23/04/14                                                  Champion of Champions Semi-Final
                                                                      Played at the New Foresters

                                                                Wanderers     442       B & A's   481

The Wanderers season finished with a below par performance against Division 1 winners B & A's. It was definately a case of missed opportunities as our missed spares count was well into double figures. We did pull on two hands and at one stage we nearly got ourselves back into the match. But at the end of the day the 2 division gulf between the two sides was very evident and the best team won. F-K Frosty won the nuggets on the night with 65 despite not realising how strong the "Holey Moley" real ale was!!

           Bridgwater Town & District Skittles League
                            Division 3 Final Tables 

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points
Wanderers  28 22 1 5 45
Naps B  28 21 1 6 43
Cupid Stunts 28 19 2 7 40
Grim Reapers 28 15 0 13 30
Moonrakers  28 15 0 13 30
Odds & Sods 28 15 0 13 30
Old Bangers 28 15 0 13 30
Pigeon Shooters  28 14 1 13 29
Bearded Tits  28 12 1 15 25
Buccaneers 28 12 1 15 25
Rebels  28 12 0 16 24
Hardy Sports 28 11 0 17 22
Teadrinkers  28 9 0 19 18
Pethy Boys 28 8 1 19 17
Boldys Army  28 6 0 22 12


                                                      Boldy's Army   460       Wanderers   535

The final game of the season. The Wanderers day of destiny had arrived. A win against the bottom side would see them take the Division 3 title. Defeat would mean a nervy play-off against Naps B. 

The omens were good as Kev was back into the squad after a working absence and Reel 'em In Shapter was enjoying a rare afternoon and evening session on the beer. Also enjoying a beer or three was Mike 'I aint driving tonight' Stabbins so the majority of the team were gonna be having a few!!

We knew we had to start well to settle the nerves and a 69 hand that included a 16 spare from F-K Frosty got ourselves in front by a pin. Then the avalanche started. Spares from Reel 'em In (15), F-K again (16) and Kev 'Fordy' Ford (15) helped toward an 85 hand that only pulled 14, but we lead by 15. Spares were flying again on the third hand of 81 with Fordy (11), three-in-a-row F-K (13), Reel 'em In (14) and Lasagne Shoes Hake (15) all major contributors. We were now 35 up and looking good. The squad seemed fairly relaxed although Mike 'Third Pint' Stabbins was complaining of when his chance of a spare would come by. Shouts of 'Well skittle better then' from the supporting Pete 'The Pistol' Hallett was met with laughter and rude comments!! F-K was in dreamland and considering a 90-plus score after 3 spares in as many hands and Shapter was purely concentrating on Teeeeeeeem issues and how his purely selfless actions were in no way connected to the double pot of £16.00! 

Our fourth hand of 77 saw an unbelievable fourth spare in a row from F-K (12) and a third in a row from Reel 'em In (17) - all for the teeeeeem - and we pulled another 13 to be 48 pins up. Boldy's Army had no answer to us and after our 5th hand of 76 that saw Reel 'em In's fourth spare in a row (14), Nick 'Once Was' Hallett's 15 flopper and F-K failing to get five spares in a row, made us 59 pins ahead. The sixth hand saw mainly 8's and 9's until F-K's spectacular fall from grace with just 4. But Fordy Ford came to the rescue with a 17 spare for a hand of 73 and pull even further ahead by 66. Boldy's last hand of 65 meant that we had won the game without even skittling our last hand but we gave it a go anyway. Kev 'Fordy' Ford got his fourth spare of the night (13) and with Once Was Hallett finishing with a total of 61, Mike 'I gotta beat Nick' Stabbins needed a spare to do it. After wondering if he would get a spare all night he duly obliged with a 14 and we saw the biggest smile of the night! Our hand total of 74 pulled nine more so we ran out winners and division champions by 75. The double pot was won by Reel 'em In Shapter who hit the highest Wanderers score all season with 84. 

We saved the best until last but it has been a truly great season from start to finish. This is one very proud team captain and let's hope we can have a good run in the Champion of Champions competition in a couple of weeks time. Well done lads!!!!!!!


                                                       Wanderers     488       Bearded Tits   440

Following the crappy skittling last week, the Wanderers responded with a classic home performance.

This would be our last home game of the season and we knew it was a must win game to stay in the title hunt. A solid no-fines start of 75 (including a 16 spare from the in form Reel 'em In Shapter) from the Wanderers set the tone for what was to follow. The visitors lowly start of 62 & 55 gave the Wanderers even more confidence as second and third hands of 67 & 73 respectively with spares from Lasagne Shoes Hake (15) Snug Drifter Owen (13) and Boom-Boom Bennett (also 13) led us to be 35 up. The onslaught from the home side was relentless despite a 10 spare from the much improved 'Once Was' Hallett and a rare tadpole 9 spare from Reel 'em In on the fourth hand, saw our lead increase to 42. Our highest hand of the night of 76 came on the fifth hand and included spares from Boom-Boom (16) and a third spare on the night for Reel 'em In (12) and we pulled 17 pins to be 59 ahead and cruising towards victory. On the sixth hand F-K Frosty finally came good after trying too hard all night plus avoiding a major slip on the heaving alley, to hit a 15 flopper following Once Was Hallets 2nd spare of the night of 13. The hand total of 72 gave us a lead of 66 going into the last hand. The last hand of 59 was by far the worst of the night and allowed the visitors to hit the highest hand of the game of 77 to claw back 18, but giving us a winning margin of 48.

Boom-Boom Bennett claimed the nuggets this week with 68, but with five players hitting over 60 it was a solid team peformance to give us a lot of momentum going into our must-win last game of the season away at the Castle Club.

                                                      Pigeon Shooters   480       Wanderers   461

The Wanderers were looking like deserved second placers rather than champions-elect in this disappointing game at the Harvest Moon.

The game started well enough for the Wanderers with spares from F-K Frosty and the returning Reel 'em In Shapter in a 73 hand to lead by 5 after the first hand. We pulled a further pin ahead on the second hand which included a 16 spare from the Snug Drifter who was enjoying a rare night on the Thatchers Gold. The home side then kicked up a gear with a third hand of 73 and a mighty fourth hand 88 which saw them comfortably in front by 25. The Wanderers could not respond to get themselves back into the game as spare strikes weren't taken and some odd pins left up, but we reduced the arrears to 19. A last hand of 72 from the Shooters meant the Wanderers had the daunting task of requiring 92 for victory. Despite a second Reel 'em In spare (14) it was always going to be a big ask, but we at least tied the hand to lose the game by 19. Some good skittling by Mike 'Shandy Again' Stabbins saw him take the cue pot with 67.

We are still not out of the race for top spot but we need to win both of our remaining games to be in with a chance.


                                                       Wanderers     489       Cupid Stunts   509

Despite hitting our 2nd highest home score of the season the Wanderers had to concede the win to the better team on the night.

The Team Bonder turned up for the game in a very dapper suit jacket which left us wondering what the occasion was! Protests of trying to raise the dress standard were soon shouted down and he may face a hefty club fine if he ever wears it again on match night!!

The night started well for Boom-Boom as facing a night on the subs bench, a late cry-off forced him into the squad. True to Wanderers folklore the repreived player always tends to do well and so Bennett started with an 18 flopper!! Our 76 first hand would normally have wobbled the opposition but the Cupid Stunts fired back a hand of 80 and then backed it up with a 76 hand to lead by 15 going into the third hand. The next Wanderers hand of 72 included a 16 spare from F-K Frosty which helped gain back 8 pins. Back came the Cupids though on the fourth with a 75 hand to lead by 11. 5th hand Spares from Snug Drifter (18) and Lasagne Shoes Hake (16) brought us right back into the game as we totalled 78 to pull 8 pins back and be only 3 down with two hands to go. It was always going to be a case of who was going to crack first and unfortunately it was us with a spareless 6th hand 60, we lost 17 pins against the Cupids near game winning hand of 77. A very unlucky 13 spare from the Snug Drifter (which saw a pin on his spare ball actually twist round and stand back up again) helped to a 67 last hand, but it meant that the away side only needed 48 to win, and they did this by tieing the hand to run out deserved winners by 20. Snug Drifter and Boom-Boom shared the cue with 74 each.

We have now clinched promotion to Division 2 but now need to focus on our last remaining games to win the Division 3 title. Come on boys we can do it!!


                                                       Buccaneers   442             Wanderers   461

The Wanderers hit back this week with a really good win at the rugby club.

The night didn't start very well for the Wanderers as they found themselves 10 pins down after 3 hands. Comments of certain players skittling like shit in a field (all over the bloody place) from chief cheerleader Pistol Pete Hallett seemed to have the desired effect, as a very modest fourth hand of 50 by the home side, caused the Wanderers to kick into gear and smashed a 65 hand which included a 14 spare from 'Once Was' Hallett to go 5 up. Mike 'Two Fives' Stabbins seemed to be having difficulty in controlling square-ish heavy balls but allegedly there is cream you can buy at the chemist for that problem, but his skittling improved as the night wore on. A fifth hand 76 (inc a 17 spare from Two Fives) and a sixth hand of 74 with spares from Lasagne Shoes (15) and Food Chain (16), got ourselves further in front by 12 pins going into the last hand. A 60 effort from the Buccaneers meant that we only needed 49 to win and thanks to another spare from Pot Hunter Stabbins (13) we totalled 67 to win the game by 19. One of our better victories as every point is needed as we get closer and closer to the title. 


                                                       Naps 'B'   458             Wanderers   440

This top of the table clash went the way of the team in second place.

The Wanderers started very brightly with a 64 hand to lead by 9. The second hand though was an absolute disaster. With extreme bad luck being the factor rather than poor skittling, the Wanderers were 23 for 5 due to two 4's and three 5's scored. Our last three players tried their best but a hand total of 45 was never ever going to be good enough, and the home side capatalised by pulling 29 pins over the next two hands to lead by 20. The Wanderers rallied with a spare a hand over the next three hands (which were all over 65) and made a small dent in the home sides lead to be only 16 behind with two hands to go. The Naps then struck with the killer hand of 76 on the sixth hand to pull further in front by 25. Their last hand of 54 was the worst of the night and gave the Wanderers a slight glimmer of hope to get 80 to win. Team Bonder Tonks got us off to a great start with a 13 spare but the need for at least two more were in vain as we made 66 to pull 12 pins back to only lose by 13 in the end, with 
Kev 'Sleep is for wimps' Ford taking the nuggets this week with 60. 

Highlights of the game was seeing Lasagne Shoes Hake playing pinball on the alley with a skittle ball, and the mass hug for Food Chain's flopper on the fifth hand!! We are away again next week at the Bridgwater Rugby Club to play Buccaneers.


                                                       Wanderers     451       Teadrinkers   442

Alley conditions were not the best for this local derby but the Wanderers hung on for the win.

Due to players absent because of work commitments the Wanderers had to field their wounded soldiers for this latest match at the Commercial. 'Once Was' Hallett (migraine), 'Boom-Boom' Bennett (sprained ankle), 'Pistol' Pete Hallett (knee) and Mike 'Right Shoes' Stabbins (sober) all had to play but were certainly not at their best. The game started well enough for us and we were 6 pins up after two hands. However due to the alley beginning to heave and get slippery, the Wanderers players were treading carefully and not fully committing to their usual run up. However we did see a brief return of F-K Frosty's "Chicken Soup Shuffle" that brought hilarity to the watching ranks although this time it was more of a stumble than a shuffle, but it was just as funny second time around! 

The Teadrinkers fought back on the third hand to pull three pins back but the Wanderers dug deep and pulled pins with some steady,rather than spectacular skittling, over the next three hands to be 12 pins up going into their last hand. An effort of 62 from the Wanderers meant that the Teadrinkers needed 75 to win. Although they tried hard, they made 65 to leave us victorious by 9.

Mark F-K Frosty Frost was top of the tree this week with 70. A big match beckons next week as we venture out to North Petherton to face second in the league Naps 'B' in a potential four pointer game.  

                                                       Old Bangers     458       Wanderers   477

The Wanderers good form continued with a comfortable win on the downstairs alley at The Market.

Two hands in the seventies gave the Wanderers a 23 pin lead going into the third hand. A Wanderers Wobbler of 57 let the Old Bangers in with a chance after their first seventy hand of the night to pull 13 pins back. But the Wanderers kicked back into gear on the fourth hand with a 14 flopper from Food Chain and a 15 spare from F-K Frosty in a hand of 78 which pulled 15 back and increase our lead to 25. We took our foot off the pedal a bit on the last three hands, but we saw spares from Once Was Hallett and Lasagne Shoes Hake that maintained our lead, and despite the home side pulling 6 pins back over the last two hands we ran out winners by 19.

Honours shared for the cue this week with Boom Boom and Snug Drifter both hitting 65. Local derby at the Commercial next week when we play their other side, the Teadrinkers.

                                                       Wanderers     483       Grim Reapers   437

Despite an early jitter, the Wanderers cruised to victory over the Grim Reapers.

The first hand effort of 65 seemed to be a good hand, but the Grims hit back with a 68 to take an early 3 pin lead. The Wanderers could only tie the second hand with 67, but our massive third hand of 80 with three spares in a row from the Pistol, Lasagne Shoes and Boom Boom pulled a massive 22 against the visitors hand of 58 which took us into a 19 pin lead. We never looked back from there as we pulled another 12 pins over the next three hands to be leading by 31 going into the last hand. With the match seemingly won, the attention seemed to turn to skittlers keen to keep their place for next weeks game, with Once Was Hallett, Team Bonder Tonks, Snug Drifter Owen, Soft Soles Stabbins and the Pistol all in trouble. It was time to stand up and be counted and the extra spice seemed to improve the skittling. It was Soft Soles and Once Was that came up with spares to ensure of their places next week and help the team to a 78 hand total. This left the Grims to get 110 to win!! They hit 63 to leave the Wanderers victorious by 46 pins. Tony 'Lasagne Shoes' Hake was top this week with 77, including an "OH DEAR" flopper!!!

                                                       Pethy Boys     418       Wanderers   441

The Wanderers quickly erased the memory of last weeks defeat by beating the Pethy Boys on the notorious and unpredictable uphill alley at the Lamb North Petherton.

We were treated to the sight of some trendy new footwear sportily worn by Mike 'these will do the biz' Stabbins. We were expecting great things but my, how things turn out!!

We quickly took a 10 pin lead with a 62 hand which included a 14 spare from the returning Boom Boom Bennett. Our second hand started with a 14 spare from The Pistol and set the tone for a 66 hand which pulled three more. The Pethy Boys hit back on the third hand with a 72 and despite spares each from Boom Boom and The Pistol, our reply of 65 lost pins to make things interesting and be only 6 pins in front. However this was the closest the home side got, as we pulled pins on every hand from there and we restored our 13 pin lead after 6 hands. The Pethy Boys collapsed on their last hand to only make 48, which left the Wanderers an easy task of just 36 to win. A poor 4 from Boom Boom cost him his place in the 60 club this week, but it didn't matter as our worst hand of the night total of 58 won the game with ease. Pete 'The Pistol' Hallett taking top spot with 64.

Lasagne Shoes Hake had the unluckiest single pin of the night, when his 2nd ball looked to be heading to take it, the ball hopped about 4 inches from the pin and sailed over it!! We didn't laugh, honest!! Talking of laughing, we think after a major slip on the alley, Mr Stabbins' new shoes will be taken into Ernie Elkins for a retread. We'll wait next weeks footwear with baited breath!!

                                                       Wanderers     439       Rebels   446

It was a case of "after the Lord Mayors show" for the Wanderers after last weeks highest home total this year, we back it up with the lowest home score and come unstuck against our bogey side, Rebels.

The first two hands were spareless but saw the Wanderers in front by 6 pins. F-K Frosty hit the first spare of the night on the third hand that helped us gain a further pin to the good. The Rebels hit back with a 72 hand to pull 10 pins on the fourth hand to go ahead by 3 pins. It was all getting too much for the sidelined captain Boom Boom Bennett and was trying hard to inspire his team to get the 'killer hand' to knock the away teams confidence, but it wasn't going to materialise. A 14 spare from Reel 'em In on the 5th hand and a 14 spare from Team Bonder Tonks on the 6th hand helped the Wanderers to wrench the lead back by a pin going into the last hand. A 12 spare from 'Lasagne Shoes' Hake should have got the 'killer hand' going but there were no more spares to come as we limped to a 62 hand to leave the Rebels 63 to win. This was nearly enough but at 56 for 7 the Rebels last man needed just a seven for victory, but his first ball wiped all nine pins to take the pressure off, and eventually made 14 to win the game by 7, and bringing the Wanderers unbeaten home run to an end. Only one man made it into the 60 club this week and it was Team Bonder Tonks who took the nuggets for the first time this season with 61.

                                                       Wanderers     514       Hardy Sports   435

It was only going to be a matter of time before we hit over 500 at home, and we did it in emphatic style with a fantastic win over Hardy Sports.

We started the night with a 66 hand which included a 16 spare from 'Pot Hunter' Stabbins, which was good enough to pull 9 pins. Hardy Sports came back with a very good 72 hand, but this inspired the Wanderers into some dream skittling rarely seen at home, and with 5 spares in a row plus a 7,8 and 9, we amassed our highest home hand total this season of 93 to pull 21 pins and lead by 30 going into the third hand.  The Wanderers were buzzing at this point and even had time to admire Reel 'em In Shapter's new 'Man from Farah' army green slacks. Very stylish!!
Further gains on the third and fourth hands saw us go 49 pins up. Spares were flying around left right and centre which had Mr Stabbins slightly concerned about the pot money weighing heavy in his pocket, so the mind games started. Poor old F-K Frosty was caught in mid run up by loud burping and statements of chicken soup, so much so that his brain, arms and legs couldn't function together and the resulting over exertion, lack of air brakes coming on and a wayward throw of the ball created the now patented "Chicken Soup Shuffle" amid much hilarity!!

The Wanderers continued to smash high scores with back to back 77's on the fifth and sixth hands to lead by 71. Our last hand of 67 meant that the visitors needed 139 to win!! Their 59 total meant that the whitewash was complete and the Wanderers had won by a massive margin of 79 pins. Mike 'We Need a Session Lads' Stabbins was top again this week with the highest home score this season with 77. A great team effort which saw 6 players hit over 60 including the back in action Pistol Pete Hallett who was fired up ready to go after his long lay off.

                                                       Moonrakers     418       Wanderers   463

This was a vintage Wanderers performance on what could have been a potential banana skin for our league campaign.

The big news at the start of the night was the end of Reel 'em In Shapter's 100% attending and playing record. But in true 'Team' spirit he made the journey out to assist the squad (especially Nick) with 'helpful' comments.

With two games going on side by side it was a new (and sometimes loud) experience for us, but we all handled it well. The Moonrakers started well with a 61 hand but spares from No Beer Stabbins (12) and Boom Boom Bennett (18) in our reply of 71 we took an early lead. We lost 7 pins on the 2nd hand but Boom Boom and No Beer struck again on the third hand with spares that helped towards a 68 total for a gain of 14 to lead by 17. Nick 'Once Was' Hallett came good with a spare on the fourth hand and required lots of cuddles from his team mates! The fifth hand saw Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen hit an almighty 10 spare which drew much hilarity from the watching masses, but we still pulled pins on the hand to lead by 22. Our best hand of the night came on the 6th hand where spares from Boom-Boom (11), No Beer Stabbins (16)and Once Was (17) helped toward a 75 hand total to pull a further 16 pins and lead by 38 going into the last hand. The home side came back with a 63 hand but this meant we only needed 26 for victory. We cruised to a hand of 70 with Lasagne Shoes Hake getting a 16 spare to end the night and cap a very good team performance to win by 45.

It was nip and tuck for the cue pot between Boom Boom and Sober Stabbins all night, but the latter prevailed by a pin on the last hand. Well done Michael........Grrrrrrrrr.

                                                       Wanderers     460       Odds & Sods   447

This was a very close game with the lead swinging both ways but with some last hand heroics the Wanderers unbeaten home record remains intact.

The night started really well for the Wanderers as they led by 15 after two hands.  Our disastrous third hand of 58 allowed the away side to pull all 15 back and tie the match. We pulled 6 pins in front on the fourth hand, but a 64 fifth hand, despite a third spare from F-K Frosty who was basically carrying the team at this point, let the Odds & Sods back in and they came back with a 75 hand to lead by 5 pins. A spare-less 62 hand gained back 4 pins, but this meant we were a pin down going into the last hand. It was time to stamp our authority on the game and floppers from Boom Boom (18) and Stained Jumper Stabbins (16), helped towards our highest hand of the night of 78, to leave the visitors 77 to win. They managed a 64 hand which left us victorious by 13 pins. A great game of skittles.

Mark "F-K Frosty" Frost took the cue for the first time this season with the highest home score this season  of 76.

                                                       Odds & Sods     402       Wanderers   418

This wasn't going to be the night to protect your skittling average as the Wanderers faced a tough task at the notorious West India House alley. However, due to an unusual poor start from the home side, we found ourselves 11 pins up after two hands. Odds & Sods found some form on the 3rd hand with a 64 hand, but thanks to spares from F.K Frosty (14) and Reel 'em In (17) we stormed to a 74 hand to pull ten pins and lead by 21. Despite a wobble on the fourth hand where we lost 9 pins, we regained the momentum by pulling 12 pins over the next two hands to lead by 24 going into the last hand. The home team finished with a 62 hand which meant we only needed 39 for victory, so we cruised to 54 thus winning the game by 16. "Reel 'em In" Shapter won the cue with some tidy fine-free skittling with 66, unlike Captain 'Boom-Boom' Bennett who was just 10p off a pound in fines on the night, but kept his place for next week by just a pin!!

We have reached the halfway point in the season now with an enviable record across all five divisions as we have dropped just three points so far. Long may it continue lads!!

                                                          Wanderers     443       Moonrakers   435

The Wanderers were ran extremely close in this latest encounter at the Commercial, but finally prevailed to keep their unbeaten home record. Two of the home side were citing artic conditions in the alley and skittled with wooly hats on. It was said that they would have skittled better if they had pulled them down over their eyes!!

The first three hands were very tight with the Wanderers going into a 9 pin lead. The fourth and fifth hands were ones to forget for the home side as the Moonrakers battled back to go 8 pins ahead. Their sixth hand of 59 gave us some hope of a comeback, and with a 67 hand including a 16 spare from Captain 'Boom-Boom' Bennett, we tied the match with one hand each to go. We knew we had to set a high score to have a chance of victory. We managed to hit our highest hand of the night of 69, to set the Moonrakers 70 to win. They managed 61 between them so the Wanderers squeaked home by 8 pins. A really good game that ended with the right result. Kev Ford was cue-man with the joint highest home score this season with 73.


                                                           Hardy Sports     446       Wanderers   507

The Wanderers got back to winning ways with a thumping 61 pin victory at the Sydenham Centre. We were in no mood to mess about as the home team started with a 57 hand. We went absolutely beserk with an 85 hand that included four spares in a row. 2nd and 3rd hands of 69 & 67 got our lead up to 38 pins going into the fourth hand. The Wanderers then stuck in an 81 thanks to 15 spares from Kev & Reel 'em In and a 14 flopper from 'Once Was' Hallett to go 53 pins ahead. The home side had no answer to this onslaught as we piled on the pressure on the 5th hand (78) and 6th hand (64) to pull another 18 pins and lead by 71 going into the last hand. The home side produced their best hand of the night of 73 to avoid the whitewash, as we only replied with a spare less 63 hand to lose ten pins, but ran out winners by 61. Nick 'Once Was' Hallett & Ian 'Reel 'em In' Shapter shared the cue money with 72 each.


                                                                     Rebels     435       Wanderers   424

The Wanderers unbeaten run finally came to an end at the hands of the Rebels. It is a sense of deja-vous for us as this team did exactly the same thing to us in the 2009/10 season when we won the 3rd Division title. It was a difficult night for the Wanderers as most things they tried didn't seem to work, and when they did work, the curse of the 'nine spare' struck! The home team gained a 7 pin lead on the first hand and increased their lead to 9 on the second hand. The Wanderers struck back on the third hand to get within 2 pins, but this was as close as they got as the Rebels pulled 10 on the fourth and despite minor gains from the Wanderers on the fifth and sixth hands, the home sides last hand of 67 meant we had to get 72 to win. Our final hand of 61 was nowhere near good enough so the Rebels won comfortably by 11 pins. Phil 'Snug Drifter' Owen was top this week with 60.

Our top anchor man Pete 'The Pistol' Hallett will be out of action now until at least after the Christmas break, so we all hope that everything goes well with the op and he makes a full and speedy recovery. 


                                                               Wanderers     460       Pethy Boys   427

The Wanderers were never headed in this game and looked comfortably in charge all evening. Despite a few wayward balls and the usual Wanderers wobbly hand, the result was never in doubt. We were 36 pins up after three hands, a fourth hand wobble lost ten pins, but we regained our composure and our lead to eventually run out winners by 33 pins. Tony 'Lasagne Shoes' Hake was top score with 70.


                                                               Grim Reapers     428       Wanderers   457

The Wanderers have now beaten their previous record of 8 continuous games unbeaten from the start of the season, to make it 9 with this latest victory at the 37 Club. We started very brightly on a fairly difficult alley, and after four hands we were 30 pins up. A slight Wanderers wobble occured on hands five and six, but we only lost 7 pins and led by 23 going into the last hand. The home side managed their best hand of the night with 68, but this meant the Wanderers needed only 46 to win. With spares from Food Chain and Boom-Boom, we hit our highest hand of the night of 74 and pulled back 6 pins to run out winners by 29. Chris 'Boom-Boom' Bennett took the cue with 69.


                                                               Wanderers     463       Old Bangers   452

The Wanderers were pushed hard by the Old Bangers and had to come from behind to win this match at the Commercial. Very mediocre starting hands from the Wanderers saw us 13 pins down after three hands. We made a small 2 pin gain on the fourth hand, but on the fifth hand we actually woke up and smashed an 81 hand which included good spares from the Pistol, Reel 'em In and F.K Frosty. The visitors responded with a 70 hand to lose 11 pins and make the match all square with two hands to go. A 75 sixth hand from the Wanderers nudged our noses in front for the first time in the match by 7 pins. Our last hand of 68 could have been so much better as it included two 11 spares, and left the visitors 76 to win. They could only manage 64 so we ran out winners by 11 pins. A good turnaround and a good win. Kev Ford was top banana on the night with 68.

Its our first out of town match of the season next week when we play the Grim Reapers at the 37 Club Puriton.

 25/10/13 - Rearranged match from the 2nd October

                                                               Cupid Stunts     470       Wanderers   502

The Wanderers were in action for the 2nd time in two days to play Cupid Stunts in their rearranged fixture at The Market. We were hoping to continue our unbeaten run and knew we had to play well against a side that were flying high in the league as well. After two very poor spare less opening hands from the Wanderers we were 11 pins down, but we kicked up a gear on the third and fourth with back to back 80 hands to then lead by 19. We'd learnt that half of the home team were playing their fourth game of the week so skittle-burn out seemed to be a real factor for them. The Wanderers took advantage of this by making small gains on each of the last three hands to win the match by 32 and make their first 500+ total of the season. Mike 'Back in the Groove' Stabbins took the cue with 68, but with six players in the sixties it was a real team effort. Please note that the averages have been updated in the allocated slot of the 2nd Oct.

A good night with some great banter going on between the two teams, and we'll look forward to hosting Lloyd and the rest of his team next year for the return match.


                                                               Teadrinkers     434       Wanderers   491

The Wanderers unbeaten run continued in emphatic style as they ran out winners in the Commercial derby by 57 pins. Similar to last week we started really well with hands of 78,74 & 65 to be 39 pins up. The doubts crept in on the fourth hand with shades of last week with a spare-less 62, but we shouldnt have worried as the home side could only make 60 to go further behind. They did pull back 6 pins on the fifth hand but a mighty 77 sixth hand from the Wanderers quickly swung the game back in our favour to increase our lead to 44. With the Teadrinkers final hand of 60, it meant that we only needed 17 to win. To rub salt in the wound, we finished with a 73 hand to pull 13 more for a handsome victory. A great team effort that included 13 spares between us which is the highest total this season so far.

Worthy mentions on the night was the welcome return of Mike "Where's he been?" Stabbins who answered an SOS call to make sure we had a team, and Chris "Boom Boom" Bennett who took the nuggets with 78.


                                                               Wanderers     477       Naps B   477

The Wanderers remain unbeaten but this draw could so easily have been a comfortable home win. After opening hands of 87,69 & 76, we were 34 pins up and cruising. Yet as so often happens the mid-game lull hit and mediocre 4th and 5th hands of 58 and 57 let the door open and Naps B fought back to be within 12 pins. They pulled a further pin on the 6th hand so the Wanderers took an 11 pin lead into the last hand. A spare-less 64 left the visitors 76 for victory, which normally would be a daunting task. However Naps' first two players hit 17 and 13 spares respectively to give them a great start. But it wasn't all easy and it all came down to their anchor man requiring 9 for victory. With the game tied after hitting 8 with his first two balls, he missed the single pin with his last ball that would have given Naps victory.

Ian "they all count towards the spares trophy" Shapter was top again this week with 73, 11 pins ahead of the next Wanderer. Back to Commercial again next week for the third week running, but this time we will be the away team as we will be playing the Commercial's other side the Teadrinkers.


                                                               Wanderers     452       Buccaneers   407

The Wanderers 100% record is still intact following a comfortable 45 pin home win against the Buccaneers. Despite the three week lay off due to a league bye and the postponment of their game last week, it didn't take long for the Wanderers to get going and hit some high hand scores. The away team avoided the whitewash by pulling 2 pins on the second hand, but after that it was all one way traffic. Some highlights to report were seeing Tony "Nine Spare" Hake hit three spares in one night to finish top of the alley with 63, and Ryan 'King Rolph' Harris getting his first flopper of the year only to put his second and third balls through the pack!! Unlucky mate!


                                                               Wanderers     467       Pigeon Shooters   447

The Wanderers made it three wins from three by beating the Pigeon Shooters. The omens were not looking good at the start of the match as we only had seven players so we had to play the dreaded "Mister X". This seemed to lift the team though as there were good contributions from every player. Apart from minor losses on the first and fourth hands, the Wanderers made good gains on the other hands to run out winners by 20 pins. Every Wanderer contributed at least one spare each (apart from Mr X!!) to make it 12 spares on the night. Ian "They all count towards the spares trophy" Shapter finished top with 70.


                                                               Bearded Tits     413       Wanderers   423

The Wanderers registered their first away win of the season after seeing off the Bearded Tits in a hard fought game at the Bird In Hand. We took a 13 pin lead after the first hand, but gradually the home side pulled them back and after three hands they led by 5 pins. Thanks to three consecutive 60+ hands the Wanderers got their noses back in front. A poor last hand from the Tits left the Wanderers needing just 50 to win, which was comfortably achieved with a man to go. Two elevens and a nine tadpole were the only spares registered on our side of the board which shows the notorious nature of the Bird alley. Hefty fine totals on the night with Tony "Lasagne Shoes" Hake making it into nugget territory. Phil "Snug Drifter" Owen was top banana with 56.


                                                               Wanderers     468       Boldy's Army   396

The Wanderers season got off to a flying start with a 72 pin victory over Boldy's Army. Latecomer Nick 'Once Was' Hallett threw his very first ball wide of the pack to much hilarity from his fellow team mates and incurred a 50p fine straight away. But he managed the last laugh as with two spares (inc an 18) in his knock of 68 claimed the golden nuggets and top spot on the alley. Some good contributions from Reel em In, Boom Boom and Food Chain Phil aka "The Snug Drifter", helped towards a good home total.

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