Wanderers     417       Athelney   451

The Wanderers season ended with a whimper rather than a bang as they went down by 34 pins to our bogey side Athelney. The home side never got going and seemed to struggle to get any decent strikes. Food Chain Phil was the only shining light with two spares (the ONLY spares on the home side) included in his knock of 67, which was fifteen ahead of the next Wanderer.

This was to be Tony Hake's last game as Club Captain as he has decided to step down to go back in the ranks, so we will have to vote on a new Captain at the end of season meal on Friday 26th April at The Quantock.

                                    Naps B     460       Wanderers   434

The Wanderers were light in numbers for the last away match of the season so had to play "MR X" to complete the team. The uphill alley of the Globe proved to be the downfall of certain members, but there was a real big tussle for the cue with "F K Frosty" and Nick "Once Was" Hallett battling right up to the last hand.  Nick got himself in prime position by taking 8 with his first ball but missing a single pin spare proved costly as F K followed up with a 15 spare to take the cue by 6 with 71.

Last match of the season at home next week to play already relegated Athelney.

                                    Wanderers     474       Odds & Sods   475

This was an epic match in which the Wanderers came back from being dead and buried to almost winning the game!

After two very dismal hands, the Wanderers found themselves 43 pins down. We could only tie the 3rd and 4th hands so with three hands to go we had to make a fight of it. A monster 93 fifth hand proved the turning point as we pulled a massive 32 pins back, and an equally morale boosting 84 sixth hand pulled 18 pins to lead by 7!! What a turnaround!!

Our last hand of 64 left the visitors with the daunting task of 72 to win. At 42 for 5 they still required 30 with their last three players and thanks to a 15 spare, an 8 and a 7, they squeaked the win by a pin.

Ian 'Reel em In' Shapter gaining top spot this week with 68.

                                    Boldys Army     538       Wanderers   531

The Wanderers were in top form for this game at the Castle Club and were disappointed to lose the game. After two hands the Wanderers were 26 pins up but knew this could be wiped out in a flash due to the high scoring nature of the alley. And so it proved after third and fourth hands of 94 and 82 respectively from the home side saw them lead by 2 pins. With another 90 hand the home side increased their lead to 14 on the 5th hand and gained a further pin on the sixth. their last hand of 72 left the Wanderers a total of 88 to win. Despite a 15 spare from Ryan "Rookie" Harris and a 17 flopper from Boom-Boom Bennett, our total of 80 fell just short to lose the game by 7 pins.

Loads of plusses to take from the game though, as a team we hit 15 spares between us and was good to see Ryan "King Rolph" Harris break his spares duck by recording 3 of them on the night. Boom Boom claimed the cue with the seasons highest away score of 84.

                                    Old Bangers     488       Wanderers   477

The Wanderers classicly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in this surprisingly low scoring encounter on the downstairs Old Market alley. After three hands, we found ourselves 18 pins adrift, but thanks to a 79 fourth hand we cut the margin to just one pin. By the sixth hand, we were 14 pins up and looking at another two points after realising we needed just 63 to win. Unfortunately the one spare required did not materialise and the resulting 59 hand meant that we had blown it and had lost the game by 3 pins.

Chris Bennett took the nuggets this week with 73.

                                    Wanderers     468       Rabbits   428

The Wanderers were looking for 2 easy points against the bottom side Rabbits. We started off really well with a 75 hand thanks to spares from F-K (14) and Kev (17), but this was met by a 71 hand from the visitors so we were only 4 ahead. We lost the lead on the next hand and by the third hand we were 2 pins down. A fantastic start to the fourth hand of 18 from the Team Bonder and a 13 finish to the hand from Lasagne Shoes Hake helped to a total of 76 to pull 18 pins against a lowly 58 from the Rabbits that handed the lead back to the Wanderers by 16. Worse was to follow for the visitors as they could only muster a fifth hand of 47, which lost a further 19 pins to leave the Wanderers 35 pins up. A spare-less 56 sixth hand from the home team lost 10 pins, but thanks to a 15 spare from Kev and a 16 flopper from the crocked Reel 'em In Shapter, helped toward a last hand total of 74 which pulled 15 pins and so we ran out winners by 40 pins.

Kev Ford making it a hat-trick of cue pots with 74.

                                    Wanderers     448       Grim Reapers   474

This was a very close game after 6 hands, with the lead changing hands twice over the course of the evening. The Wanderers were only 4 pins down going into the last hand so a big total was required to put the pressure on. Despite a 13 spare from Boom-Boom we could only muster a total of 62 which was never going to be enough. The Grims then decided to smash their highest hand of the night 0f 84 to win the game by a comfortable 26 pins.

Kev Ford was top banana with 61.

                                    Cupid Stunts   409       Wanderers   511

The Wanderers recorded their highest away victory for many a year as they annihilated the Cupid Stunts on the Foresters alley by a massive 102 pins. The game started fairly steadily with the Wanderers being 8 pins up after two hands. Our lead was increased to 20 after a terrific third hand of 77, then we really clicked into gear on the fourth hand with four spares included in our hand total of 90. The home side could only muster a response of 57 to give the Wanderers a massive lead of 53. Gains of four and thirteen respectively on the fifth and sixth hands saw the mighty Wanderers lead by 70 going into the last hand. The home side basically were waving the white flag and it showed as their last hand effort of just 42 already had the Wanderers victorious without skittling, but we went for it and the resulting 74 hand pulled 32 pins for a wonderful 102 pin victory!

Fifteen spares in total for us on the night with three players recording three spares each, but Kev Ford emerged the cue-taker with 74

Home against the Grim Reapers next week

                                    Wanderers     462       Rebels   444

The Wanderers losing streak came to a very welcome end as they ran out winners by 18 pins against the Rebels. In a game where we were never headed, the damage was applied on the Wanderers second hand where our highest home hand of the season of 85 pulled 26 pins to lead by 33 going into the third hand. The Rebels made a few minor gains on the third and fourth hands, but the Wanderers pulled away again on the fifth and sixth hands to restore our 30-plus lead. A poor finish of 56 made the visitors target an achievable 88 to win, but their effort of 69 could only pull back 13 to give the Wanderers a very welcome 2 points.

Mark 'F.K Frosty' Frost was cue man by a good margin with a fine-free 72.

                                    Hardy Sports   481       Wanderers   453

The Wanderers were left wondering how they managed to lose this game at the Sydenham Centre after leading quite comfortably after 3 hands. Three 70+ hands from the home side for the 4th, 5th and 6th hands did the major damage as the Wanderers had liitle or no answer with spare-less 5th and 6th hands. Going into the last hand we were 44 pins down. We then made the scoreline a bit more respectable with a 75 last hand to pull back 16 pins but lost the game by 28.
New signing Ryan "Rookie" Harris played really well on his league debut, but with any player showing signs of real skittling talent, the Wanderers will surely drag it all out of him before too long!!

Mark "F.K Frosty" Frost and Kev "Fordy" Ford were joint cue takers with 60.

                                    Wanderers     434       White Hart   448

A very scratch Wanderers side ran the joint league leaders very close in this hard fought game. At 27 pins up after three hands it was looking really good for us, but an 83 sixth hand from White Hart got their noses in front. A major last hand from the Wanderers would have set up a grandstand finish but we could only muster 63 which left the visitors chasing 56 for victory. They did it with ease by hitting 69 to win the game by 14 pins.

Ian 'Reel em In' Shapter top this week with 61.

                                    Harvest Moon     427       Wanderers   374

The less said about this latest match the better. We had high hopes of a good result against the current league leaders as we had beaten them at the Commercial earlier in the season. However we didn't bank on the notorious nature of their alley, which didn't give up a spare to us all night. It will have to be a long trawl through the teams records to find out if we've ever hit a lower total in a league match before. Lets hope we can forget about this one and move on very quickly.

                                    Non Starters     400       Wanderers   437

The Wanderers were back to winning ways with a fantastic 37 pin win over the Non-Starters. The Wanderers struck early with a first hand 69 which included a 13 flopper from Kev and a 15 spare from Reel 'em In to lead by 17. The home team could not muster a decent response as they tied the second hand and lost four more pins on the third. The hands were tied again on the fourth, and thanks to a very rare 18 spare from Lasagne Shoes Hake, we increased our lead on the fifth hand to 28 pins. Boom-Boom struck with a 16 spare in the sixth hand in a total of 64 which pulled 5 more pins. The Non-Starters lived up to their team name by not making it out of the blocks all night and sure enough, their last hand of 58 meant that the Wanderers only needed 26 for victory. A spare-less hand of 61 pulled more pins to leave the margin of victory at 37 pins, our best win of the season so far. Despite verbal pressure from DFS Hallett, Ian 'Reel 'em In' Shapter took the nuggets with 64.

                                    Wanderers     462       Bearded Tits   465

The Wanderers were edged out by a last gasp spare by the anchor man of the Bearded Tits in their first game back after the Christmas break. This was an extremely tight game that was played in difficult conditions due to a heaving alley, so styles had to be adjusted to prevent slip ups and injury.

The Wanderers found themselves 11 pins down after the first hand but gradually clawed the game back to lead by a pin after 5 hands. The sixth hand saw our lead increase slightly to 4 pins, so we were looking for a big last hand to secure the game. A 69 hand which saw a 17 spare from F-K Frosty meant that the visitors needed 74 to win. With their score at 60 for 7, their anchor man needed a 14 spare for victory. He obliged with a 16 to win the game and inflict the Wanderers 5th defeat in a row.

Nick Hallett taking top honours with a score of 66.

                                    Stockland Club     488       Wanderers   451

The Wanderers mid-season slump continued at the Stockland Club with a 37 pin defeat. This was a very light hearted affair with banter flying in both directions. Its a shame that all matches aren't played in this sort of atmosphere.

A stunning start of 80 from Stockland was met with a good Wanderers 70 hand which included a 16 spare from Boom-Boom who was back in familiar territory on his former stomping ground. A 14 spare from F.K Frosty on the second hand of 66, helped to pull 3 pins back. A flopper each from Kev and the Team Bonder on the 3rd hand made the game closer still as a Wanderers 68 hand pulled a further two to be now only 5 down. However a disastrous 4th hand of 56 lost 17 pins to a Stockland 73 hand and unfortunately it was all downhill from there. Going into the last hand the Wanderers were 27 down and playing against a 70 hand so would need 98 for victory. A glimmer of hope from DFS Hallett with a 12 spare could have sparked a recovery, but further missed spares later in the hand sealed our fate. The nuggets went to Boom-Boom Bennett who sneaked ahead of Frosty on the last hand by a pin to hit 63. The excellent food that followed was greatly appreciated.

                                    Wanderers     445       Stockland Club   449

The Wanderers were definately below par in their latest game. The boys from the Stockland Club were full of the usual light hearted banter which always helps the atmosphere, but the skittling was decidedly below par. A dismal 1st hand of just 51 set the tone for the Wanderers first four hands where we found ourselves 32 pins down and looking at a heavy defeat. However a fifth hand effort of 70 which included a 15 flopper from Food Chain pulled back 8 pins to avoid the whitewash. But major heroics on the 6th hand - just as last week - made things very interesting. A hand of 83 which included four spares from The Pistol, Kev, Boom Boom and the Team bonder pulled back 18 pins to leave the margin at just 6 pins going into the last hand. We could only muster a 67 hand (which saw a first spare for 10 weeks from Lasagne Shoes) to leave Stockland just 62 for victory. They made hard work of the total, but just managed it with their last player on to make 65 and run out winners by 4 pins. Rob Tonks taking the cue for the 2nd home game on the trot with 66.

We are now at the halfway point in the season so we go out to Stockland next week to hopefully repay the favour.

                                    Bearded Tits     465       Wanderers   431

A very entertaining encounter at the Bird In Hand ended in defeat for the Wanderers. We found ourselves 25 pins down after two hands so we were right up against it from the start. We gained a pin back on the third hand but a monster fourth hand 75 from the home side pulled 15 to go 39 pins in front. The Wanderers were still spare-less after five hands and lost a further 2 pins to go 41 down and looking for inspiration to make the score look a bit more respectable. Thankfully Boom-Boom, Food Chain & DFS all came good with high spares included in an 86 hand that pulled back 14. However needing a target of 91 to win, it was never gonna happen following the Team Bonder's 3, so our effort of 56 lost 7 pins to lose the game by 34 pins which is our heaviest defeat of the season. Nick Hallett gaining the cue money being the only Wanderer in the 60 club.

The boys from Stockland Club will be visiting Commercial next week.

                                    Wanderers     474       Non-Starters   476

The Wanderers were edged out by just 2 pins in their latest match against the Non-Starters. A great start from the Wanderers of 77 pulled 18 pins straight away but gradually the lead was whittled away. A poor 4th hand of 57 let the visitors in and they pulled 12 to gain the lead by 3. Fifth and sixth hands of mid sixties from both sides meant the visitors still lead by 3 going into the last hand. A pressure building 74 from the Wanderers looked to have sneaked victory but the visitors came back with a last gasp 73 (which included two tadpole nines) to win the game.

Well done to a reborn skittler, Team Bonder Tonks, who took the cue for the first time this season, with a joint highest home score of 76 that included three spares. Wanderers will be at the Bird in Hand next week to play Bearded Tits.

                                    Wanderers     464       Harvest Moon   439

The Wanderers made it another home victory last night as they beat current league leaders, Harvest Moon, by 25 pins.  With key player Reel 'em In on tour in India with the Barmy Army for the next few weeks, it was good to welcome back Nick Hallett to the team following his carnival sabbatical. The game started well for the Wanderers with a 75 first hand including a 14 spare from the Pistol and a 16 flopper from Food Chain to take the lead by 14 against a 61 hand from the visitors. We pulled a further 5 in front on the second hand, and a 3rd hand 66 including a 17 spare from Kev pulled a brilliant 13 pins against a surprisingly low 53 from the visitors. We were now 32 pins up and cruising. Despite a 5 pin loss on hand four, we gained 6 pins back on the 5th with a 66 hand which saw a 12 'Team Ball' spare from Boom-Boom Bennett. Harvest Moon had no answer at all and lost a further pin on the sixth hand to increase our lead to 34. Our last hand of 70 which included a 14 spare from the Team Bonder meant that the visitors needed a whopping 105 for victory!! Their best hand of the night of 79 pulled back 9, but left the Wanderers victorious by a comfortable margin of 25 pins and inflict only the Harvest Moon's second defeat of the season .

Great team effort that saw only 7 pins separate top to bottom score. Kev Ford coming away with the cue with 61.

                                    White Hart     468       Wanderers   422

The Wanderers recent good run of form came to an end at the White Hart. It was a very close game at the beginning of the match with the lead switching between both teams. After a decent fourth hand of 69 including an 18 flopper from Boom Boom, it was all square. The home team then went into overdrive by pulling a whopping 23 pins on the fifth hand, a further 8 pins on the sixth and a last hand 72 left the Wanderers requiring 105 for victory!!!! This was never gonna happen - especially after starting the last hand with a three from the Team Bonder!! A hand total of 57 lost a further 15 pins to leave the White Hart winners by a huge margin of 46.  Chris Bennett took the honours with 64.

Home next week to play the league leaders Harvest Moon.

                                    Wanderers     483       Hardy Sports   472

It was a vintage performance from the Wanderers in this superb win against the Hardy Sports. Being 15 pins down on the first hand, back to back hands in the seventies got our noses in front by 12. Then it was the visitors who cranked it up by hitting fourth and fifth hands of 76 to wrench the lead from the Wanderers and go ahead by 15.  A slip up of 54 by the Hardy Sports on their sixth hand gave us the incentive to go for the win. Our sixth hand total of 66 (including a 2 from Lasagne Shoes Hake) cut the visitors lead to just 3 pins. We would still need a decent last hand to post a good target and that's exactly what we did!! An 18 flopper from Reel 'em In, A 15 spare from F-K Frosty and a 12 spare from Kev were the highlights in a stunning 82 hand that left the visitors needing 80 to win. The Hardy Sports could only manage a 68 hand to leave the mighty Wanderers victorious by 11.

Five players making it into the 60-plus club this week, with Ian 'Reel 'em In' Shapter taking the nuggets with the second highest home score of the season so far with 73.

                                    Rebels          409       Wanderers   424

The Wanderers got back to winning ways in this low scoring encounter at the Sedgemoor Inn. It didn't look good as our first hand of just 47 (which included a 1 from our beloved Mr Magoo Mark 2, Phil Owen) had us on the back foot straight away. We gained the lead back and held it until a mediocre 5th hand of 57 lost 7 pins and gave the home team the advantage by a pin. A sixth hand rally of 73 which included high Savile spares from the Pistol and Boom-Boom finished the Rebels off as their reply of just 52 had them waving the white flag before they even started their last hand. The Wanderers eventually running out victorious by 15 pins. Boom-Boom Bennett taking the cue for the 1st time this season with 63.

I'm also pleased to report that the Gay-O-Meter was still working correctly as it kept going off the scale every time Phil went near it!!!

                                    Wanderers     453       Cupid Stunts   480

The Wanderers run of victories came to a halt this week by losing at home to the Cupid Stunts from the Foresters. After a tied first hand and a mighty 81 on the second to nose in front by three, the Wanderers had no answer to the run of 70-plus hands from the visitors. We did gain three pins back on the last hand, but the game had been lost long before then as the margin of victory was 27 pins. Pete Hallett squeaking the nugget prize this week by a pin with 62.

Out at the Sedgemoor Inn next week to see if Phil can knock the Gay-O-Meter off the scale again!!

                                    Grim Reapers     462       Wanderers   476

The Wanderers made a rare treble this week by recording their third win in a row by beating the Grim Reapers at the 37 Club. It was a very good game with the lead changing hands several times along the course of the evening. Victory was assured by a sixth hand 83 which included two 17 spares from the Hallett clan, senior and junior both finding a bit of form on the night. Our last hand of 63 stroked it home by 14 pins. Nick Hallett taking the nuggets on his return to action with 72.

Cupid Stunts from the Foresters will be our visitors at Commercial next week.

                                    Rabbits        449       Wanderers   477

The Wanderers secured their first away win of the season with a stunning 28 pin victory over the Rabbits at the Lamb Inn, Spaxton. Small gains from the home side saw them go eight pins up after two hands, but a third hand 78 from the Wanderers saw us claw the game into our favour. More Wanderers gains on the fourth and fifth hands gave us a lead of 11 going into the sixth hand. With four spares (two being Saville spares - under 16!!!!!) in a hand total of 86 basically wrapped the match up. The Rabbits had no answer to this monstrous hand with only 61 to give us a lead of 36 going into the last hand. Their highest hand of the night of 77 against our effort of 69 was enough to pull 8 pins back, but the Wanderers were victorious by 28 pins. F.K Frosty and the Team Bonder fought it out for the golden nuggets but F.K pinched it by a pin for a great score of 73.

Next week the Wanderers travel out to the 37 Club for the 2nd time this season to play Grim Reapers, but this time we will be on the better number two alley.

                                    Wanderers     457       Old Bangers   437

The Wanderers gained another home win as they comfortably beat the Old Bangers by 20. Gains on every hand bar one saw the Wanderers skittling under no pressure whatsoever. Boom - Boom's score of 46 and 90p in fines was the only low point of the evening. Star of the show was Phil "Mr Magoo" Owen who after years of avoiding the issue finally caved in and skittled with his glasses on. The effect was amazing!! Spares being taken left, right and centre to take the cue for the first time this season with a score of 76.

                                    Wanderers     437       Boldy's Army   457

The Wanderers deservedly got beaten by a team that could only raise 7 players plus "Mr. X". Only three spares recorded on the home side all night, with F.K Frosty nabbing two of them. Spare chances missed were easily in double figures so the home total could have been so much higher. Frosty taking the cue from Pete with a spare on the last hand to get a total score of 64.

                                    Odds & Sods     422       Wanderers   414

The Wanderers can consider themselves fortunate to have only lost by 8 pins on the very tough West India House alley. The night started brilliantly as a first hand 70 including spares from Kev and Reel 'em In pulled a massive 14 pins. The lead was held until the 3rd hand when the home team stuck in a 73 hand against a very poor 53 from The Wanderers. Despite a few glimmers of a recovery, it never looked likely that we were gonna overturn the deficit and the inevitable defeat occurred. Some really good positive banter between the lads last night was good to see. Kev took top spot again with three spares in his total of 70, twelve pins ahead of the next Wanderer.

Back to back home games coming up in the next fortnight kicking off next Wednesday as we entertain Boldys Army.

                                    Wanderers     451       Naps 'B'   443

The Wanderers have got their season started at an unusually early stage with a good home win against Naps 'B'. Although we saw some very easy spares missed on the night, some very steady and tidy skittling with all hands in the sixties was the key to this win. With all going well after 5 hands and being 19 up, Naps came back on the sixth hand with a 77 hand to pull 12 on our effort of 65 and reduce the deficit to 7. A steady last hand of 62 from the Wanderers left a target for the visitors of 70 to win but they could only manage 61 to leave the Mighty Wanderers victorious by 8 pins. Kev Ford claimed top spot with two spares in his knock of 67.

                                    Athelney     434       Wanderers   413

The Wanderers usual "first game back team raising issues" were alive and well as late cry-offs had us wheeling Chris Hake out of retirement again to save our skittling souls!

The No.1 alley at the 37 Club is not an ideal place to begin our campaign as this difficult to read alley had us all struggling to get the summer rust out of our skittling joints. Athelney started with a 70 hand which pulled 15 pins and had us chasing the game from the very start. As the night wore on it became evident that spares were going to be hard to come by for both teams so the odd pins were needed to make the difference. The home sides 8's and 9's compared to the Wanderers 6's and 7's were the main reason for their gains on every hand (bar the last one) and they ran out winners by 21. Ian 'Reel 'em In' Shapter grabbing the nuggets on the last hand with a 16 flopper to make 60.

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