest home score of the season. Two away games on the bounce now with next weeks game being our second visit to the Blake Hall. 


                                                       Wanderers     484       Lamb Inn 'A'   430

The Wanderers were back at the Commercial for a match against the Lamb Inn lads from Spaxton. We welcomed back F-K Frosty to the squad, but as the Team Bonder had cried off earlier in the day, Moggie Moore retained his place by default. The laughs started before we got onto the alley as the Pistol decided to spill a full pint of Thatchers over the table. Thankfully the quick thinking barmaid wiped up the spillage but at £3.30 a pint Pete considered asking her to squeeze her cloth out into his empty glass!!

The night started well for Boom-Boom Bennett with a first hand double flopper 22. Our hand total of 69 was not good enough as the Lamb hit 70 to go a pin ahead. Their second hand of just 51 let the Wanderers in and our response of 61 pulled 10 to in front by 9. We never looked like giving up the lead after that. Pistol Pete Hallett and Mike Walton Wanderer Stabbins were going at each other in full on piss-take mode until Mike struck a 16 spare on the third hand. Our team effort of 71 pulled 12 more to go 21 up. Skittling god 'Reel 'em in' Shapter or 'Fourth Hand Shapter' as he is sometimes known hit a 'teeeeeeem' 15 spare in our fourth hand 61. The Lamb had no answer as they only hit 55 to increase our lead to 27. The real killer blow came on the 5th hand as the Wanderers smashed an 89 hand with spares from Reel 'em In (12) Walton Wanderer (17 flopper) Snug Drifter (13) and Boom-Boom (17) to pull 19 and go 46 ahead. Shapter was at it again on the 6th hand with another 'teeeem' spare (14) and Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen hit a 15 spare on our last hand. We left the Spaxton lads 109 to win, but they were never going to be anywhere near it and their 64 hand lost pins to leave us victorious by 54. A great win.

The nuggets were won by Boom-Boom Bennett with a total of 78. Another home game next week against the Pigeon Shooters.


                                                       Knowle Inn     441       Wanderers   400

The Wanderers were out of town for their next game. It would be out in the wilds of Bawdrip at league leaders the Knowle Inn, or "The Cave" as the alley is now known. Team stalwart F-K Frosty was on the bench for this match as the Walton Wanderer was back from his travels. For the third game in a row team Captain Boom-Boom Bennett decided to stick with the tactic of putting in his two lefty's (Team Bonder Tonks & Moggie Moore) at opening bat, to hopefully spark the team into action by making a good start.

On the notoriously uphill and low scoring Knowle Inn alley, we made a fairly decent start of 54 & 58 to be only 11 pins down after two hands. The third hand started poorly with the Lefty club hitting 5 each. The remaining six toiled away but could only muster 45 between them for a hand total of 55 to lose 7 and go 18 down in total. Hand four was the Wanderers Wobbly. It started with a ball wide of the full pack from The Pistol (which cost him 50p) and made only 4 and we saw another 5 from Moggie Moore. The hand total of just 52 lost only 6 pins but we were facing a deficit of 24 and knew it was going to be hard to pull them back. The fifth hand started like the third with the Lefty club again hitting 5 each, but Moggie's 3rd five in a row which left him speechless and 60p out of pocket!! Snug Drifter Owen made the hand better with a 16 spare but unfortunately our total of 61 lost a further 8 pins. The whitewash was avoided on the 6th hand when our spare less but highest hand of the night of 62 pulled 2 pins back. 

The Knowle Inn boys smashed a 69 last hand to leave the Wanderers needing exactly 100 to win. It was never on the cards, but with 5 players in contention for the  £ 8.00 cue pot, we still had to see some skittling. Moggie was skittling like a man with no arms and hit his fourth 5 of the night to be in contention for the bench next week and to finally convince Captain Boom-Boom to abandon the Lefty plan. With Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins boasting that he had not paid any fines all night it was inevitable that his last hand would be a 6 and therefore pay 10p!! Skittling god Ian 'Reel 'em In' Shapter got himself in prime position for the nuggets with his total of 55. Kev 'Fordy' Ford could have taken the money as he managed a spare, but the pressure got to him and we saw the third ball only take 1 pin for a 10 spare and give the money to Shapter! Our hand total of 58 lost 11 pins and lose the match by a whopping 41 pins.


                                                       Wanderers     476       Young Flags   441

The Wanderers were missing another key player for the home game against Young Flags as Mike 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins had sneaked off to the Devon coast for a week. However we welcomed back Pete 'Pistol' Hallett even though he had to leave early with a lorry full of scenery for the carnival concerts!!

The game started poorly for the Wanderers as our 56 opening hand was swiftly dealt with by the Young Flags with a 65 hand. Our next two hands of 62 & 63 respectively were spare less despite some steady skittling from 7 team members and two 5's from Andy 'Moggie' Moore, but this saw us lose a few more pins to be 12 down. We were looking for some inspiration and it came on the 4th hand in the shape of skittling god 'Reel 'em In Shapter who hit his 1st spare of the season to make 13. This was immediately followed by a 12 spare from Kev 'Fordy' Ford to help to a hand total of 71 to pull a pin back and start the recovery.

The Pistol was skittling off as he had to dash off to the town hall, but he kindly left us with 5th & 6th hand starts of 13 & 16. It was the 5th hand that saw some vintage Wanderers skittling. Captain 'Boom-Boom' Bennett struck a 16 spare to be out done straight away by Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen who made a 17 spare. F-K Frosty was living up to his nickname and was playing like sh*t in a field (all over the place) and was having a night to forget. However next up Andy 'Moggie' Moore made amends for his earlier 5's and made a great 14 spare that helped to our hand total of 88 that pulled a whopping 23 pins that turned the game in our favour to lead by 12. The Young Flags had no answer especially as our next hand of 78 pulled 20 more pins to lead by 32 going into the last hand. Our earlier exersions took it out of us as we finished with a 58 hand, but ended up pulling 3 pins on that one for a magnificent victory by 35 pins.

The nuggets were shared this week with Boom-Boom & The Pistol both hitting 66. Away next week to league leaders Knowle Inn.


                                                       Naps 'B'     473       Wanderers   437

The Wanderers next game would be at the back streets of North Petherton at the Globe Inn. We knew it was going to be a tough ask to win on the pub's notorious uphill alley. We welcomed back Rob 'Team Bonder' Tonks to the squad, but it was at the expense of Pete 'Pistol' Hallett who didn't mind being dropped at all and didn't make any complaint or moan about this fact all night (OHHH REAALLLLYYYY????)

The game got under way and immediately the Wanderers were on the back foot finishing the 1st hand 8 pins down after a mediocre 56 hand. Our second hand was much better with spares from 'Moggie' Moore (11) and 'Team Bonder' Tonks (15) in a 69 hand. We thought this would pull some pins back, but mighty responses from the home side of 80 & 89 respectively saw the Wanderers being 47 down after just 3 hands. The banter in the alley was much better than the skittling as our resident chalker, Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen, came in for some real abuse regarding his burger flipping skills that would be evident at the Pantomime Refreshment stall at Bridgwater Fair the following day. I think on every hand he came in for some brilliant and very scathing comments and he did very well not to crack under pressure!

The Wanderers eventually pulled a pin back on the 5th with a 65 hand that included a 16 spare from Captain 'Boom-Boom' Bennett. The 6th hand was better as we pulled 3 more pins, but our best hand of the night came on the last hand. Chasing 108 to win we managed to get to a good total of 71 that included an 11 spare from 'Fordy' Ford and another spare from Boom-Boom, this time a 14, to lose the game by 36 pins. Boom-Boom took the nuggets as well with 65. Hopme next week to play the Young Flags. 


                                                       Wanderers     484       Doorknockers   458

With our last horrific home game still fresh in the memory, the Wanderers were keen to forget it and end the losing streak that has plagued them since the start of the season. Our opponents were the Doorknockers from the Duke.

With Reel 'em In Shapter declared fit, he was promoted to the starting 8. The Team Bonder was present but announced he would abstain from playing due to the lack of team shirt and horn! The night got off to a terrific start with 'Moggie' Moore getting a flopper with the first ball of the night. The resulting 17 was the highlight of a very good and steady 1st hand of 70 that pulled 15 pins. Our second hand of 73 saw spares from 'Snug Drifter' Owen (15) and 'Pistol' Hallett (13) and we went further ahead by 13 pins to be 28 ahead. Despite a 13 spare from Kev 'Fordy' Ford our 66 hand lost 10 pins to reduce our lead to 18. Kev hit his 2nd spare of the night (12) on the 5th hand and Captain 'Boom-Boom' Bennett enjoyed a 16 flopper on the 6th hand. However the visitors then went on a run of pulling 2 pins on each of the 4th,5th & 6th hands to only be down by 12 going into the last hand. 

We had to set a big target to stand a chance of victory and we amassed a hand of 76 that included a 13 spare from 'Walton Wanderer' Stabbins and a second 17 flopper from Moggie Moore. With 89 needed for the win, the visitors knew it was a tall order and their hand of 62 meant that the Wanderers had finally won a game by a comfortable margin of 26. Andy 'Moggie' Moore was the nugget taker with his total of 73.

The Wanderers play their 1st match out of town next week when they play Naps B at the Globe North Petherton.


                                                       White Hart     404       Wanderers   403

It was a scratch squad again for our next game at the White Hart. Our injury list still had two key players on it and with the Team Bonder still sunning himself in the Med, the team had to pick itself. The White Hart alley is notoriously low scoring so we knew it was going to be a tough night. After three hands in the high 50's we were holding the White Hart as they were only four pins ahead. Then the Wanderers stepped it up a notch as a very tidy fourth hand of 75, which included a 13 spare from F-K Frosty and a 15 spare from Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen, saw us pull 12 pins and go 8 in front. The home side did not have an answer and seemed to be faltering as their next hand of 54 gave us an opportunity to pull more pins. However very poor fifth & sixth hands of 53 & 52 saw our lead cut to 3 pins.

The home side's last hand of 56 meant that we just needed 54 for our first win of the season. The tension got quite bad as player after player missed key pins and after six players had thrown we had just 39 and needed 15 for the win. Kev 'Kev' Ford could only make 5 after a terrible strike, so it was up to Pete 'Pistol' Hallett to get the unenviable task of a spare to win or a 9 to tie. It was always going to be a tall order on this alley and a valiant 8 was made to lose the game by a pin. The nuggets were shared by F-K Frosty, Snug Drifter Owen and Mike 'I've hit over 50' Stabbins who all had 56 each. Home next week to play the Doorknockers. 


                                                       Wanderers     406       Morehens   428

With notable absentees it was a scratch Wanderers squad present for our first home game of the season. The "skittling god" Ian "Reel 'em In" Shapter had crocked his back and therefore failed a late fitness test so the Wanderers had to play our new sticker. However it was good to see Pete "Pistol" Hallett return to bolster the bottom half after his holiday. Following the theft of our usual skittle balls we were forced to play with the pubs ancient and seen better days 3rd reserve kit. Although roundish there was no weight to them and it was like throwing peas at tree trunks all night!!

Our first hand was a very hard working but very mediocre total of 54, which was matched by the visitors. Their follow up second hand of 53 seemed to be an easy target but we made too many errors in chasing and ended up losing 3 pins to hit just 50. The highlight of the third hand was to see our 1st spare of the season from captain Chris "Boom-Boom" Bennett. A typical Bennett Hook 3rd ball "skilfully" went outside of the left quarter and only left 2 pins standing to make a 16, much to the "admiration and awe" of the rest of the team. Our 63 hand total pulled 2 back and brought us within a pin of the Morehens.

The visitors made single pin gains on the fourth and fifth hands to lead by 9 as the Wanderers started their sixth hand. A terrific 16 flopper from Mark "F-K Frosty" Frost was the highlight of a much improved hand total of 69 which pulled 11 pins to finally get our noses in front by 2 pins. Our final hand started well with a 12 spare from Pistol Hallett, but poor scores of 5 from Kev "Fordy" Ford and a 4 from Captain Boom Boom saw the hand total only reach 58 to leave the visitors 61 to win. This stung the Morehens into action and with 4 spares in their hand of 82 they pulled 24 to run out winners by 22. At the end of the evening our cue holder Mike "Still Sub-50" Stabbins had to be reminded to hand the nuggets over to F-K Frosty who finished top with 57.


                                                       Shy Teds     451       Wanderers   387

Finally the new season has got under way!! The Wanderers were in action at the Blake Hall to play former division 1 team the Shy Teds. With new team members on board and existing ones chomping at the bit and keen to impress, the omens looked good, despite a 70 start from the home team.

However, I think we had forgotten about the notorious nature of the alley and quickly saw our early optimism disappear very quickly!! Our reply of just 54 which saw a four from "Reel 'em In" Shapter and fives from Mike "Walton Wanderer" Stabbins and returning former Wanderer Andy "Moggie" Moore, put us 16 pins adrift. Our second hand matched our first with 54 again to lose a further 11 pins and be 27 down after just two hands.

A faint glimmer on the 3rd hand saw the Wanderers pull 7 pins back to reduce the deficit to 20, but from there on in it was painful to watch. Even a quick visit from Nick "Once Was" Hallett couldn't inspire and rally the troops into hitting any decent strikes. Further woes included back to back three's from Nathan "Baller" Ball that really said that perhaps he should stick to darts!! 

After 6 hands the Wanderers found themselves 52 down and looking at a very heavy defeat. The Shy Teds last hand of 73 meant that we were looking at a very unrealistic target of 125 to win!!! So it was just the cue pot to play for and it ended up being shared with Captain "Boom Boom" Bennett and Kev "Fordy" Ford hitting a total of 56 each. Our total of 387 was believed to be our lowest ever, but research the following day by "Moomin" Moore and F-K "Statto" Frost found out that we had hit 374 at the old Harvest Moon alley back in 2013.

Despite the loss it was very evident that we have a great team spirit and can find things to laugh at when things are going terribly wrong!! Home next week to play the Morehens.

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